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Awesome OTK!

On the news that yet another banking scumbag… a  rogue trader called Kweku Obedeli at the Swiss owned City of London’s UBS has brought more shame and disrepute to an already much maligned prefession with his clandestine trading losses of $2Bn… and the thought of the Euro now imploding if bankrupt Greece, a real basket case economy still under threat to default making the news again… it’ll make the past few years financial heartache for a lot of us pale into utter insignificence. If Greece starts the ball rolling and finally goes down the shitter, being forced out of the Euro and reverting to it’s previous currency, the whole EU as it is… is predicted to fall apart! All the major Western countries of Europe … and the world economy will burn, even here in the UK with our austerity measures biting, hated by all of us naturally we are resentful of the way basket case economies elsewhere can further threaten our way of life… one can’t imagine a country’s growth contracting anywhere from 25-50% in a year… but that is what is predicted will happen in Europe if the Euro and the economies based around it are placed in real jeopardy!

F*cking hell, I need cheering up fast, the best way are some selected OTK spankings as that is what I love the most! Let’s all forget about the world’s woes and enjoy what we have come here for! Spankings!

1st up – Selected recent OTK spankings from awesome Japanese site





Hmmm, beautiful Japanese girls getting spanked in a variety of revealing & intimate OTK positions?
CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FREE PREVIEWS! is probably one of my most loved sites as they always feature OTK spankings as standard… and of course the girls are stunning, with an often tearful outcome, like Lily Anna making a welcome return spanked for her many driving offenses like texting, chatting on her cellphone, running red lights and so on… these images are amazing, her ass is on fire!




Don’t miss a free spanking movie preview of Lily Anna’s OTK thrashing  – CLICK HERE

Back at is one of my fave models, gorgeous Kat St James in her ongoing and painful Corporal Air series…. a good hard OTK spanking followed by a leather strapping is her latest punishment, see below! Simply divine!





See MORE of Kat and the other amazing girls featured only at


OK, short and sweet today… I have a feeling there will be much Amber and Clare goodness coming soon… yikes!
Take care all… Chief.

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    Agreed it is much interesting watching spankings of pretty girls ,best ,tim .

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