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Pixie reminds me why I love!

Seen the latest updates recently from PunishedBrats? PB are one of my favorite sites, as I’m sure you know which is why they get featured a lot, however, they have had some amazing exclusive girls, I could gush on for an age about Mischa (swoon), pouty Lorraine (faint) or the amazing girls like Ten who I seem somewhat fascinated by her bottom and legs and has a great facial expression when she is spanked hard! (I really must find out where that name originates from) or Juliet and so many more (I fear I should stop in case I offend any I miss out as these new girls are just stunning) – but of course, the reason I first checked out the site 4 years ago was because of one Amber Pixie Wells, still going strong (thankfully) and back to her bratty best – this latest film encapsulates just why I love her work!

Bratty, beautiful and able to take damn hard punishments for her cheek – Pixie, I really hope you continue to produce more work like this latest movie! For those who are wondering what I’m rambling about check out some images below and a free clip I have made personally to help show you what you’re missing if you are not a member of this fine independent site, still going strong with regular updates since 2006.





Pixie is furious that one of the teachers at her school would suggest the parents of the senior class spank their children for being so out of control. She slams her books and confronts Ms. Veronica in a tone that does not sit well at all! can you guess what happens next? Click the instant play video below!

Click here to see all the latest movie updates with more free previews


Check out my Teen-Spanking blog later as I have some amazing cheer girl stuff for you (if you’re into that sort of thing – ahem!)

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  1. tim tim

    yes it is a great site i am a member lovely young girls spanked Pixie and many others great value ,best tim .

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