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Big Beautiful Bouncing Buttocks!

Bugger! I was going to post about 3 update items which I see are exactly identical to some other notable bloggers so rather than probably dish out the same stuff today, I had a re think and then a dramatic U-Turn when I saw this new update appear thanks to the poster that came into my mail box earlier. Then of course I managed to get hold of some movie images and I have also got you guys an additional OTK spanking scene courtesy of StrictSpanking which is unique to this blog so this post might be short n’ sweet today but it describes something I was shocked at, then starangely fascinated by… and then found the whole thing compelling and addictive viewing as I found myself really turned on seeing a big fleshy wobblesome bottom getting a proper spanking and caning. What’s more, the delightful girl kay (owner of said magnificent bottom) was punished in an audition type scenario by the infamous Miss Valkerie… didn’t someone WARN her? Click image below and it takes you to the Home Page where there is a decent Free Caning preview!

Yikes! Wait ’til you see the OTK scene at the bottom, imagine having all that flesh to choose from… mm mmm! Please check out some movie images below taken from this latest remastered classic which I hope you all find interesting (I am the master of understatement!)



Check the exclusive spanking clip below, taken from when Kay wants to learn how to appreciate being a better Domme by understanding what it is like to be a sub… this was a genuine first time for Kay over anyone’s knee and of all the people… it’s Miss Valkerie!!! (shocked open mouth smiley thing!)


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