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Cheer Girl Spankings

Yay! My favorite subject! To start with I have something new and then something older which kind of reminded me of the new update (if you get my drift!) But both end up withthe same result, gorgeous toned fit girls gets her bare bottom spanked in and out of her cheer girl uniform … and I have to go clean my keyboard. I am currently trembling and standing on 3 legs as I write this, such is the excitement of this post! *deep breath* “Here goes…”

Adrienne Black, (the girl I think I first nominated) for the best newcomer of the year in the awards HERE proved she was a worthy contender for 2010 with this stunning new OTK spanking film just released when she is dressed (briefly) in her Cheer Girl costume!

That’s before ending up over the lap of Earl Grey – the difference in height when these 2 stand up has always amused me but Earl is an excellent authoritarian as he always tries to reason with his girls first – so when he barks at Adrienne to do something, she knows she’s in big trouble! “

“My behavior’s been exemplary,” protests gorgeous Adrienne Black. “If you’re planning on spanking me, don’t you think I’m a bit old for that?” Delicious Adrienne, able to melt the hearts of mere mortal men does as she is told and lies over Earl’s knee in ‘Haze Me’ panties for a hot, bare spanking which earns my highest (patented) Chief’s Trouser Arousal rating! Be warned, the movie is even better and I daren’t show it outside of the members area… that’s for those that are lucky enough to view such an event! (but I will see if I can add a clip soon at Teen Spankings Tube – so stay tuned there!)

Download the full movie & all her other fantastic films only from


The 2nd part of my update here today features a girl who I am sure would have won the award easily in 2004/2005 and perhaps Mr Masterton could let us know if Sarah is still about? I have treasured these until now and wanted to remind you just what kick ass stuff is stashed away in the vast archives of Real Spankings and the amazing sister site Real Spankings Institute – both of which the oh so buff (Buffy-esque) Sarah, in her cheer outfit is the stuff of (my) dreams… in this 2 parter I have here you’ll see her in her outfit undressing, then punished and spanked in her dorm room naked over the bed, then made to dress whilst being watched… I just love these images, so evocative and the punishment withthe mirrors and angles makes this an unforgettable sight (for me) I hope they are for you too!

Sarah in her cheergirl outfit is asked to remove her clothing before her spanking

Now that Sarah is undressed she is placed across the bed where she can see herself in the mirror and spanked hard on her firm toned cheeks, it’s not long before the tell-tale red hand prints are showing through on her bared white bottom as she is reminded of why she is there, naked… getting spanked, and the consequences of further punishment if her behavior doesn’t improve!!! (Thank god for beautiful bratty girls, the stuff of fantasies for old codgers like me).

Check out her spanking below courtesy of

Close to tears, Sarah was then made to put her clothes back on but all the time while her Dorm Mistress watched her which must have felt doubly humbling… so check out the Chief’s final stash of images with thanks to RealSpankings – you can see Sarah in many films across Mr Masterton’s excellent 2 big spanking sites (large banners are below the final set for your consideration, both contains tour areas where you can check up on the latest offerings from the sites (“Real” has a leaning towards domestic though it contains plenty of schoolgirl stuff as seen here and “Institute”, well, it speaks for itself… pretty girls thrashed in school type surroundings, enough said!)



  1. There is something about cheerleaders!!! YUM:)thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Cutie! Yay! I have 1 Australian reader back…
    I take it you’re not bothered by cricket after my brief but expected Ashes Series gloating? 😀
    & yeah, spanked cheerleaders, they are “Trouser-rousal-riffic!”

  3. cheerleaders: world’s most spankable asses, period!

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