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Spanking Sunday Showstoppers!

I had just finished watching one of the latest films to come from FirmHandSpanking and was really excited as it starred Annabelle Vanderwood… this beauty, alongside the tall, lithe Adrienne Black, are my 2 outstanding newcomers at this site this past year. This fit toned, VERY bratty beauty has something of a younger Michelle Obama about her (only drop dead gorgeous… um, not that Mrs O isn’t… he said digging a hole deeper and deeper… dissing the 1st lady of 70% of his readership!)

“uh oh… those words have flagged up the CIA spanking and terrorist monitors”… as I upload this now, I imagine sirens are screeching, minions are scrabbling and running to desks filled with monitors and tracking devices to monitor my perverted outburst. Oh yes, I imagine that is what is going on right now deep in the underbelly of Langley… I know this is true – because I have seen it in a movie (so it must be!)

See for yourself as Annabelle is thrashed by coach Reed as he’s brought in to instill some discipline when she’s tempted to drink underage, going out clubbing and visiting bars but she is not yet 21 and for her drunkeness and disgraceful behavior, her parents have asked the lifestyle coach to use his powers of persuasion (in this case a rather heavy leather 2 pronged tawse or strap) that Annabelle MUST learn to behave! As usual, he has his work cut out…

This seriously sexy brat gets what is coming to her everytime… don’t miss this movie OUT HERE


Now some of you might know I have really been into seeing Jadie Reece in discipline movies, recently… and although I did hear that she may now be retired when I thought… hmm, I’d love to work with her… but I think she started filming with NorthernSpanking at least 5 years ago, maybe more – as well as appear elsewhere, of course but it’s her work at Northern that I have seen most of her at and in this outside early movie, played alongside the lovely Amy Hunter (they are squabbling sisters) who end up having a catfight over who uses the trampoline until a volatile mix of water… an angry dad, nakedness and spanking mayhem ensue as only it does at Northern Spanking – lol! The below shots are stills only but there was an actual movie (it’s a good one by the way and has Michael Stamp doing what he does best in these situations… tanning insolent rump!)

Be careful though, rummaging through the archives for Jadie and Amy could be considered hazardous… your missus might not see you for weeks! Any attempt at this should be carefully considered first, and it’s made easier with a generouly priced 3 month membership (go check it out!) Only the hardy souls should attempt such dedicated pervery to download their photo sets and films, ably assisted by thoughtful zip files and full file download links… (so it actually wasn’t a hard task at all!!!)

Dare ye get lost in the vast archives of Northern Spanking? Try it out HERE


Back soon… I have an old movie of “Sara Bergman”, (another girl I “MUST” work with again…) & I’ll try to upload and share some behind the scenes stuff with you tomorrow when I locate the movie as I want to upload a clip to my Spanking Tube (I’m able to upload there again after my hosting company upgraded the server!)

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Can you blog from Guantanamo Bay? I hope so, otherwise what will we poor readers do for fun?!

    Actually I am not sure that extraordinary rendition is Obama’s style. I think he would be more likely to invite you to attend a three hour speech on how we should all work together to eliminate sexism. Now if McCain were president and you said this about Meghan I can see a CIA squad rushing to your door pronto.

  2. I’d LOL… but the monitoring stations would hear me doing that! (shhh) ๐Ÿ™‚

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