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More updates from around the Globe

The Tomorrow people was a Kid’s show I remember well in the 1970’s, I just saw this clip and don’t remember this at all, remember, they were showing this at a target audience of 10-14 yr olds! Was it a subliminal message to make sure we were good? Anyway, it seems to be going viral in the spanking circles – I think the PC brigade would have a fit if that was shown nowadays. By the way, “The Tomorrow People” were gifted with powers like telekonesis and such… and fought baddies connected to the pyramids of ancient Egyptian times (I seem to remember there being dog faced aliens like the statues you see in the Hyeroglyphs (eek, right spelling?) – I digress, check out the clip below, 3 good stinging swats OTK! LOL 😀

& so to the spankings and such from around the world, I won’t focus on anything Japanese right now what with their issues and problems I just wish the good people of Japan my very best wishes, but of course there are plenty naughty girls that need a good spanking there so you only have to type in japan on my search bar on the right and you’ll find an absolute ton of spanking materials (it’s one of this blog’s top searches such is my love for all things “Nippon”) OK, as you’ll have seen Leia is getting a damned hard thrashing at which I featured early for you in my last post, the final part of that movie with harder stinging swats of the cane come out tomorrow, so please DO NOT MISS IT!


I am away at the moment and my internet connection is really poor so please accept my apologies if there isn’t much posted this week, it seriously is touch and go if I post anything at all, I have had this f*cking post go down on me several times already so am rapidly losing patience.

So, fewer images today, just descriptions and where to find it all, ok? (uploading is abysmal here)
Leia takes time off from having her bottom thrashed to giving it out big stylee to the rumps of Kami, Donna & Emma at Northern spanking (below)



See more of Leia and the girls at many exclusive movie productions only at


Meanwhile I have seen a few interesting amateur movies at recently – it’s not everyone’s thing and the quality of the movies varies but it is essentially that endearing fact and there are a ton of playback options like Flash, Wmv and MP4 for members and of course these are all sent in/purchased by the MarkedButts webmasters from real life spankos – see a couple of recent examples below:

Sirena’s First Spanking – with Kyle.




Beautiful 19 year old Sirena has been having relationship troubles as of late and decides to come out to get help from Kyle using his brand of therapy. After a long emotional talk which leaves her in tears, she goes across Kyles knee for a long hand spanking over jeans, before having them pulled down and ending with a long severe bare bottom hand spanking which leaves her tight bottom speckled and bruised!

Schoolgirl caning with Kisa




Kisa went out and spent $100 on a new school girl uniform to try & impress her friends. If she wanted to dress up like a school girl and spend all that money then she could be treated like a naughty school girl with a humiliating caning!!! This and many more excellent amateur movies are available – check out the tour pages for more info

Marked Butts Amateur Spanking Website


I’d have posted more but may do later as this connection is just so random, sorry!