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Laugh your Ass off!

I was in a real reminiscent mood today, bemoaning the crap that is on TV nowadays like the dreadful talent & reality shows spawned the world over… so I went onto Youtube for a giggle as I remembered growing up with “It’s a Knockout!” or “Jeux sans Frontieres” as they called it in Europe… and the best shows were after all the local national ones when we’d have the big competitions between the nations of Europe every Friday night… and “boy” did they provide a lot of laughs… please, whatever you do, please just waste a couple of minutes looking at the clip below, I PROMISE it will make you laugh out loud… this was one of the infamous games (The Penguins) and poor ol’ Doug from Britain really was making a mess of it. But of course, for me… what always made this show was the laughing from Stuart Hall (he’s still going strong nowadays but as a football commentator… just less laughter!)… he would literally wheeze and cry at the antics… I fail to see how anyone can not laugh with him, it is so addictive… so please… do enjoy this diversion before I bring you the spankings  I have for you today!

It really gets going on 1 min 40 …. “Go on Douggie!!!”

& so to the spankings… I am writing this with a BIG smile on my face, so as I’m in a good mood, let’s see what I was viewing earlier today from some of the UK websites first of all!

What better way to start than a look back at one amazing girl who plays such a tempting schoolie (I should know!) and that is Jasmine Lau, I think the images below of her OTK spanking and slippering do the punishment the justice that it deserves! These are taken from the exclusive recent updates found only from Agean’s excellent site



You can see many fantastic Free Movie previews including Jasmine (above) by CLICKING HERE


Now what you may not realize is that Gawping Cat (cousin of OMG Cat) – yeah… they get around, these kittehs, eh? Anyway, as I was saying… what you may not have known is that this poor cat sat through the entire audition and more of the very slinky Lotty (who I have seen elsewhere but no where near as sexily portrayed as she is at – so credit goes to a bare foot Mr Stern for bringing out the best in this very satisfying visual treat…. and thanks for showing off Lotty as beautifully as I knew she could appear! Well done… and now to find some darning materials for my trouser bumpage region (damned stitching is coming loose in the groin area for some bizarre reason!)

Lotty takes her 1st OTK and Implement Spanking in the buff at Red Stripe Films (below)



Slim teenager Lotty is in for a surprise, she had been spanked before but wanted to see what it felt like to try out various instruments of punishment. We welcome the interest of one so young and in the spirit of encouragement we had Mr. Stern bring along a selection of his finest whips, paddles and spanking tools. Lotty stood up to the application of the various instruments quite bravely, we are not sure if she will indulge her fantasy for being punished any further but you can see her great film exclusive to this site.

See Lotty being punished in a FREE Movie Preview HERE


Next up is gorgeous newcomer, Elle… who has the most amazing curves in all the right places, a beautiful smile and of course, a butt that cries out for us spankos to feast upon… I’ll let the images below do their magic… but this is one lady that deserves more attention!!!



An audition for English Spankers can be a very painful affair as Elle is finding out. After agreeing to be spanked for the first time she now has to decide, will she take the leather paddle. She agrees and bends over for the first hard strokes on her bottom. She did not realise just how painful it can be as you will see from her reactions but she did take all the strokes we had planed for her, was her bottom red and marked? See for yourself in our free film on the web site

More previews of beautiful glamour model Elle available HERE


& finally today… in the spirit of cross European “Jeux sans Frontieres” mirth and co-operation… our friends from The Netherlands (I can’t remember if the teams with the NL plates did well as we were always laughing at our own hapless representatives) have a brand new Airline Stewardess movie update from the Europe Airlines section at

Now I love this section so seeing it updated again and this time with Pandora Blake & Amelia Jane Rutherford… well, it couldn’t go wrong… and didn’t! Enjoy this uniform spanking special… I most certainly did!

On the flight to Athens stewardesses Amelia and Pandora decided to try out some new fake eyelashes in the toilet. They spent over 25 minutes in there and the passengers started to complain. This reached Mr. Johnson and both girls were soon in his office facing another sore bottom. Mr. Johnson, after scolding them, decided a sound over the knee thrashing with the heavy leather paddle was in order followed by some humiliating cornertime.




Check out MORE of this and all the latest specialist uniform punishments HERE


I hope you enjoyed this uplifting update, I’m gonna be away this weekend so I will get you a few updates on this blog and elsewhere before I go away… take care and hope you had fun reading today’s post 🙂

Regards, Chief.

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  1. Freddy the Spanker Freddy the Spanker

    LOL! Thanks for the memories of the penguins! I remember this so well, my father was so disgusted by the commentator laughing and wheezing hardly able to breathe at the antics of the competitors that it has stuck with me til today! Your right, you cant fail not to laugh along with him. By the way, my father was a real prude and he liked to use a belt on me when I was a bad lad god rest his soul!

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