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Friday Spanking updates continued into the weekend…

Right, as I said in the Friday post, I got caught short, so wanted to continue… and since then you might have seen me come up with a distracting idea about my little “All about the ass” images – if you see any that you like, by all means send me a link or email me at my address in my “about me” section HEREand I’ll post them seperately without links to paysites and such unless it comes from a well known site and I’ll let everyone know where it came from (likewise if it’s from a Tumblr site or whatever, let me know so I can credit the original poster where poss… ’tis only fair! There’s never enough time, and too much ass out there to enjoy, so help me out! *wink*

Oh… in case you are ignoring my crass advertising
“here’s another to rub you up the wrong way!” (lol) before I continue!


OK, I had to leave it with the naughty Sarah Bright yesterday, and another within that network is– which is really Mr Stern’s domain and I love the way he chastises his girls, rather like me, I’ve noticed some frightening similarities so I am bound to praise the guy and have only good things to say… 1st to be featured was the recent full movie now available of Xela Chaste, who I rather have a “spanko crush” for and I , too… amd hoping she will film with us early next year, after seeing her at this site (and one I will feature a little later) I am in no doubt Xela would fit perfectly over my lap *ahem*




Xela has borrowed money from Strapped for cash, a money lending company with very strange ideas on the repayment of the loan and the interest applied. After being spanked and paddled for non payment the supervisor bends her over and canes her bare bottom hard, a no messing straight forward punishment caning.

There is a FREE Clip of Xela’s Punishment shown HERE

& next is something I get off on too, when ladies write in, genuine amateurs, there is a thrill to spank them 1st, as anyone will tell you, I have had a few of these most recently and I know seeing hellen below spanked on film for the 1st time (and she has a hell of a body for her age, I must say!) I love the contrast, I’d never turn down 18 year olds (of course), like Taylor at my site most recently, but I’d also never turn down a curvy or MiLF-tastic real life spanko like Hellen either! See what I mean with this casting that Mr Stern “handles” rather well!




Check out another FREE HD spanking clip of this movie HERE

Don’t forget they also have a Special Xmas deal going so do check out the join pages to see exactly what offer you will get!


This site is independent but they have often collaborated in the past and are also offering some similar deals which makes a visit to all the more worthwhile, especially as it also stars Jasmine in the latest update! See for yourself in this Special Xmas edition! *mmm!*

Gold panties, Jasmine in a Xmas outfit? Was this just a dream???


If you didn’t need reminding, it’s Xmas next week (sigh) however, as I flipped through the archives of I found this appealing Czech trophy wife spanking dated Xmas 2009 which I am sure you will adore too!



Because of her beauty, Natalie is a spoilt trophy wife to this tycoon. He buys her a Jaguar (car) for Christmas, she buys herself lingerie and tries to pass it off as her husband’s present! She soon finds he is made of sterner stuff! She gets a sound spanking but then he takes pity on her and soothes her reddened cheeks with cream before spanking her moistened bottom again… well he is a spanker and it is HIS Christmas present!

& yes… there is a Special Xmas Offer here too so please do go CHECK IT OUT!


To America next and a visit to Sarah Gregory’s great site where she meets her match withthe awesome Tasha Lee (I was hoping these 2 would get together again), check out the images as a sleeping lazy Sarah gets a “Rude awakening” (which incidentally is one of my fave spanking themes as I have done this a few times at my site).




Sarah has promised Tasha, her girlfriend, that she would not speak to her manipulative ex. Tasha finds Sarah’s phone and notices that Sarah has been speaking to her ex. She awakens Sarah with a very hard spanking that will not be forgotten.

& in news JUST OUT! Sarah’s Xmas Movie has just been released and I have got some special EARLY preview pics from the naughty Xmas spanking movie (Ho! Ho! Ho!)





It’s not quite Christmas morning yet and little curious Sarah sneaks downstairs to spy on Santa. She is just so excited for her presents. Santa is very unhappy to see Sarah up this late not only spying on him, but also giving him a sassy attitude. Santa spanks this naughty little girl and then takes away all her presents! Ho! Ho! Ho!

You will of course notice Sarah’s new blonde look which I have to say suits her… looking forward to many more films of her in this look, so can you – at her site


Oh God damn it, now my server is playing up (just sent in a support ticket) so it’s pointless writing anything more… I will try to get back at another time, so until then, if you get to read this… I’ll be back when I can 🙂

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