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Jasmine wets her pants & Elizabeth spanks some more

Well well, when you’re waiting for spanking updates, as we say here in England, it’s like waiting for a bus, none comes… then 3 turn up all at once!” Just as there are some new updates below and starring one of my faves, Jasmine, I have seen this movie an age before, but for those connoisseurs that only want the highest clearest playback rates (like me) then HDspank is the site I know many choose to download their spanking smut from (I should know, I just checked it out) and, believe you me… this is a naughty spanking film.

Jasmine pees her dark blue regulation school knickers on the stairs at home whilst waiting for her punishment! She’s so scared that she doesn’t say anything until it’s time for her spanking and then, it’s too late for excuses as it’s obvious what’s happened … and then all hell, naturally, breaks loose! Check out the free HD clip HERE that is very generous on the home tour page – more than giving you an idea of the playback quality you can expect, as well as being able to leer at Jasmine’s wet bottom, knowing full well what the dirty little minx has been up to! A nice way to start the weekend with this special teen humiliation spanking film - and I just had to quickly post some images and remind you about this HD format that is now out to download.

“Oops! Wonder if he’ll know I’ve wet my school knickers?”





There are more films of gorgeous Jasmine & over 110 Gigs of HD Spankings now archived from 2007 til now making this the largest single site resource for only HD spanking content! Check out the site tour pages and really fair pricing considering the quality of the playback you can get whilst watching this on your 50″ LCD TV! Imagine!!! Just make sure the missus is out before you settle in to watch this!



As I said, Elizabeth Simpson has another movie out, I’m running out of time, so haven’t seen it all yet but as it co stars Lucy, you will know that Miss Simpson will not hold back and Lucy is quite a girl that can take a hard spanking (I should know, as I’ve spanked her myself!) there is a really graphic free preview clip of this new movie update on the HOME PAGE HERE

Some images are below to whet your spanking appetites! Enjoy!






See MORE of Elizabeth Simpson taming her unruly girls HERE

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  1. Brad Brad

    OMG Chief, she wets her panties before being spanked? SO HOT, and this is what i just friggin’ LOVE.

  2. Indeed, funny you should mention that as I had a couple of requests for our next AAA film shoot to see if the girls would do the same and get punished for it. Not sure if they would but no harm in asking…

  3. Brad Brad

    lol, and ya know Chief, you could maybe, just maybe, have one of the girls wet DURING a good OTK spanking. Can you imagine the above clip of sweet Jasmine while be spanked over his the knee, letting a bit of pee out from fear and pain??
    I know, i know, i am such a PERV….lol

    Would love to see and actually have. Very hot.

    Brad the perv!….ha ha

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