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Updates for your Weekend

freezing cold weather brrrr

The 1st of 2 multi site posts for you this weekend period. Just so you know, I have been in America for some time and still can not get used to how cold it is here in New England. I have always said snow is for ski resorts only… I used to work in them in my youth and loved the snow back then as it got used for our purposes for pleasure. I find no pleasure, not do my fellow neighbors here, from what I have learned so far… think about the current snowfalls and expected storms coming again this weekend. To me, it serves no other purpose than to piss off the population, shoveling it, re-shoveling, slipping over on icy patches or finding it hazardous to drive in. That’s no way to go about one’s business. I made a joke that it was always 50f temperature in England (year round… winter or summer). how I wish I was basking in the relatively mild temperature of 50f right now when today’s daytime max temperature is just 18f… and feeling like -1 (there’s a minus in Farenheit?) God knows what silly temperature that is in Celcius, I’d rather not know. (I actually just Googled it…) and it’s feeling like -19c !!! OMG…. brrrrr!

OK, the good news is that Sarah can warm me up… and here are some equally warming spanking updates to kickstart your weekend wherever you may be!

In the warmer climes of Los Angeles… many girls are often sourced from LA’s famous Sanctuary LAX Dungeon, so the girls know what is expected if attending a “spanking shoot” – so there are 2 great debuts for working girls Bunny & Luna… appropriately at Spankedcallgirls.com – no acting required for this one, just turn up, get bitchy, steal clients, be difficult to control and you’ll get a spanking in no time!

Bettie Teaches Luna & Bunny How to be Call Girls

01 03 04 06 07 08 09 10 paddling 12 13 14

Pro Domme Bettie Bondage instructs new girls Bunny and Luna how to be successful call girls. Since they can’t even walk in heels, Bettie has her work cut out for her. So she uses spanking as a great motivator. All 3 ladies work at the Sanctuary LAX dungeon, and Bunny and Luna make their spanking shoot debuts in this scene.



Another film out now to view from this network of sites features a great pairing, I have worked with one of them (Maddy) who is great and judging from what I saw of this film… Jenna complimented Maddy perfectly so well done to the casting team!

Jenna Rose & Maddy Marks explore limits at SpankingSororityGirls.com

002 004 005 008 otk spanking 011 013 016

Maddy Marks and Jenna Rose are pledge candidates at the sorority. While they await the tour, they begin talking about the punishments that might await them. They decide to explore their limits and here is where Jenna Rose takes the hardest spanking she ever got, including a whack or two with the large wooden pledge paddle. She was speckled and bruised and the two ladies decided not to join, instead running away!

001 004 005 007 010 012 fraternity paddle 014 015

See the full double film unique to SpankingSororityGirls.com

Both these sites can be viewed as part of the ClareFondaPass.com network

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


A great new longplay film is developing at NorthernSpanking.com with principal top characters Miss Chris & Stephen Lewis in a cross Atlantic “Wager” with their respective hired helps, Jenni Mack (for Chris) and Aleesha Fox (for Stephen)… it’s a delightful film with some stunning images to compliment it, check it out do far  (below)

VIDNSI113001-005 VIDNSI113001-020 VIDNSI113001-026 VIDNSI113001-031 VIDNSI113001-041 VIDNSI113001-050 VIDNSI113001-049 VIDNSI113001-051

Stephen and Chris seem to have altogether too much domestic help. The help is, however, not very helpful when it comes in the form of Aleesha and Jenni. Pretty, but lazy and in need of discipline. This gives rise to a domestic challenge: who can most improve the girls performance via a sore, smacked bottom? There are several surprises in store for Stephen and Chris however as the girls seem to take their punishment rather too well…

VIDNSI113002-003 VIDNSI113002-005 VIDNSI113002-006 VIDNSI113002-007 VIDNSI113002-014 VIDNSI113002-025 VIDNSI113002-015 VIDNSI113002-030

See MORE of this latest film HERE


The next film is something sweet and why I love Sarah so… she made Justin’s dream come true by allowing him to explore his new found love for switching from a bottom to a top – in this film with Alex, who was only too happy to help (as they are all friends). Justin helps film a lot of Sarah’s content, so it is nice to see him in such a role on the other side of the camera! Just look at his broad smile!!!

From Bottom to Top

0193_bottom_to_top_gal-004 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-005 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-008 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-009 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-012 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-014 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-016 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-017

Justin is Sarah’s submissive and has been learning a bit about the topping world. He is actually quite good at giving a spanking and asked to try it on camera, so who better to help him than spankee of the year, Alex Reynolds. This is a short video of a bottom who has been learning to top with some coaching from Alex and Sarah. A very sweet real life moment.

See the full HD film at SpankingSarahGregory.com


At SpankingServer.com next – Schoolgirl Bella gets an embarrassing medical examination from Peter before she is then spanked over the knee of another medical professional, played by Heidi… in a short sharp shock spanking – one of the many typical films they now update, and in English too (hoorah!) Images below are taken directly from the short spanking film:

bella01 bella02 bella03 bella04 bella05 bella06 bella07 bella08 bella09 bella10 bella11 bella12

See the full HD film of Bella’s punishment HERE


The latest film out now is a girl I know very well… I helped introduce her to the UK spanking scene, after all – and we did a lot of private work and custom videos together before filming for other UK websites as well as AAA 🙂
Welcome Chessie Kay this time to Bars and Stripes in her induction “Intake video” now showing at the site… she has one of the perkiest tightest behinds in the UK!

chessie_intake - 19  chessie_intake - 15 chessie_intake - 25 chessie_intake - 27

New inmate Chessie Kay arrives at the prison. She has been sentenced to 18 months for soliciting. Officer Dodge is in charge of her intake and he soon has the cheeky little madam over his desk spanking her cute tight little behind.

chessie_intake1 chessie_intake2 chessie_intake3 chessie_intake4 chessie_intake5 chessie_intake6

Chessie is one of dozens of naughty inmates given a good hard bare bottom correctional form of discipline for ladies who lost the privilege of their own freedom because they have been sent to this facility to serve out the remainder of their time behind bars. CLICK HERE


From FirmHandSpanking.com comes this recent addition with yet another offering of Kat St James and Samantha Woodley in the “Brotherly Love” series. Kat is given a hard soapy sud spanking in the bath tub as Samantha is made to watch! The girls are looking as beautiful as ever, and of course both have long retired from The Scene so it is nice to see them looking like they filmed this only yesterday!

Nude bath-tub spanking for Katherine St James finale sets buns bouncing

brotherly_zb002 brotherly_zb003 brotherly_zb006 brotherly_zb007 brotherly_zb009 brotherly_zb012 brotherly_zb014 brotherly_zb017 brotherly_zb023 brotherly_zb024

Two naked girls, lots of suds, a blistering, wet spanking: it’s the bath-time finale of Katherine St James and Samantha Woodley planning to run away to New York in Brotherly Love. Bouncing bare butt spanked crimson in slow-mo: enjoy to the end!

To see a free clip of this film – CLICK HERE


Finally today. a special bonus feature from the AAA Clips Store – a real treat for lovers of Face Sitting and Spanking, poking fun at the draconian new rules from the UK! In a fun film called “In Your Face!” we see how ridiculous the new laws are made to look when a light hearted approach to the face sitting dilemma is mixed with spanking and curiosity about exactly what this “banned” kink is all about! It won’t be released at AAA’s main site for some time and is the 1st of many special very early previews that help make the store one of the top in its’ niche by providing customers with unseen clips. below are some images from the film starring Lola Marie – this exclusive film will be the 1st of many to appear over the next few months!

face01 face02 face03 face04 face05 face06 face07

Lola Marie and Dodgy Dave are out in the garden enjoying the sunshine but they are also there to have some fun as Dave loves Lola to carry out some serious Face Sitting “play” – John catches them both at it and is shocked that Dave would allow her to do such a thing. John is intrigued by what he saw, but he prefers to spank his ladies and tells Lola she will get a spanking from him right there. She agrees but only if she’ll help enlighten his narrow views on what he had just witnessed and she promised him that she would ensure he’s enjoy it with a special treat! So John agreed and was rather excited at the thought of what she’d do after he had spanked her bare bottom. The treat was what she she would do with her breasts but you would have to see that and poor John receiving his first ever face sitting experience! Surely someone in the UK should ban this wondrous filth? In your Face!!!

A fun consensual facesitting & spanking film from US owned & operated Triple A with a delightfully naughty British streak!

face08 face09 face10 face11

Click HERE for this exclusive film only available at the AAA Store



Cheerleaders & More Spankings!


I might have bored you with my recent new found ill health, well, today I had my long awaited Doc’s appointment here at home and he wanted to ensure that I do not have COPD instead of Asthma… (COPD is a term for, among others, emphysema and chronic bronchitis which are often interlinked making it a nasty condition!) I didn’t quite know what it was or even imagine I might possibly have this terrible condition in it’s early stages until I got home and looked it up… needless to say, I think I’ll wait until I take my “Spirometry Test” which has been booked after I take a course of new meds which should help diagnose exactly what I have. In the meantime I am going to be still here boring you with my blog ramblings and site updates for the foreseeable future at least! I will announce my own exciting special new girl update tomorrow (the first of about 6 over the coming weeks!!!) & I am excited about her introduction as we made some really good films together at the recent Crimson Moon Party… as you’ll see tomorrow from her unique introduction.

Tomorrow, real lifestyle player Melody makes her unique OTK & intimate spanking intro at AAAspanking.com !!


But in the meantime, let’s check out some other fabulous new updates and the first today is a stunning reworking of a classic that had me gasping for air! No! Fear not… not the asthma  but the sheer stunning beauty of Sarah Gregory getting spanked by “momma” Chelsea Pfeiffer in her latest long play production at MommaSpankings.com – and just “wow!” – this has everything you could want… mommy/daughter roleplay, cheergirl uniform and both Sarah and Chelsea at their best… it also happened to be a good hard spanking film.
WARNING: Images below caused me severe #TrouserArousalwatch out for damage to your undergarments if viewing the following images as I can not be held responsible for stretched stitching or spoiled gussets, thank you 😉

Cheer Lies – the new film starring Sarah Gregory & Chelsea Pfeiffer


momma-115-002 momma-115-005 momma-115-008


momma-115-018 momma-115-019

momma-115-021 momma-115-025

momma-115-027 momma-115-032

This video is from Sarah’s archives. The wonderful Chelsea Pfeiffer portrays Sarah’s mom in this classic. This video just HAD to come to Momma Spankings and be brought to people’s attention as it is one of Sarah’s harder spankings from the classic Sarah days when she began her career. You don’t want to miss this one. Even though not done originally in 1920 HD format, it is still an amazing spanking video which has been remastered to the best qquality possible making this an absolute “Must See” addition to the “Momma style spankings” Collectors Library.


See the FULL film HERE at the unique Momma Spankings website


At Sarah’s own namesake site… SarahGregorySpanking.com – I helped her out when she asked me to spank Alex Reynolds for letting her down. I love helping out with real life requests… so this movie was fun (for me) to help bring to life… and I remember this well as we were both staying in LA in February with Paul & Alex & I had just spanked her in a very hard OTK spanking film earlier for my own site (this went up a few weeks back HERE in case you had forgotten… an awesome OTK film, by the way) – & then had to do it all over again (sigh, it’s a hard life, eh?) but fortunately I had use of a leather paddle too as my poor hands were starting to feel the burn of some excessive spankings I had been dishing out… seriously, I gave poor Alex some pretty mean spankings in this (& my own) film… check out the images below which are both screen shots and stills which members can view along with the new film in full at Sarah’s site now!


Alex Reynolds & I in the film – “Spanked for Sarah”

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-034

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-009 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-013

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-037 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-016


Sarah has sent her boyfriend John to spank Alex. They had plans to room together in Vegas and the room was under Alex’s name so Sarah and John couldn’t get in without her there. Upon arriving they found Alex not there and they had to wait for her for a long time. Alex didn’t even call to say she would be late. John gave her such a thrashing for her tardy behavior upon Sarah’s request.

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-022 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-024 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-025

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-029 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-032


You can see the Full Film – HERE at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Both sites above are awesome in their own right but you can also get access via the discounted double site offer
& that is via The Sarah Gregory Pass CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS


A few missed updates on my part with a couple of new intros I was well aware of since I helped with this final filmshoot for Paul’s final “big” shoot in the UK at  NorthernSpanking.com – This was a fantastic location which Paul had been eager to film at for some time… we all had a blast and I felt privileged to be a part of this closing chapter as Paul now concentrates his efforts for his site on the US West Coast… (which I am somewhat jealous of since there is a willing supply of fetish models in LA!) I know he will still continue to film here in the UK too (as will I… and I am later this month) but they will be smaller and more specific model related shoots, which I understand fully.

Firstly… Seeing Zoe Page punish Satine and Masie (again) was a joy to watch… I wonder if you can guess why? (below):


NSI110-ZMS009 NSI110-ZMS026 NSI110-ZMS033

NSI110-ZMS052 NSI110-ZMS059 NSI110-ZMS062

Miss Page corners two uninvited guests in on of the many outbuildings on her estate. Trespassing is an offence and the girls are going to be stripped, humiliated and thrashed.

The 2nd is a retro feel with Amber West’s intro… I watched Paul set this up, a master at work as he paid attention to detail… even the BMW was a classic car that fitted in with his 80’s style shoot… Amber’s uniform rounded this off nicely.

 NSI128-AP002 NSI128-AP009

NSI128-AP018 NSI128-AP027

NSI128-AP039 NSI128-AP042

Here’s what Paul had to say about Amber’s intro to the site:
Another fairly swift introduction of a new face at Northern Spanking. And what a pretty new face too! We were really pleased to shoot with Amber, a well-known UK fetish and glamour model quite recently.
This scene is another of my recreations of my youthful exposure to corporal punishment imagery. And whoever says it should be in black & white will now leave the room! Amber looks super-sexy and super-scared in anticipation of her visit to a professional disciplinarian as directed by her ladies academy. She fears what awaits within and rightly so. What waits within is a world of pain and humiliation for poor Amber.

The 3rd features Rosie Ann – who we have both filmed with (just before I left for the USA a few months back) – & I intend to again very soon! I love this girl! She debuted at my site recently and she will be a very busy young lady over the next few months in both spanking and bondage which she genuinely loves… some of her images made “Kinky & Popular” on Fetlife which were amazing! What a trooper… hehe!

A few teaser images of Rosie Ann’s 1st appearance along with Miss Jessica who also made a memorable debut as the nasty female top (who I had a lot of fun with and hope to meet again at some point as well!) “Thank you ladies for a fun few days!!!”


Paul had this to say about his next new girl!
A very warm-bottomed welcome to Rosie Ann, our latest subbie starlet! Just 18 when we shot with her, Rosie is a true lifestyle submissive, with far more experience than she has any right to! This is a double debut as this is the first thing featuring Jessica West, or Miss Jessica, whichever SHE prefers! She may be small but crossing her is distinctly unwise! This gentle introduction for Rosy Ann sees her receiving spanking and a taste of the slipper, just as many young girls did in the privacy of their own, or their big sisters bedrooms in 1986!

NSI128-CJ012 NSI128-CJ014 NSI128-CJ016

NSI128-CJ017 NSI128-CJ018

You can see these full updates and much much more at NorthernSpanking.com



Here’s also a stunning reminder of Rosie Ann’s first appearance at my own site a few weeks ago… click on her images to view the full screen video images (I’ve reduced them to 1280×720 here but members get them at full HD size, the same as the film at 1920 x 1080) which have never before been shown anywhere first outside the members area except here – I just “loved” that “cosplay” Japanese schoolgirl uniform and my twisted storyline… She will be featuring again soon but I have so many new debuts coming, it is frightening… I need another site to get it all out, lol!!! (hmmm, that gives me an idea! More on that in a moment)

caughtshort003 caughtshort011

caughtshort012 caughtshort016 caughtshort026

caughtshort029 caughtshort037

caughtshort041 caughtshort046 caughtshort058

caughtshort054 caughtshort062

Rosie Ann was the last girl in her detention session on the school trip before they all had to catch the bus home and she begged to go to the bathroom early as she was aching to go. She is just 18 years old and should know better but she was caught short and made a bit of a mess in the bathroom, wetting her panties and the floor. Her teacher caught her trying to clear up the mess and punished her further with a humiliating bare bottom spanking followed by forced pantie washing and wearing of the wet cotton undergarments underneath her short skirt as a shameful reminder before she was sent on her way to the waiting school bus to take her and the rest of her classmates home from the weekend retreat!



That idea I had is this… my poor PPV site naughtybottom.com has been vastly underused and it is about time that was put to rest… I know many people love to download the odd film instead of a membership… so here is my deal, I think I will also put up some films in advance at naughtybottom.com to give it some more exposure whilst I also get to make sure this site offers better value, WAY BETTER VALUE than, say, Clips4sale – I have control over that – whereas when I upload films to the Clips Store it usually works out at around a Dollar a minute… it’s fixed like that… so in this case the full 30 minute film… which has not been offered in this format until now… can be viewed for just $12.95 and not the $25-30 or so it would cost at C4S!

The film? Check out the link below… and I have a few reminder images too… there is also a free clip in MP4 (there are 2 versions, both in 1280 x 720 of WMV and MP4 which has not been shown before of this classic that started my Wheelbarrow Quest with a vengeance… Ladies & Gents, I give you the full uninterrupted Mishka Devlin Wheelbarrow Spanking “Quintology” – yes, all famous 5 segments joined as one seemless film as it was once intended! Divided into the various fantasy wheelbarrow style spanking sections of:

  1. The innocent looking girl next door
  2. Naked girl with just sexy stripey socks
  3. Dropseat PJs
  4. Schoolgirl in a short revealing gingham dress uniform
  5. Sexy naughty Girl Guide uniform spanking

Mishka Devlin’s Wheelbarrow Spanking Quintology


Mishka Devlin only ever worked with one English Spanking Company – but the films she made with them were outstanding and she soon retired from The Scene which was a great loss as she had the perfect girl next door look without ever being shy. This enabled this fantasy series to be born and spawn a whole series of further intimate spanking re-enactments with other girls. But this producer will always remember the first time this collaberation took place. You will see 5 different scenarios of Mishka in the now infamous “Wheelbarrow Position” as she was spanked as the girl next door, in her dropseats PJs, in a girl guides uniform, as a schoolgirl and in some very sexy stripey socks and wearing nothing else! 2 cam angles show the spankings in intimate detail from the spanker’s view and also as a general view so we see how she is spanked intimately!

This is your chance to download the complete 30 minute HD film for the very first time!

2 5

6 8

Click image below to view the free MP4 HD Clip of Mishka’s wheelbarrow spanking




Finally today, a beautiful image set that accompanies the new spanking film out at English-Spankers.com with another new couple… I haven’t seen this girl with a cracking name before, she is called “Honesty” – talk about setting herself up for a fall… this is one site that consistently has amazing photography that I admire… along with their films, it’s hard to beat generally. See what I mean in this self spanking film, which goes a bit wrong for Honesty when she is caught doing things to herself a young lady would rather not get caught for… all will become clear! I have also got a free HD clip for you to view as well! Enjoy!

npp7060006 npp7060013

npp7060017 npp7060023

npp7060032 npp7060035

npp7060038 npp7060040

npp7060042 npp7060048

Honesty is going through her bosses cupboards and finds some spanking paddles. She soon has her skirt raised and with her black stockings on display is giving herself a good hard paddling. Her boss is watching from another room and after a while he offers to take over and really lays the paddle on her bare bottom, a lot harder than she really wanted but he does not care, a good full strength paddling not only by herself but from her strong armed boss.

You can view the FULL  film HERE



Back later with my site updates & other spanking news with clips & POV offerings you won’t wanna miss!


Some Spanking Fixes for Y’all

I have had a few incredible days shooting some great content for my site and Sarah’s the past few days, I’m shattered… I don’t have any images as of yet, and will probably only do this once I am back in the UK early next month… time schedules here are so tight, with the impending BBW party looming I am running out of time to get things organized and my site updated on time too… I am also vending there this year alongside Sarah and am quite nervous about it as she is such a well known cool vendor of merchandise that people love… I’m scared my stuff will look shite alongside, lol! However, on my table I will be selling not just my DVDs (which is new for me… finally!!!) but a selection of very cute onesies perfect for the party (1st come 1st served!) – a really cool spanking tee shirt in various sizes (some of the designs I had printed have not come through in time, unfortunately) and what I really know WILL sell… I have a vast collection of classic spanking lierature and magazines from the US AND UK including first issues which I will be offering for sale on my stand… come say hello, browse and wonder at how we used to check up on all our spanking requirements… I have issues of Janus, issues 2 thru 6 of Blushes and other well known English spanking erotica magazines as well as many American titles including Bizarre Life and the femdom Whap from the 1960’s and 70’s! I wanted to offer something special at the party vending night so I hope this helps!

Some pics of the day AWAY from spanking with Adriana & her man, DK (they’re a cute couple), Sarah & myself!

20140421_154133 20140421_210507

Filming at Sarah’s amazing new shed studio… having a sub lunch and well earned break…
“Welcome to Moe’s” – Moe Monday after filming – burrito, chips & a drink for $6.99 plus tax! #bargain

Below is a brief update of some spanking erotica you should be checking out this week, alongside what will be appearing at my site tomorrow as I finish this post with a new film from stunning Lola Marie…

Nurse Spanking (pt1) – NEW from the Disciplinary Section of GirlSpanksGirl.com

IMG_0360l IMG_0367l IMG_0370l

IMG_0379l IMG_0382l

IMG_0385l IMG_0386l

IMG_0388l IMG_0390l

IMG_0398l IMG_0401l IMG_0402l

In this traditional spanking scene, Jenna Rose (Penthouse Pet of the Year) plays a nurse who disciplines her bratty patients with a sound spanking with hand and paddle, right over her knee. And she gives them a shot right on their bottom. Maddy Marks learns a painful lesson, not only from the shot but from the hard spanking she got across her sore red bottom! This 1st part is over 14 minutes in length and will more than appeal to lovers of girl on girl discipline!




Caned by the Madam – starring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Sarah Bright at English Spankers #HOT


Amelia Jane Rutherford is not getting on too well with her new job in the massage parlour, she still has not quite realised what  her job entails. Now she is in more trouble, she refused to let a client cane her and so she has to be taught how to take a good caning. The madam is eager to teach her and wakes her early in the morning brandishing a wicked cane. Once in position poor Amelia’s bottom really does suffer some swishing pain from the strong arm of the madam.

npp6092013 npp6092017

npp6092020 npp6092025

npp6092031 npp6092035

npp6092045 npp6092053




Oh, if you’re interested in locating MORE Amelia content currently… then also look no further than a fantastic new series written and performed by Amelia at Firmhandspanking.com – this is the 4th installment just released of “Rogue Model”… which is on top of the massive amount of data starring Amelia at this website!


Wow! Amelia Rutherford’s agent Christian Fennington says she needs aversion therapy – with a birch rod! in Rogue Model. “You’ll never forget this day,” he says, pushing a bar of soap in her mouth before lashing her juicy bare rear 34 times. Super-hot scene!

rogue_d004 rogue_d007

rogue_d008 rogue_d011

rogue_d013 rogue_d018

rogue_d023 rogue_d024




The next update is brand new and is from Sarah Gregory’s great site – yes I am naturally biased, but since she had not edited this until recently, this movie, originally filmed nearly 3 years ago on her 1st UK trip in  2011 has been edited at full 1920×1080 HD as her standard and there are 3 available film formats to choose from! I have cut a screen grab at actual size from the film so you can see for yourself. It also co stars Leia Ann Woods and this is a great F/F bitchy topping film from Sarah… the next parts include some cool caning scenes which I have already watched… they are awesome! 🙂


Below is the actual size screen shot I have taken from this movie, just click it to enlarge and view, that’s what you get to view… all my new films are also shown in this larger format but since I edit my stuff almost straight away, it is only from actual film shoots that I have done since the end of last year! 🙂


Sarah and Leia Ann are roommates. Leia is visiting from England and uses Sarah’s cell phone to make some long distance calls without Sarah knowing. When Sarah gets a bill for $500 from her mobile company, to say she is pissed off is an understatement. Not only will Leia pay back the money, she will also pay Sarah back by taking a hard spanking and caning.

0159_london_calling_gal1-018 0159_london_calling_gal1-025

0159_london_calling_gal1-037 0159_london_calling_gal1-034

0159_london_calling_gal1-028 0159_london_calling_gal1-038

Check out more of this new film HERE



David at Punishedbrats.com admitted they had messed up on their images from one of their latest films, well, I will be meeting him at the BBW party so will let him know exactly how to take great screen grabs as the film with Mandie Rae and sadistic doctor Audrey was quite pervy and intense… the way I like my F/F films… as you will see, these screen grabs show off the new style editing (finally) at this site. I think these screen grabs alone do it justice, don’t you think? It showcases the short sharp shock movie perfectly, I think! I am looking forward to meeting Mandie Rae, who will be at BBW! Am I filming with her and several other ladies? Oh, now that would be telling… wouldn’t it? I do actually want to have some fun at this party, you know! *wink wink*

assessment003 assessment004 assessment005


assessment006 assessment007 assessment008


assessment009 assessment010 assessment011


You can see all of this film in full right HERE


& Finally for you today… an early preview of my film coming out tomorrow starring the gorgeous Lola Marie in a bedtime pyjama punishment she won’t forget in a hurry! Doesn’t Lola look irresistible in her cute PJs?

I will make this film available as a full download at the the CLIPS STORE later today (in advance of the website update) in the excellent HD-MP4 version – below are some special 1st show images before the movie goes live tomorrow, these are just the screen grabs… I haven’t gotten round to editing the stills yet… these are fantastic too and I will try to make them available for members at the same time as well as the movie and the usual abundant screen grab gallery that I provide in zipped form – as usual 🙂

bedtime027 bedtime030

bedtime048 bedtime076

bedtime087 bedtime107

bedtime127 bedtime144

bedtime157 bedtime161

bedtime190 bedtime191

Lola Marie knew she had a bedtime punishment coming and decided to hide the promised 3 tailed strap she was getting. This foolish notion only made things worse as the strapping turned into a more severe bedtime punishment with the aid of a couple of hairbrushes as well as the dreaded strap which had been quickly found! You will watch her receive dozens of strokes of the leather implement with some solid use of 2 types of hairbrush that kept this naughty girl in check! A beautiful girl in cute pyjamas punished at bedtime is what AAA does best! See why in this latest no nonsense spanking film!



Okay, I will keep you all up to date on what is happening at BBW when I am there as well as some images and news… I’m looking forward to it! Only a few days to go until my trip to Atlantic City! #yay


Spanking Related Updates

I have got you a cross section of spanking and non spanking related websites where some girls, as you’ll see, have worked across. These are all fetishes of mine that I dig, so I hope you don’t mind that I’m being a little self indulgent… I mean, if I can’t be a little indulgent on my own blog, where can I be, eh? I am actually quite excited about my next trip to The States, I’ll be attending a small party in Vegas (with Sarah Gregory, of course) and meeting up with many fantastic people I got to know at Shadowlane last year as well as opportunities to have fun, play and socialize and network… I’ll also get to meet up with Paul Kennedy from the UK… who has been in rather the same predicament as myself. I’ll also be getting to spend more time with Paul and Alex at their place in LA as well as meet up with Clare Fonda and also do some filming with gorgeous Casey Calvert while I am in LA (between sight seeing as it’s my first visit… can you tell I’m excited???) However, that is if I believe there to be another world beyond the damp south west of England as our government here is in constant denial about the poor people that inhabit this great part of this country… why?


 We have had yet more rains and floods of biblical proportions in the south west making it a miserable winter for those that currently live near to where I am at the moment… of course, I’m not even sure the main roads are passable to Plymouth (100 miles away) which is even further south west (ok, I’m kidding, they are…) but you’d be forgiven for thinking they weren’t as our Environment Agency bods twiddle their thumbs and do fuck all to help those in need of real help and heartache… sorry to harp on, I didn’t mean to rant, those in drier climes and big city slickers will no doubt giggle at the misfortune of those stuck here… but someone has to look after the land… So in the event I do discover once again that the earth is not flat, ships and planes will not fly off the edge of the world and that Columbus was correct and discovered the new Lands… then I hope to get a few weeks away from the damp, grey and rain of our crappy Winter here in England. Near to where I live (for now… I’m moving back to Plymouth, as I’ve said) is the Somerset Levels, I think the giveaway in this where there is a continual risk of severe flooding is the word “Levels” – it’s finally been on the national media here as the scale of the disaster is unprecedented, as usual, anything south west in the UK is deemed to be the equivalent of the end of the world and not caring a joy about – pity… as when it isn’t raining, it’s easily the most beautiful part of Britain with magnificent coastlines, beaches and scenery not found anywhere else in the world.


Anyway, rant over… let’s get on with today’s spanking (and such) updates.


I featured my new film update (yesterday) with Alex Reynolds… well, you may be interested to know that Alex has also worked with Clare at her Diapers site… I will be attending a filmshoot at Clare’s when Sarah goes to work for her again. Sarah has told me so much about it, she is really into the “Littles” thing which I am still getting my head around… but I’m excited to see “Momma” Clare diaper and treat Sarah like a babygirl. Anyway, enjoy some crib time, diaper and pacifier images of Alex being an adult babygirl!

002 006 008

012 014 016

Another girl who I’ve worked a lot with tried out the diapering fetish out west, and that is Joelle Barros! You can see her naughty girl play and getting into this kink all too easily! She also looks impossibly cute!

002 010 015

008 009 011

& of course I mentioned Casey Calvert earlier… she is now no stranger to the diaper phenomenon either… being ever so naughty and learning how to get off inside those restrictive things!

005 007 008

012 014 015

You can check out all the very latest Diaper girl images… the ones here are teasers as the girls show much more inside the website 🙂 It’s a naturally submissive thing to allow Clare to pamper and treat her girls like babies, changing them and expertly changing their diapers! I love how Clare really gets off to this – you can explore this further HERE

…and of course she has a wonderful site herself that allows her to become submissive, exploring the concept of stripping in public or in front of clothed people… if you wanted to know what she has been doing in her spare time, well this is one fetish she gets off on, besides playing the Cougar/Milf role so perfectly, of course! Clare is Jamie Foster in her now long established site – JamieFosterStrips.com – IO will just feature one episode as it co stars one of her best friends and a girl I am going to feature again later – the beautiful Paris Kennedy!

002 008 010

013 014 (1) 016

In this CMNF video, Jamie and her young lover Paris have taken a job looking after rich playboy Chad, or at least his home. They want to take some of his pills. He is a sadist and punishes the lesbians by making them strip in front of him. Jamie is particularly humiliated and nasty Chad almost makes her cry.


Do go check out Clare’s humiliation sites, she is rather good at what she does… and of course it’s a brief blessing that she made a short welcome return to her former sites, in this case, some further collaboration with gorgeous Casey Calvert (in dropseats!) at GirlSpanksGirl.com

gsg001 gsg002 gsg003

gsg005 gsg006

gsg004 gsg007

Clare Fonda returns in “CONCERN 2” – Casey Calvert is her charge who has not only been given a bad report from school, but she’s also been caught smoking. Casey is in for something she hasn’t had since she was little – an old-fashioned spanking! Clare decides that, just like the old days, Casey should be spanked once immediately and once before bedtime as a reminder. The sexy brunette ends up stripping down to her vest and school socks while she is spanked over Clare’s knee in the living room, before getting sent upstairs to her bedroom.



The second part of the spanking is the night spanking and Casey’s friend Veronica (Veronica Ricci) is staying over. She has been a bad influence on Casey and Clare discovers she has permission from Veronica’s parents to spank her – so she does so hard and long with hand and hairbrush. Then she gives Casey her second spanking, as promised. Casey is wearing dropseat pajamas and she is spanked with the flap open before removing them completely and getting spanked over-the-knee in the nude. And she even lets Casey give Veronica a spanking with the hairbrush for being such a bad influence and teasing Casey while she was getting spanked.

gsg011 gsg012

gsg013 gsg015 gsg016

gsg017 gsg018

gsg019 gsg020 gsg021


You can see this new film co starring Clare Fonda HERE

This site is also part of the top value 5 site Clare Fonda Pass



Back to Joelle and she has just had her first humiliating POV film placed online… it’s from YOUR perspective as you tell her what to do… you’re rather cruel as you make her wait for her expected spanking… building up the anticipation and then making her use a paddle on herself, the very one you will use much harder in a further 20 minutes… she really isn’t looking forward to that spanking now! Check out these images… it is for POVspanking.com although the film has the “Triple A” watermark on it (my bad!) – it won’t ever appear at the Triple A site … (sorry)







YOU are going to spank Joelle, she is nervous and knows that she’s due another spanking… but you want to string out her anticipation agony a little more. YOU tell her to check out her bare bottom for YOU to look at, then YOU show her the paddle that is going to be used across her bottom. She is told to use it across herself whilst YOU watch. She is confused and even more nervous now…. Good! You leave her like that in a state of fear as she is told YOU will be back in 20 minutes to finish off what she was told to do with that paddle lying next to her! This is YOUR Point of View of a precursor to getting Joelle spanked… it’s an interesting twist and is a focus on sub/dom powerplay. Watch and become her dominant as she becomes totally submissive to your every whim – this version is in 1920x1080HD-MP4 Playback for amazing crystal clear viewing!




You remember a few days back that I was covering the HOT interaction between Paris Kennedy and Dia Zerva? Well, as promised, here is the conclusion to that which you can view in full as a member at Shadowlane’s new style membership site HERE

b-paris-fucks-dia001 b-paris-fucks-dia002 b-paris-fucks-dia004

b-paris-fucks-dia003 b-paris-fucks-dia005

b-paris-fucks-dia006 b-paris-fucks-dia008 b-paris-fucks-dia009

Paris fucks Dia hard with her strap on before dia gets her own back and gives her naughty girlfriend a spanking that she knows she deserves for being such a wanton slut! I have to warn you that this is rather hot and WILL invoke some serious #Trouser Arousal – so be warned!

c-dia-spanks-paris009 c-dia-spanks-paris006 c-dia-spanks-paris007

c-dia-spanks-paris004 c-dia-spanks-paris008

c-dia-spanks-paris003 c-dia-spanks-paris002 c-dia-spanks-paris001

See the full film and more updates HERE



& finally today… there is a great build up to a flogging and a delectable and rude ride on a sybian for the finale (which Sarah kindly showed me early at her site) and I can tell you that the star of this film, Isobel Wren… is so hot I immediately asked her if we could get her to film for our sites later this year (yay!) Can’t wait? I don’t blame you, I have always admired Isobel’s work elsewhere… and Sarah got the very best out of her in any spanking film I have seen so far… she really is a very naughty girl!!!

50 Shades of Spanking – now showing at SarahGregorySpanking.com

0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal1-003 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal1-009

0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal1-016 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal1-030 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal2-004


0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal2-021 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal2-023 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal2-024

0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal3-006 0150_50_shades_of_spanking_gal3-010


Isobel and Johnny met online and have been dating a short while. Finally, Johnny decides to introduce her to his kinky lifestyle. Isobel has no idea what to expect, but she willingly participates. This video takes us on a spanking journey, from light playful spanking, that gets gradually harder and makes Isobel very wet indeed. Then she gets an erotic flogging in the nude before the grand finale of a ride on the sybian while being spanked to orgasm. I think Isobel wants to be in this lifestyle now.

View this naughty spanking film  – OUT NOW



I have got to get me some of these detention slips! #YOLO!

More Updates for your consideration!

Jeez… I have been sooooo busy that I only just managed to (finally) update the site with a new film so I basically put up the full film instead of breaking it into 2 parts. It features a return for Danielle Hunt in a memorable film I made with her. I believe this actually was our first film of the day and it was pretty cold in that studio as I recall… so with Dani feeling the cold (hmmm, most girls do, eh?) I gave her a darned good thrashing to ensure that at least one part of her anatomy was quite toasty and all warmed up. Her dusky bottom turned a darker shameful shade with a hint of throbbing red that I loved seeing as I spanked her over my knee rather hard then used a hairbrush to finish off her punishment when I didn’t want to ruin my own precious hand on her near indestructible rear! This was a painful punishment with Dani in a naughty cheerleading uniform, which I loved seeing her in. If you click on either image below, it will take you to 2 special free galleries which best showcase my site’s latest new film update! Enjoy!!!

Dani’s Cheerleading Evaluation – The Free Gallery of video screens


Click image below to view the Special Free Gallery
(images reduced in size from Members Area)


You can watch a special OTK hairbrush punishment preview HERE

FYI – this film is already available as an HD-WMV download at the CLIPS STORE

Want to know what is coming before Xmas Day? This was taken from my most recent filmshoot only a few weeks back and stars Sarah Gregory with Joelle Barros, a fantastic duo (only spoiled by some hapless geek like myself who believes he has been given 2 Stepford Wives Style bots – spankbots in fact) who are commanded by a special remote control in his possession which can make them do anything and everything he desires in his wildest punishment fantasies with these lifelike hot spankbots… as you will see, not all goes to plan… it’s a fun, naughty and at times rather hard hitting (remember the carpet beater!) film… with a nice twist at the end I will not reveal (aren’t I a tease?) 🙂

spankbot01 spankbot02

spankbot03 spankbot04

spankbot05 spankbot06

This film goes live early next week at AAAspanking.com


Sticking with a fun element, briefly… I took time out to check all the most recent updates from NorthernSpanking.com and their other updates are featured elsewhere, so I thought I’d bring you these fun images, I remember Paul sending me an image of this, he was really excited about the day’s shoot… (and now you can see why) after he and Zoe Montana had done this little fun set… messing around in the soapy suds of the industrial size kitchen sinks at a unique and fantastic location (sadly no longer available to use!)

NSI107-PZ022 NSI107-PZ035

NSI107-PZ044 NSI107-PZ048


NSI107-PZ081 NSI107-PZ088

NSI107-PZ098 NSI107-PZ100

Check out more naughty spankings c/o NorthernSpanking.com


Wanna see something naughty but nice? Of course you would… the latest recruit at the Sexy Cleaning Company from English-Spankers.com was awesome fetish model, Ludella Hahn, who asked if she had what it took to join their company and they of course welcomed her. She did some amazing flashing shots for the cameras then took a good whacking with a wooden baking spoon and a very hard leather paddle. She even took the paddle and did a very sexy and quite hard self paddling on her lovely bottom. Check out some superb images below… the film is far better! Trust me!

npp6028030 npp6028021

npp6028037 npp6028044

npp6028052 npp6028056

npp6028058 npp6028061

npp6028063 npp6028073

Check out this and the other great films she has starred in exclusive to English-Spankers.com


Exclusive updates come thick and fast at FirmHandSpanking.com as one of their most recent recruits, gorgeous and sassy Stacy Stockton, features in the latest film shown today as she is accosted by young hot shot lawyer, Patrick bateman for wearing highly inappropriate attire in the office environment. I never really like watching American films with canings in them as a rule, as they never seem to get them right… but this one was superb… a dozen hard strokes measured for effect and some fantastic reactions from Stacy… this hurt alright, and i am sure she learnt her lesson… (images below accompany the movie)

secretary_bd001 secretary_bd004

secretary_bd006 secretary_bd010

secretary_bd014 secretary_bd016

secretary_bd023 secretary_bd024

I promise you will not want to miss sexy Stacy’s punishment – See it HERE


I loved seeing this location shoot, and of course Agean from SoundPunishment.com is rather pervy as a frightenly real looking vicar who chastises then spanks one of his more provocatively dressed (or is that undressed?) congregation after the church service… how could Susan James refuse her punishment in the eyes of God from a “man of the cloth” – good job I never accepted the calling… I’d be in every tabloid here in the UK using the good Lord’s name to instruct sassy young girls like Susan to remove their panties and receive unholy paddlings and such on their bare quivering pert bottoms… *sigh* lol! See for yourself some choice images taken from this excellent film!

susanjames02 susanjames03

susanjames05 susanjames06

susanjames07 susanjames08

susanjames10 susanjames11

susanjames15 susanjames18

Check out the very latest spankings including this film by viewing the tour pages and downloading the excellent free clips so you can make up yoru own mind about this English spanking site – SoundPunishment.com


The last site from the UK featured in this post today is Pandora’s DreamsOfSpanking.com as she stars in a delightful (over the top) historical romp called “The New Lieutenant”

Her Majesty’s Hussars are off on campaign. Major Harry Havelock congratulates new Lieutenant Shada on his promotion, and introduces the boy to the privileges of rank: Lieutenant Shada requires introduction to the privileges of an officer and a gentleman: wine, wenching, and whipping! Havelock also takes the opportunity to provide the new Lieutenant with Flash Harry’s patent method for domestic bliss:  a brisk over-the-lap spanking and, if she needs it, a firm thrashing with the riding crop… (image below are part of the 83 image set which accompanies the 18 minute movie)

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant019 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant057

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant059 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant080

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant066 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant083

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant087 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant108

Check out the free video preview HERE


As it is very nearly Xmas, I have relented and will let you know about a new update just appearing as I type this… it’s from a very exciteable Sarah Gregory who just LOVES the fun and festivities of the Holidays… perhaps only rivalled by a certain Miss Alex Reynolds… who is the spankee star in this daddy/daughter spanking movie “Not what she expected!”. (Alex looks impossibly cute in her PJ’s!!!)


It’s Christmas morning and naughty little Alex has snuck downstairs early to get a head start on opening her presents. Daddy catches her and is not happy with her behaviour. Alex get something she did not wish for on Christmas morning…. a spanking!


0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-015 0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-022 0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-026

Robert Shore plays Alex’s dad… I like this guy a lot and hope to film with him throughout our meetings at various events next year 🙂


You can check on the progress of this new movie HERE




Spanking Round Up

A great new start to the week as I get you all a multi site review under way… no bullshit from me, just some cracking images and what some of these films are about. I promise you all sites and films featured here get my 100% approval, I wouldn’t promote anything I haven’t been a member of or just do it because I thought I could make a few pennies off it. Even when I do an industry update, I will only feature stuff I like and hopefully you will all like too (which is why you’re reading this and once again wondering why I am starting to ramble… so I’ll shut up!)

I have always liked age play, so I’ll start with Sarah Gregory’s great site HERE where she stars in her first ever age play film (no doubt influenced by Momma Clare at many of her shoots she had previously worked for)

Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Kane for a week to learn how to be a proper young lady. She is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of School. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Lesson #1 is how a young lady should drink her tea. This is Sarah’s first full age play video…




…there is also a great new film (now complete) that stars a girl with what i’d normally think would be a hideous tattoo, but I have to say although she is no angle, I kind of like it, I like her ass far more though as it turns red SO BEAUTIFULLY as you’ll see in Sarah’s film where she spanks, straps and canes this newbie… it’s a hot girl/girl punishment film!


Leila comes to see Sarah for an emotional release spanking. She wants a pleasurable and somewhat painful spanking at the same time. Sarah warms her up otk first and then ties her to the bed for some strapping, caning, paddling, and cropping. Leila moans in pleasure and pain as she receives her spanking.



Check out more sexy spanking shanannigans at Sarah’s site HERE


A couple of great films out this week at Firm Hand Spanking – just check out the storylines and images below for more spanking awesomeness!

I admit I’m not 100% a fan of Kyle, I won’t bore you with the detail here but I can’t fault this film… which is why it’s featured, er… mainly because it stars 6 footer Adrienne Black who I have a 1000 unnatural lustful thoughts for… seriously, me… privacy, dark room, her… alone, OMG… enough already! Check out a new series starting with her taking a rather good hard punishment, the 1st of about 8 or 9 from Kyle by the looks of it! 🙂





Stunning Adrienne Black returns in a new series as chief flight attendant for an executive airline. The owner has his own style for keeping employees in line – by spanking. Adrienne agrees to be spanked as a preview of what’s in store. 235 smacks later, she’s red as hell!

& also now showing is one of the HOTTEST Alison Miller films I’ve seen in a long time (they’re all hot, this one just happens to be smokin’) perhaps it’s the position Alison is in that makes this film so alluring for me?

Failing to replace a dancer costs flame-haired Alison Miller a 55-stroke strapping





Her lax attitude to replacing a dancer on tour when she’s Dance Captain costs sassy Alison Miller a sound 55-stroke strapping across her bouncing bubble-butt. Frank Reed punishes her in the lunge position: “It’s difficult to hold with my butt in the air,” says Alison. Slo-mo replays!

Check out these great punishment films with 2 of Firm hand’s BEST spankees! Click HERE


Don’t you love it when a beautiful girl like Marissa is given to someone else to be punished? Imagine the shame and humiliation as she is chastised and disciplined for spending frivolously! This is what happens to Marissa in the latest film from Punishedbrats.com – my 1st of 2 features from this excellent site, today.

Taken from the film “Designer dress”

Marisa’s husband has asked Uncle David to have a tough discussion with his wife about her spending habits after she blows four thousand dollars on a new dress. David uses a leather strap to teach Marisa a lesson about financial responsibility.



Office Discipluine movies feature heavily, especially when David Pierson is the man to take charge!
Check out the very latest film now complete (below)





In this latest film… Brittney is a big problem, but he’s displeased with Audrey not being able to effectively manage her nor notifying him of the issue earlier. He takes the very shocked Audrey over his lap for a spanking as Brittney peeks from her position in the corner. David leaves both the company brats, Brittney and Audrey, in the corner together to figure out their differences after he has ensured both their bottoms are burning with shame!


Finally, the 3rd in the series of Earthfleet’s most disgraceful space cadets getting the treatment they deserve where no one can hear them scream or know they are being spanked… check out the latest episode of the starship genesis series from Spanked-in-Uniform.com (below)






The Genesis met up with the Earthfleet Cargo Ship, Barbados, to pick up a lieutenant Buchanan who was lazy, neglected her duties and needed strict discipline. Captain Cunnniikuta gladly handed her over. Captain Rogers decided to let Ensign Monique be responsible for her progress and their first task was to clean Shuttle Craft 3 and 5 in Shuttle Bay 2. They did a poor job and they ended up feeling the sting from Captain Rogers’ Punisher right there in the Shuttle Bay. They were then ordered to inventory Cargo Bay 3 and when they did a poor job of that too… they were both taken to Lieutenant Buchanan’s quarters and they both got a hard, long and very painful OTK spanking!

Out now in Sci Spankovision – only at Spanked-in-Uniform.com 🙂

Tuesday’s Spanking Updates

Hmmm, sorry I wasn’t here sooner, hadn’t been feeling that great and was totally shattered but now I’m back, and I had been… ahem… watching the women’s beach volleyball (as a bored old perv like me does) and was, frankly, disappointed at the later games as the girls were wearing shorts and tops. But thankfully Zara Dampney & Shauna Mullin of Team GB kept my interest, can you see why?

Anyway, it has got cold as the evenings draw in, the curse of our crap summer, I guess… so I went to check the wondrous “t’internet” for other ass inspired sports to gaze upon and now suggest you all check out the following events, these came from the indoor Championships at Istanbul earlier this year, a great source of ASS-tastic female fitness which we shall see in the Olympics too, as you’ll discover. If any of you find this lame, it’s just a butt bit of fun… lighten up… I have the spanking updates to follow!

Triple Jump – Slovenian athlete and jumper, Marija “schwiiing” Sestak

& Ivet Lavlova, the Bulgarian sprinter jiggling “dat ass” (OMG!) before the 60 m dash!

OK, warmed up? Let’s GO! GO! GO! for my 1st spanking updates and recollections of this week! 🙂


 Some new spanking talent at Firm Hand Spanking to get us going today… say “hello” to new girls Tanya Carter and Jennifer Torrance from their brand new “College Girl Discipline” series.





 Tanya Carter’s bouncing booty debuts in College Girl Discipline with hot sorority sister Jennifer Torrance dealing out a spanking and 127-swat paddling. “This will be easy with your big bottom!” says Jennifer… as she prepares her sister for an initiation hazing, turning her cheeks a gorgeous red. See the new FREE Movie preview HERE


There have been some amazing vids from Sarah’s site Sarah Gregory Spanking recently, and this really hot new fetish model, Casey Calvert, caught my eye in one of Sarah’s last films with her “blonde hair” style that she filmed (though I suspect there will be many more to come). Casey co-stars in “Video Vixen” – caught videoing herself by older sis Sarah!

 Casey is Sarah’s little sister. Sarah comes home to find little Casey stripping in front of a video camera and photographer. She is not happy at all and takes little sis over her knee for a bare bottom spanking in the nude, while Mr. creepy photographer watches and comments on how hot it is.




You might also be interested to know that the full films for Sarah’s other recent releases are now available, including her “rouge look” in “The Bet” (below) –  Sarah finds herself in over her head when she doesn’t take placing a bet on a pool game seriously. When it is time to pay up, she doesn’t have the funds. She will pay off her debt in spankings she won’t soon forget.

& a special 3 girl spanking at the hand’s of Sarah’s daddy, Paul Rogers – a “Mardi Gras Spanking Special”


My love for seeing beautiful Japanese girls spanked and punished never diminishes, as you’ll see from this most recent amazing film to come from Hand-Spanking.com – they live up to their name – just hand spankings… and some of the most stunning cute girls you could ever imagine getting spanked, like the unsuspecting Ai who soon discovers that this beauty therapist has other ways of dealing with her submissive clients!

Ai visits a beauty salon for the first time out of curiosity. She receives a painful treatment on her rear end at the hands of beautician, Erica…







Talking of the delightfully bonkers (& perverse) Japanese… I just posted these awesome images at one of my other blogs, a rather sexual spanking story of someone’s wildest fantasies drawn as only a dedicated manga/hentai artists could! I got off on it, I hope you good folk do too! Click image below for the full story.


More to come, spanking wise… very soon, I promise 🙂

Brats, Brats & MORE Brats Spanked!

Well, it’s a miserable Easter Monday here in England… chilly, damp, grey and nothing to go outside for on a typical Bank Holiday after the weekend *sigh* – so I thought I’d find some nice warm American spanking images to cheer myself up and I thought I’d start with Sarah Gregory as her latest film has her dragged in from the pool and spanked by Daddy for being outside too long in that gorgeous warmth! (She’d be BEGGING to come inside if she were outside in the UK today, or freezing her ample bits off, that’s for sure!!! Brrrr!)

So check out one of my fave brats getting a thoroughly deserved spanking by her Daddy, Paul Rogers.




Sarah has been grounded. When Daddy comes home from work early, he is not happy to find his grounded daughter out in the pool and she starts to brat off giving him a hard time so he drags her into the house and gives her a hard bare bottom spanking on her exposed wet bottom! You can see more of this movie and download it HERE

“Ouch! Daddy gave me a proper spanking for being such a brat!”

Keeping it in the family (no it’s not Mississippi… sorry, only kidding! I love you folk of The South! Honest!!!) – oops, there goes my last remaining southern reader… (come back, Sir!) Um, as I said, Sarah does the domestic and family stuff so well, and as I didn’t let you know about her last spanking exploit, here is a brief reminder of what older sis, Lily, got up to with her younger brat sister’s very ample and spankalicious posterior… and that “Attitude Adjuster” paddle looks kinda “ouchy!”


Sarah’s big sister, Lily, is left in charge of taking care of Sarah while mom is out of town. Sarah thinks that taking care of her means dropping everything and doing what she needs. Well, Sarah wants pizza and Lily is on the phone with her boss. Sarah doesn’t care, hangs up the phone, and demands her sister..”take care” of her by making her dinner. Well Lily takes care of her alright… with a hard spanking and paddling!


You can Check out all of Sarah’s original movies at her bratty best right here


I was going to give you some sunny spankings from Badtushy.com but then realised that I had shown these before, what I haven’t shown you, though, is this amazing film from around 6 months back that I just had watched again earlier today… and I decided, “what the hell? You can warm yourselves or feel warm just looking at thieving Becky’s roasted red rump!” Indeed! (& it’s Ms Law at her nastiest best!!!)




Ms Law catches her girl’s best friend stealing from her pocketbook, but instead of calling the cops, she bends her over and spanks her over and over in front of her tearful blonde haired daughter! Every time she would cry, Ms Law would smack her bare ass even harder! Seriously, see how red and busted up this thieving fool’s ass really gets! A BadTushy Classic!




Where would I be without my fix of brat related spankings if it wasn’t for the aptly named Punishedbrats.com – well, fear not, I have some cracking new updates from this fine site and of course these girls are getting what is most deservedly coming to them… over the lap of their tormentors! Yay!

What better film to showcase a real beautiful brat than pouty Lorraine Little? & who better to give her a hard hairbrush spanking than her no nonsense Aunt Veronica? I love these 2 together and I always feel I’ve had my money’s worth watching any of the films with them in. Fortunately… Punishedbrats.com has a considerable amount of content with both ladies… so enjoy this latest Aunt & Niece punishment re enactment.



Veronica takes in her troublesome niece, Lorraine, then immediately enacts some strict rules and discipline starting with a good hairbrush spanking for her all her recent bratty behaviour. Lorraine is quickly learning that if she’s going to live with her Aunt Veronica, she’s going to have to improve her attitude or she might never sit down properly again!



Check out more of this stunning spanking film with Lorraine & Veronica at their best!


In sunny California, Clare keeps on getting some amazing new talent in, some from LA’s infamous Dominion Club… and of course, LA is full of beautiful, wannabe actresses and budding porn starlets who are more than happy to let Clare know about their in house shenanigans growing up, which often included spankings so – at SpankedSweeties.com – this is the site that showcases such stories which are re encted for our benefit and here we have a gorgeous newcomer by the name of Riley… that “Momma Clare” gets over her knee after her introductory interview!

Clare had this to say about new girl, Riley: “This was Riley’s first spanking shoot, though she was no stranger to being spanked! She was discliplined by her mother, father and even the nanny. Riley is a tall, gorgeous model of Arabic descent, with an amazing round spankable bottom”.






OK, before I go, you might want to know what is coming out later this week at AAAspanking.com – it’s a real treat with Danielle Hunt who absolutely LOVED wearing this uniform, so I ended up making 2 films with her in (and out) of it… can you guess why she is going to be spanked in this 1st film? (heh heh!)

I shall also be uploading this film at the Clips Store later TODAY and there are some new additions added there recently for those that only want to download the odd clip, part of a movie or entire film but never seem to like membershoip sites… so the choice, as they say, ladies and gents… is entirely yours!

Have a good remaining holiday today. Happy Easter.

Someone will win this, it may as well be YOU!

“I drink too much” & other astounding Spanking News!

Yup! Last night went well, getting blasted again, I am typing this with yet another favourite tipple of mine, no wine this evening… but something a little less alcoholic but exceedingly tasty…. one of the best German beers around called “Warsteiner” – I developed a taste for this many years ago on a (rather expensive) skiing trip to Zermatt in Switzerland. So as this was on a 3 for 2 offer at a rather well known supermarket here in the UK, I took advantage of that offer as it rarely does so now have cases of the damned stuff waiting to be quaffed! It’s far too good for our guests 😉

Mmmm… time for another beer, and before I start… I was going to have a moan about someone who obviously hates what I do as he never once mentions anything, not even my site launch earlier this year… *sigh* It’s not *that* important to be honest, but I’d just like to know WTF it is I’ve ever done to piss him off. Anyway, moving swiftly on as the beer kicks in – I just watched the 1st amazing part of Sarah Gregory’s latest movie out which has just about my dream spanking combo… Sarah, Ten Amorette and Jenni Mack spanked by none other than Chelsea Pfeiffer! This is F/F spanking heaven… and 1st up in this film to get spanked is the rather precocious (& “damn… I’m falling in love with her) flame haired Jenni Mack! *yum*

Just check out Jenni’s reaction below… priceless!

From what I have seen of this movie… this is the storyline as best I can make it for you: The fed up parents of Sarah, Ten & Jenni have instructed this “Etiquette Tutor” , Miss Chelsea Pfeiffer, to bring these unruly girls back into line. At first the girls are arrogant, rude and dismissive of this hired help… until Jenni makes the mistake of smart mouthing once too often and is quickly dragged over Chelsea’s knee and spanked without warning! The girls are shocked and this is just the start as Jenni’s panties are quickly removed and what follows is a relentless spanking which has to be seen to be believed, there are some images below and it is easliy one of my fave F/F movies I’ve seen in a long time… and we have Ten and Sarah to come! “Red bottomed Joy!”





Simply Awesome! Please go check it out in more detail if you like RIGHT HERE


I’ve missed a few updates at FirmHandspanking so please check out my “catch up” images as I cover the last 3 films, including the first below of my new lustful eye, that of Valerie Bryant who gets her first hard stinging leather strapping draped over a sofa with her cute buns fully exposed and her long legs on full display! Yes, ladies and gentleman… I feel I should re introduce the Chief’s trusted and patented “Trouser Arousal” alerts as the following images from Firm Hand’s latest films are stunning!

Valerie Bryant in the latest part of the series “Reform School”




Sunning herself by the faculty pool when she’s already in trouble at Reform School costs Valerie Bryant a sound bare bottom strapping from Mr Reed. “I was just trying to have fun,” she protests. “I told you, these punishments are not gonna work!” Her bottom tells another story.

It must be Xmas – you get Sam Woodley AND Alison Miller in those sexy outfits!!!




Booked as an elf in a department store Santa’s Grotto, Alison Miller pushes the limits and dresses raunchily in Christmas Treat. With her partner Samantha Woodley, she’s strapped 52 times with a tawse, panties down, by Earl Grey. See her cheeks bounce in a holiday treat!

Melanie Taylor – from “The Dealer” series





A panties-off 30 swats with a leather paddle leaves Melanie Taylor’s jutting rear a rosy red! Caught stealing from the casino, she chooses corporal punishment rather than court. But she misses her appointment and is found sunbathing poolside. Her bottom pays: hear those yelps!

Check out the free movie previews of these cracking girls only from FirmHandSpanking.com


OK, as we approach the last day of 2011, I shall be posting some special stuff tomorrow (and I’m not working in my other job… “yay!”) so don’t go far! Chief. xx

Sunday Galleries & such

Well, I’m feeling a little low, I have a stinking cold and hate being ill, so can barely type so hope you don’t mind me popping up a few galleries instead today, I know it’s lazy… but as promised I had been busy elsewhere this weekend with a couple of long awaited movie reviews, I love doing ’em and explaining what happens in a film you may never have been aware of, so go check out my other blogs below and enjoy the following:

A Lupus Spanking review HERE – & an Ohh Tee Kay review HERE


Oh, and congrats to New Zealand for winning the Rugby World Cup, the All Blacks were given a tough test in a surprisingly close and thoroughly entertaining final against France to win 8-7 and although I was rooting for the Kiwis, hats off to the French for showing the northern hemisphere can still play well (ahem… I say this as England are current European 6 Nations champs, of course!). Anyway, I’m sure my American readers are wondering what the heck I’m wittering on about… well, the All Blacks really are the equivalent of Brazil in soccer, so not winning a final for 24 years was a long time for arguably one of the most feared teams in the rugby world. Anyone going to New Zealand will realize just how everyone breathes and lives for rugby, it’s their passion, their way of life! & of course there is “the Haka”, not bad for a country outnumbered 20:1 by sheep! 🙂



Ok, now that you’re back I have a massive amount of galleries to get through, so I hope you enjoy these including some from Sarah (below) where I’m starting (including a few that I had completely missed) so I went back in and checked her site… and wow! You must see these films! This is the beauty of galleries, they can remind you, if you’re a member to go check something that looks hot, or, of course, if you were thinking about joining up to a site, they can help persuade you that your intuition about some movies were correct and you wanna see more! So here goes, hope these all help one way or tother!

I have to say the very latest film co starring Sarah alongside Erica Scott… wow! What a dame, I remember raving about her when she did a shoot for Northern a while back and I know she sometimes reads this blog, well, you are looking mighty fine, Erica… as you folk will see below. Paul Rogers was a lucky guy to be tanning these ladies behinds! Click images below for the special free galleries!


 “Reading, Writing, and Rulers” – Sarah fails a test and gets into a loud argument with the teacher, Miss Scott. Principal Rodgers hears the commotion and has to come in and spank her for the bad grades, then he shows Miss Scott the way to deal with naughty ladies by giving her a spanking too! Check out the scnes of the use of ruler and cane across their gorgeous bare behinds! Sarah and Erica look epic in this film! Wowser!

As I’m raving about Sarah for a bit, feast your eyes on some classic galleries including one (I won’t say which) which I had totally missed in her member area so I went in and downloaded the film, thank God for these reminders, they are a gift… enjoy these free images, click on any of the 6 images (below) and they will take you to the various special galleries, they’re all different.





Here’s a little treat and one which will pleasantly surprise you, once again, the power of galleries made me search out my hidden stash of Sound Punishment films on an external hard drive to try and locate some of these, I found my films of Kami – I have several of her and they were filmed a few years back and she looks awesome… as well as a stunning East Euro beauty that Agean procured, Natalie… and there is of course a few films (not many) but they’re original… of Jasmine! Check out each image below, they lead to a seperate gallery , and well worth a peruse!





Check out the Free preview pages HERE that show generous clips of these girls and more!


Finally today a nice selection of some recent films and a couple of older ones I just downloaded this afternoon, so it was helpful to find the galleries to help show what is going on… all these are taken from the excellent SpankingSarah.com




As you’ll have noticed these beautiful images come courtesy of SpankingSarah.com – although Sarah doesn’t get spanked on film that much anymore, maybe she is feeling that she shouldn’t, even though she is still in her 30’s and all woman… but what Sarah does do is some fantastic domming scenes alongside some great looking girls and Mr Stern, of course – all very pleasing on the eye! Fans of Sarah can find all her naughty and spank related films in the vast archives of this site so it offers pretty much everything you’d want from a British spanking site! Check out her equally extensive free movie previews which show the quality of the films you can expect too download – Click HERE


Hope you all had a great weekend, oh and to the people of Libya… (of course no one from Libya reads this blog, lol) but may you find real lasting democracy, I really hope you do! Much love and spanko happiness… Chief. xx

When Grannies Attack! & Other Spanking News

Time for a light hearted look at what’s out there alongside some stunning images of sweet girls getting some much deserved bare bottom spankings! But what’s this? What am I drivelling on about with the “Grannies” headline? Don’t worry, it’s not “Ceiling Grandma” with her stern gaze and disapproving cluck-clucking as she sees you getting spanked… OMG, imagine that!

Nope! This is the basis for my first update today and it comes from the somewhat tortured soul of Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform.com who I reckon must have some sort of ongoing issues with GiLFs and Grannies terrorising his neighborhood, and if there’s a police officer like Caroline Grey in charge of collecting much needed evidence to put these decrepid scumbags away… then don’t for goodness sake lose the evidence on the way back to the Police Station as she did!







For the past six months the city has been terrorised by a ruthless gang of Grannies. These pensioners had become a real menace and they had to be stopped. The cookie incident was the last straw! Finally some crucial evidence was discovered and PC Grey was ordered to take it to the station immediately but she stopped off for a burger and the evidence was stolen. Chief Johnson gave her a long hard spanking over his knee and 12 hard strokes of the cane on her bare bottom.

Beware, the gang of Grannies are still at large but you can see MORE discipline spankings HERE


Now the next movie update (it’s out in full and is as good as these images will show you) is all about “Spanking the Seniors”… now someone has to do it (it’s a tough job) so step up principal Paul Rogers with the ardous task of spanking not just Sarah Gregory, but her fellow high school miscreants, Kat & Carissa… who I reckon are just PERFECT complimenting Sarah in this movie, just check out the hard job Mr Rogers had below…

Sarah, Carissa, and Kat are seniors and had decided to skip school together. Well, apparently their teacher had a very special punishment in store for all the seniors that skipped school. Not only were these girls breaking the rules, but the were drinking on top of that! After bare bottom spankings over their white knickers and bare bottoms in front of each other including a rather nasty hard wooden paddle punishment, you will see the results of 3 very sorry schoolgirls red bottoms!





You can see MORE Previews of this excellent multi girl punishment HERE


I thought I’d once again delve into my archives of Spankedcallgirls.com and check out some very naughty spankings by Clare of her new girls at the time who had come to work at her brothel! Of course, Clare *must* inspect the goods and see the new merchandise and if she’s able to whore out blonde Kylee Reece and her brunette buddy Claire Dames who both get a nasty shock as Clare of course insists on seeing if they can take a spanking as she knows these girls will misbehave… so best get this outta the way early! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing these set of movies again, and of course there’s a whole load of decent images that accompany these films as you’ll see below which pretty much represents what happens… including a great OTK spanking of blonde Kylee followed by Claire’s turn… including a butt plug… oh my gosh! I wanted “wood”… I got it!

The actual video inside for members plays perfectly (I sometimes have issues converting files if I use Flash, so don’t let that put you off – Clare is far too professional to have videos out of sync) Incidentally if anyone knows how to correct Real Media format to Flash or using a new app/plugins for WordPress, then please do let me know. Anyway, the images below should also let you know the full story!




Now if you thought seeing the innocent looking Kylee getting spanked was worth looking at…. Clare wanted one of the girls to take anal for one of her clients… and her brunette friend Claire Dames was chosen… “Momma Clare” had a novel way of seeing if she could take this top paying sexual act by inserting a big fat butt plug up her ass and giving her an OTK spanking too… I’ll let you discover MORE of this amazing double punishment of these girls HERE but I think the 2 images below says it all!


The full movies and further punishments of these 2 hot hooker babes can be seen HERE


Finally as I had featured a 1st spanking for the girls above, I noticed that there is a brand new audition movie (which I have just downloaded and it’s very hot!) It’s of a glamour model in the UK getting her very first online spanking! This stunning beauty didn’t quite know what to expect but she took a far harder spanking than it looked possible as many of these girls will never just do anything like this without having a little interest in our kinky subject… so please welcome Elle at English-Spankers.com



This is what Rem, the lucky spanker… had to say about Elle’s debut:
Our latest spanking audition features glamour model Elle, this is to be her very first spanking and something totally new for her. After a revealing chat about her we soon got down to the spanking, starting with her over the knee. She has a very spankable and firm bottom and as this was her first spanking it soon started to turn red. There were some protests but, well we had got her this far so we carried on and she ended up taking a real good over the knee and standing spanking.


That’s an “Elle” of a girl… *groan* (sorry about that!) Have a good ‘un and don’t go too far, I’m planning a big Friday Update with lots of spanking sites reviewed for the coming weekend!
Regards, Chief.

Sarah Gregory Updates

Hi all, since I was so impressed with seeing some of Sarah’s work up close and personal… I have had a new appreciation for her movies when she switches! Boy.. is she mean! I know that from the fact that she did a switching film during our session earlier in the week and Sarah was a changed person… I almost (I say “almost”) felt sorry for Donna who was the victim dressed as a rather tarty French maid… I’ve got some more images from our shoot with Sarah which members will of course be able to view over the coming months but to start with, why not check out what this talented minx has been up to at her very own site? SarahGregorySpanking.com

Let’s start with the way she punished a rival model, Whitney… just check out Whitney’s sore bruised red bottom in the images below! This kind of related to me as at my Shoot we discussed her time with Clare, which sounded a blast, as I knew it would… (oh, Clare, if you’re perving and reading this… Sarah says “Hi!” and I passed on your message to her). So this is how Sarah got to get one over on her rival! Yikes!

Taken from the film “Bad Model” : Sarah was not to happy to hear that her roommate Whitney was trying to steal a spanking shoot with Clare Fonda behind her back. She spanked her roomie hard to show her just what kind of a shoot she was getting herself into. Whitney was not a happy camper after the spanking Sarah had dished out and backed off with a very sore aching red bottom!

Of course, if you like to see Miss Gregory and friends get a good thrashing then this recent production release with Sarah’s real life “daddy” Paul Rogers & the hot tempting curvy Floridian actress, Galas, should tick all those spanking boxes… it sure did for me!

Here is the story behind the film “Burn Sinners burn!” : Sarah’s dad is a preacher and he is out of town on a business trip. Her friend, Galas, comes over to take her to a night club. Sarah knows that it is against the rules, but since dad is gone for the night, who will know? At least that is what she thought. Let’s just say it was surprises all around when daddy came home early to find his daughter dressed as a slut on her way out the door… and let’s just say that both girls get a good angry preacherman’s ranting with some old fashioned OTK spanking of these jezebels!

Much more on these movies and the very latest naughty free previews can be seen HERE


As promised, I have gone through my stills camera, these were images we took of actual films so you can be sure to see the full image sets, the HD video screens and the movies all coming to your friendly Triple A Spanking establishment very soon! So here is a brief selection of the images with a short “behind the scenes” description of what went on! Enjoy!

So… the above images represent some of what went on during our filmshoot with Sarah, I don’t have any particular faves as we were really pleased with some of the stuff we shot. I liked the 11th image of Sarah spanked in & out of her wet panties in front of a full length mirror. I filmed this and we used the natural light coming in through a stained glass window, Sarah hadn’t been spanked like this before which made it more special! The final image was after she took a hard caning after Donna demonstrated what some poor English girls might go through! Otherwise, there are the lovable, naughty dropseats and jim-jam punishments that I adore, the schoolgirl scenarios (yes always the schoolgirls), one of which was hilarious as Sarah could mimic a rather plummy upper class British accent, we get her to speak the “Queen’s English” (eventually) and bent over for a good old fashioned English slippering!
“I say! What Ho! Old chap!” 😀

We even did one with me and Sarah bickering as she played a tantrum ridden Diva trashing our beloved filmshoot with her pathetic demands (all rather too well…) oh and Sarah was awesome when she switched, poor Donna got a right earful and a surprisingly hard spanking which I hope will come across in the final edited film (whenever that will be!) there’s more, but I thought you’d like to see some of what we get up to!

All these films will compliment our other updates as we have been busy filming lots of other stuff too, so of course those who purchase our (rather cheap) 3 and 6 month memberships will be able to view all this forthcoming content as well as our growing archives and regular new HD spanking movies! But if you take out the monthly deals, you will see that those who stay are rewarded with lower rebills, I think that’s only fair, eh? & luckily we are seeing more people choose to stay, which I think is a good sign and that we must be doing something right, eh?

Check out the special membership sign ups HERE – it ain’t too bad!

Or check out the full site tour with over 30 movie previews & see for yourself!

Thursdays means lots of SPANKINGS!

Hiya… it’s a mega update time today! Some you’ll have seen, some you may not have, enjoy this round up of what I’ve been watching away from my site and I hope you like what I have for you, this is excellent stuff! So I promise no waffle, just great spanking updates! Go for it!
Regards, Chief.

From FirmHandSpanking.com – Alisha Strauss gets a whacking for making money showing off her magnificent teen breasts on the webcam of the principal’s laptop!!!

Showing her impressive 36C boobs on a webcam at Reform School is a big mistake for Alisha Strauss. “I need to earn money,” is her only excuse. Principal Eric Strickman bends her over his desk for over 50 licks with a leather paddle. Watch her reaction to the first swat in the special exclusive free play clip below! She really feels this one and just looks so damned cute with her perky breasts hanging out and wearing those bookworm glasses! Oh my!!!

The other equally alluring “new” girl at “Firm Hand” is Kayla Apple who takes yet another caning!!! (see below)

You can see much MORE of newbies Kayla & Alisha HERE


From Spanked-in-Uniform.com – Amazing new Army & Schoolgirl spanking videos!

A group of cadets were taken to the rifle range to learn how to shoot the M-16’s including how to dismantle and clean them. Cadets Angel and Amy decided to sneak away and have a drink but they were soon caught. Both were taken to the end of the rifle range and their officer gave them both a sound bare bottom caning out in the open whilst the other cadets watched. Then they were told to report to his office at 1300 hours and they both were laid over his desk and their caned bottoms got a hard nasty paddling for their ill discipline!

Uniforms should ALWAYS include schoolgirls so seeing Pandora Blake & Amelia Jane Rutherford in a school uniform? Together?? Hell… why not? 🙂 Check out their last film shown at this site which I have to say is one of this site’s best! (as you’ll see)

Schoolgirls Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake had been given detention to the end of term every Wednesday afternoon until they gave the Headmaster the names of the other 2 girls involved in their online magazine which was strictly forbidden. This was the fourth detention and both girls had to write punishment lines and were both given a sound paddling. When Amelia threw a tantrum, she was soundly tawsed on her bare bottom then Pandora was given the same when she had comforted Amelia while the Headmaster stepped out for a minute. It’s a great film that both girls helped bring up the storyline and they really looked the part!

MORE Uniform Specialist Punishments can be viewed HERE


I mentioned yesterday that Sarah will be appearing soon at my our own site, well, of course you don’t ever have to wait as Sarah’s own site HERE has a ton of great spanking stories and films like one of her most recent below called “Dorm Mom” and Sarah has every right to look as terrified as she did, she got a right ol’ whacking in this film!!!

Sarah attends a very prestigious ballet school. One night she decides to stay out all night and break curfew. Miss Stephanie Locke, the fearsome “Dorm Mother”, is not too happy when Sarah comes sneaking in at an early morning hour. She is waiting for this defiant young lady with a wooden spoon and hair brush in hand! See some images below which help better explain what happens to naughty Sarah!


A couple of outstanding long running movie updates I’ve never featured before, the 1st is called the Institution from their infamous “Celtic Correction series” and just look at the cast including Amy Hunter, Andi Switch and Nicole Reina who was the new girl introduced to this forbidding place and quickly had to learn and adapt otherwise she’d be facing the next 2 years with a regulation diet of pants down and a sore bottom to contend with!

Nicole Reina has been sentenced by a court to attend a specialist discipline Institution for wayward girls following her conviction for arson. Terrified and scared, Nicole has no idea what awaits her when she arrives at the Institution, in the middle of barren wastelands. The warden, Mr Black and the housekeeper Mrs Brighouse are bad enough, but the other residents are even more terrifying. Nicole will have to watch her back if she is to survive her 2 year sentence…

Of course this site has a vast archive and there’s an option to view the models previous works so I decided to check out Caroline Grey (being a long time admirer of her stuff on t’interwebs) and came across this wonderful piece of work, some images and storyline behind it are below! I know some models read this blog but if Caroline is reading this, I’d love to invite you to work with us sometime, you would be a most welcome addition to our increasing portfolio of films and girls! (Hmm, guess I should ask Paul when I see him). Anyway, please take a look below at this interesting movie, I love the location change and the fact she is caught reading Niki Flynn’s book “Dances with Werewolves”.

Caroline is discovered with her nose in a book, which in itseld is very unusual. Not as unusual as the book itself however, which is the brilliant Dances With Werewolves by our very own Niki Flynn! It is a truly excellent account of her kinky experiences (but most inapropriate for young Caroline of course!)

You can of course see all the very latest updates from NorthernSpanking HERE

You say Pajamas & I say “Pyjamas”…

PJ’s – jim-jams or jimmie-jammies… I never quite know which way to spell the actual word or present it on this site (since 70% of my readership is American I hope you guys appreciate that I am trying to accommodate you all where possible since spelling “color” or “labor” is odd to me (instead of my preferred “olde english” way of colour or labour)… now, I seem to recall that many American websites spell this word as  “pajamas” and over here in England we usually spell it as “pyjamas” (I think, am I confused? Yup!). So whatever way (maybe both are correct) I decided to call our latest movie – which has just been released at AAAspanking.com as “Pajamarama Jamboree” in celebration of this visual PJ feast and the fact that we used Dropseat “jammies” for the 1st time (which were great!). Yes, a nonsense title but full of PJ related jinx including a stern new Top who some of you will know as Mr Paul Down (a PJ enthusiast!)… so who better to have slipper and punish the girls (and he’s a leftie… not politically, like some darned commie pinko – yes, I’m joking before you humorless socialists write in… & yes, that was another jape again for goodness sake!) He’s naturally left handed which helped when we did a movie together punishing the girls with canes at the same time… but that’s another film and for another day!

Click on the image below – it leads to a special extended preview as well as the massive free tour pages!

A Special schoolgirl pajama punishment with 3 naughty girls who should be in their dorms but instead were ransacking the House Master’s office whilst he was away. The girls had found the keys to his liquor cupboard & his desk where he had stashed away spanking magazines & his implements like the slipper & hairbrush he had often used on many a naughty girl! However, he had returned early & the tipsy girls were punished on the spot in front of each other without mercy as he lowered the dropseats of their pajamas for a bare bottom spanking, slippering & a nasty scene of heavy hairbrushing at the end on their bared bottoms for their insolence! An additional punishment for Sara was given for not wearing the regulation dropseats in favor of her own satin nightwear! Mr Down was far from impressed as you will discover in this special pajamarama jamboree celebration. One not to miss for those that love to see very naughty girls punished in their PJ’s!

No doubt you’ll want to see some images taken from the movie, I have some additional images that I took but will save those for another time… check out the storyline in images and check out Sara’s facial reactions which I’ve saved ’til last, these are actual screen images and are superb! That coupled with the Dropseat PJ’s used makes this a proper visual treat, I hope those who are members will appreciate this one as it’s out now!

The girls are larking about, drinking Mr Down’s booze & reading his hidden spanking mags when he returns early to discover this outrage in his own Office! Below scenes are the spanking, slippering & hairbrush punishments they got for daring to disrespect his privacy in this way!

& as promised some superb facial cam shots of Sara as she winces in real pain!

If seeing schoolgirls thrashed in their PJ’s is your thing, you’ll be happy to know that there are a whole series of films covering this subject at AAAspanking – I hope you enjoyed viewing this as much as we did making the film! & don’t forget that we have held down the pricing for this site even though one whole movie is uploaded at least once a week (without fail) & with a glut of updates and more… longer term memberships have proved very popular, especially the low priced 3 month non recurring option but I see there are those that now enjoy the lower recurring price too… (Actual pricing is HERE) so a big thank you to those that continue to support us, as without you, we can not make any new films!

Inside info: Our next film shoot is with Sarah Gregory (her site is HERE if you didn’t already know! If you have any requests (I WILL get her in dropseats PJ’s by the way) but we are going to ensure she receives a very British welcome and there’s a nasty cold old school room & Dunce’s Hat waiting for her (oh my!) … but please leave suggestions, you never know, a fantasy to see Sarah punished the way you’d like could come true!

Latest Spankings & Previews

I have a treat for you today as I take a quick spanking tour around and there’s some great stuff just released, some fabulous new films and HD movies as well as a special sneak preview at what is coming up next week!

For those who can’t get enough of seeing Kami Robertson spanked caned and humiliated, then you may already be aware that there is a new movie of her featuring at AAAspanking.com where she is caned hard in the shower room at her school! I love the storyline of this, where ol’ Mr Osborne really loses it with her after she accuses him of being a perv so he decides to act like one and then see if that’s to her liking… it most certainly isn’t and he ensures that her full round bottom is caned hard, as she shivers naked, exposed and throughly humiliated by her ordeal… as he decides he wants to see her shower too! members can now see the full parts of this movie and I know that the super-duper HD version in MP4 format is out next week. Check this preview clip which shows a small part of what members are viewing in the latest update today!

This version is great but you can also download the MP4 version of what will be available HERE

I also have news about next week’s movie which comes out after the weekend. I’m quite proud of this little movie between myself and Leia-Ann Woods (looking incredibly cute, I might add, in her pink Gingham school dress). This movie actually does justice to the severity of the overall punishment as Leia took a very hard spanking and a great OTK paddling before I really let rip with the hairbrush! Seriously, until you see it in full, I’ll let you decide then, but it really was one of our hardest punishments filmed and Leia’s red bottom at the end was testament to that! Anyway, enough said, below are a few teaser images of what’s coming VERY SOON! (Oh… and they were very cute knickers Leia, if you’re reading this!) *wink*

I’ll let you all know a little more on this Monday… but it’s one movie (ha! like so many) that you shouldn’t miss!!!


Checking out the latest spanking updates from japan, and the first below from CutieSpankee.com has one of my favorite uniforms, Suki is wearing her pristine schoolgirl Sailor Suit, seriously there is something about Japanese girls who can only pull this off, personally I’m not keen on seeing Western girls in these outfits… it just doesn’t look right… but hey, that’s my personal preference, luckily for me… and I hope you too, you will be able to appreciate why I love seeing these girls punished in them in their native country. & what a punishment this is, she arrives home to find the cane waiting for her, fixed to the wall, and her slow deliberate removal of her regulation knickers and the ferocious caning leaving some very noticeable welts! It’s one of their best movies in ages! Check out he preview clip and the images of this latest update, “Cane in my Room”.

Check out MORE from the extensive tour pages for all the very latest Japanese Spankings


There’s a nice new movie just released at MarkedButts.com which has a new girl to the spanking scene called Vivica (strange but memorable name) getting her first ever spanking – she’s a young beautiful friend of Kat St James who is one of those typical up and coming models who has been making very bad life choices just to make some extra money. She had recently resorted to porn, which she was very ashamed of. Kyle ran into her at one of Kat’s shoots, and after telling her what his discipline accountability sessions were all about, she asked if she could come by to try one. After a long talk about her decisions, Vivica went over Kyle’s knee for a very hard bare bottom spanking which left her sobbing and making her reflect on her shameful choices she had recently made! She’s cute as you’ll see below and of course she gets the trademark Kyle hand spanking and hug at the end!


Marked Butts Amateur Spanking Website


In Holland, things aren’t getting any better for Donna, courtesy of Spanked-in-Uniform.com who has once again been caught out snacking and for a girl like her who is training to be a ballerina… this is disastrous… has she not seen the movie “Black Swan” ?? This snacker is going to find that her coach has been eyeing up her telltale wobbling bottom and he’s got further plans for it as you’ll see!

When Donna was doing her Ballet exercises, the coach noticed that her bottom wobbled just a little too much. He asked her to come into his office and she was weighed. She had put on a few pounds due to her continual snacking. Obviously the spanking wasn’t enough from before so she had to lay over his desk and she got a long, hard leather paddling instead! After the paddling she was marched back and she had to jog to the far wall and back and she was bent over and paddled after every run to burn off those excess calories!


Awww, I loved this next update I’m about to show you, obviously taken in homage to “I dream of Jeannie” the once popular sit com series from the late 60’s I remember watching as a kid… well, here’s a great take on the series with Paul… Sarah’s tormentor at SarahGregorySpanking – having a break from tanning her behind and they decided to call their little film ” I dream of spanking!” (indeed!!!)

Basically, Paul is cleaning his glass lamp when a Jeannie comes out. (I know I try to write in the US style of spelling where possible since over 70% of my readership are from North America… but, gah! Jeannie? Can’t you guys spell anything correctly? * heh heh * & for my English readership… “Genie” – anyway, I digress!) He is granted 3 wishes. His wishes are to spank a Jeannie on her clothing and on her bare bottom. She is not too happy about this, but she must submit to her master. He decides to save his 3rd wish until later as he is nice enough to give his Jeannie a rest before she gets more! See some images below and you’ll see they actually spent a little time working this one out! Nice!!!

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Beautiful Girls Spanked & Punished

Hi everyone, I have been away a couple of days so have mercifully given you a break from the LOL cats, the informative spanking updates and my poor sense of humor, but sadly these things never last, eh? … So I’m back, even though I have a splitting headache today for some reason, I think it’s the excessive caffeine I require in my copious cups of coffee that I need to just get up in the mornings! I am typing quietly and have just had to reach for the Paracetamol as I had just edited and cut a great paddling scene of my first update from the Corporal Air series of gorgeous Kat St James at FirmHandSpanking.com – I’m aware that this series has been out awhile but I’ve placed her last 2 appearances together with a great short clip of her bottom whacked with that huge wooden paddle! I’ve had to turn the volume down… “shhhh!”

This paddling, receiving 12 hard swats followed Kat’s strapping on the Pool Table!

Images below are taken from the Corporal Air series where Kat is punished for stealing food and beverages on the flight! Kat can take quite a sound punishment as you all know so this was carefully thought out by Eric to ensure that her bottom stung like hell, first strapping her, spanking her hard then once her bottom was burning, the paddle was applied and by the end she had no choice but to hold her sore cheeks and rub them hoping the burning shame would disappear quickly! (it didn’t, fortunately)

You can see many more of Kat’s films HERE at Firmhandspanking.com


Sticking with the lovely Miss St James, I thought I’d feature a recent new film uploaded in full and in a better quality from the amateur specialist site, MarkedButts.com which covered a good hard F/F domestic discipline scene where she is spanked by her sister for stealing from Lily’s purse and is punished just like Mom & Dad would do, with the hairbrush and leather strap! A nice nasty twist!

The below freeplay clip is a lower quality version of what members can see!

Of course, Kat features quite a lot at this site – You can see MORE of her films with Lily and also across the lap of her real life boyfriend Kyle HERE at MarkedButts.com


Clare Fonda continues to grab some attention seeking girls, and as has been reported by me and others… one of her recent additions was the gorgeous former Penthouse Pet of some note… the simply uber delicious Veronica Ricci who makes me want to up sticks and move out to L.A. to stalk this beauty … NOW! 🙂 I have some amazing galleries below taken from Clare’s site SpankedSweeties that describe more about her latest additions including blonde bombshell Ash Hollywood, another stunner who has an ass to die for and I have no qualms in issuing the TROUSER AROUSAL Alert for these girls below, be careful… you have been warned, click on the images below for the girls galleries!

Remember that this site concentrates on the girls upbringing, real life events, interviews, and re enacts their stories & fantasies as well as showcasing such fantastic new beauties to the spanking scene as these 2 beauties featured above!

& in case you’ve been living on Mars then the links below also highlight some other recent new additions that started here at this site!

Lynn LeonaAlexis GraceMary Jane

Spanked sweeties is part of Clare Fonda’s Multi Site Pass


My next update is a special feature of another relative newcomer to the spanking scene in the USA and comes courtesy of Sarah Gregory’s great site HERE. Do you remember Emma Harper? (pictured left) Here’s a brief reminder of this pajama bedtime  film that I really liked:

Both girls were over at Sarah’s for a sleepover but they kept on disturbing Sarah’s dad with their noisy antics until on the 3rd time he had enough… spanking his naughty daughter in front of Emma then spanking her before having BOTH girls side by side, shamefully thrashed together! It was a really hot movie (some extra scenes below… so it was really great to see at Sarah’s site there’s a NEW movie featuring Emma completely in the buff spanked by Sarah… AWESOME!

So as I said, there’s a new film (out in full) which has Sarah spanking Emma and once again, the sight of Emma’s very red bum is worth the site membership fee alone as a bonus to the equally gorgeous Sarah, who of course, is the main star of this site (naturally!)

What should girlfriend Sarah do with a naughty flirt like Emma who had ruined their night out? Emma looks very sorry but it’s a little too late for that as Sarah has other plans for Emma… “if she wants to play with fire, then fine…” what you’ll see is Sarah get her girl over her knee for some warm up punishment spanking before Sarah can’t wait to gently pull down Emma’s panties revealing her already red throbbing bottom as she continues to tan this naughty missie’s tushy! Sarah by now is turned on at the sight of Emma’s “red distressed cheeks” and orders Emma to completely strip off as she feels her girl wriggle once again in the buff over over lap before deciding to strap Emma on the sofa, knees parted, legs apart… her bottom stuck high in the air leaving Sarah in no doubt as to the wonderful sight of Emma’s exposed privates and rosy red cheeks of shame! See for yourself the very trim Emma’s punishment and sarah looking fantastic as the pissed off girlfriend in her little black dress. This is a great film and comes with a whole load of images of which the ones below are a tiny part! Enjoy!!

You can see MORE of this great film and all of Sarah’s other naughty spanking episodes HERE


Hope you enjoyed this update and don’t go too far as I have news of a NEW Exclusive Kami Robertson film coming very soon to my own little site…. all I will say is that she is caned totally naked for calling me a pervert! (How dare she tell such fibs!)