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Sarah Gregory is a very naughty girl!

I have to say… I’m liking the cut and hair color change of Sarah recently… fortunately there’s no let up in the disgraceful and slutty behavior of this outrageous minx as she gets her cousin Whitney into all sorts of bother going out and getting hopelessly drunk then coming back and making an absolute spectacle of her and her blonde cuz in front of her dad of all people! I’ll let the promo images taken from this long play movie do the talking… Sarah is a very VERY naughty girl flashing her lady parts like that! No wonder Pops gave them both a stern telling off and a darned good spanking!

Of course in later episodes poor Whitney (with the sore red bottom) gets to spank bratty Sarah for getting them into so much trouble… but that is for another day but if you can’t wait you can download these movies and images sets in full at the link HERE – spanktastic!!!

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