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Server Upgrade finally complete

Sorry about my absence on here, I couldn’t post anything and the damned transfer of data took longer than expected but I have just got news from the Hosts that it’s all OK (despite this poor blog having a 403 Forbidden error best part of a day… did you think the blog had gone? sheesh! I did!!!)

So, where do I start? I am MASSIVELY behind on everything, I couldn’t update my own site – and am doing so right now (yes, girls… I am multi tasking!!!) This is just a brief post, and I just wanted to let you know… “I’m back.”

I also saw in my mail that there were a few comments received… as the transfer was started on March 30th (I just got news I can update now, so that’s a LONG time!) I will try to find the comments and reply if poss! Those comments are now dust in the wind on t’interwebz… innit?


Check out the new update from

What I love about this site, apart from the uber gorgeous girls of Japan is that even their regulation school gym knickers tightly spread across this amazing girl’s ass is a total picture of erotic imagery!!! See what I mean below… I’m gobsmacked, CutieSpankee do it again with some stunning photography (there’s more of this for members of course!)

OMG! I am in lust!!! Those red knickers are like a rag to a bull… or a raging “Chief”… More stunning imagery & Japanese stunning, erotic and schoolgirl punishment spankings can be found HERE


Sorry it’s a short update, but I will be back later this weekend! have a good one. Chief


  1. Chief, agree totally with your opinion on this site. Cutie is a fantastic website for fans of hot spanked ladies and who are looking for something a bit different from the normal. Don’t know what it is but there’s just something about submissive Japanese women that hits the sweet spot. Excellent pix!!

  2. Indeed, I’m not even bothered that I get to see a little more of what is going on between their legs (as I am an old perv). the girls are stunning along with the imagery!!! This is just a very erotic F/F spanking site that actually contains some surprisingly hard paddlings, something the Japanese do very well!

    I also added your new site… why not join my aff program at AAAspanking ?? 🙂

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