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Japanese Spankings

I’m on a little roll and “yen” for all things japanese this weekend! Apologies if this isn’t your thing, I promise to get something more western later but for now… get off on my double update here and at TEEN-SPANKINGS – (I have just made an update at my other blog).  I am seriously hooked on seeing cutsie little Japanese girls getting thrashed, and to be honest, who isn’t? I’ve personally purchased several memberships in the past and most recently from CutieSpankee… and the reason is described below (as well as costing just approx $20!)

The way they wear their delicious school uniforms, the utter compliance when told to remove their clothing, whether these girls have been naughty at school, at home or even in the workplace, it’s a pleasure to watch the movies and please check out some HOT images from this fascinating website that is growing and easily the Number One Japanese cute girl spanking site on t’internet!







These gorgeous images of the girls and their punishments are part of complimentary photo sets to the movies and if you check out the Home Page HERE you’ll find a great sample movie clip of the very latest update with some great snivelling girlie wrecks that I haven’t covered here as they bend over for their bare bottom punishment! No girl cries or sobs as beautifully as a Japanese girl and that is the attraction of a site like this for me! Have a great weekend and check in as I got another monster update planned 😉


P.S. For those who want to get in some storylines (no matter how whacko, I’ll take a look) for my next film shoot, check the post I made HERE for AAAspanking – I want to close this off sometime next week so I can prepare what we’re going to so, thanks! Leave comments there or mail me (in fact you’ve all mailed me pretty much so that is fine!)


  1. I believe all these naughty Japanese beauties, should be caned on their bare bottom’s by a man. For an important part of any corporal punishment is humiliation.

  2. I agree, I’d love to see a strong Japanese guy sort them out or myself doing the honors!

    To any Japanese girls living in the UK that would like to appear on – I would welcome the chance to rectify this IMMEDIATELY!

  3. Yes, Spank Chief. It takes a man to corporal punish a woman, on her bare bottom. Yes, a resounding ‘six or more of the very best strokes of the cane on her naked rear end, would be just perfect.

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