Mishka’s introductory Spanking

Well, as promised… here it is! The very 1st film we did with naughty girl Mishka who was so horny and couldn’t wait to get spanked, she just wanted to play with herself and show us her brand new wand  (I felt this thing and it was powerful… and this devilish masturbatory instrument had variable settings – I felt pretty inadequate after holding that damned thing, lol).

Anyway, the full film in both WMV and MP4 is now out for members, who have been spoilt this week with 2 new films and a concluding part to the very popular Kami film in her PJ’s. Anyhoo… moving on, Mishka teased and played to the cameras, dipping her fingers into her moistening honeypot, and it wasn’t long before she used that black wand , as it throbbed and vibrated her to a quick and powerful orgasm! Then she wanted spanking after she had recovered from her 1st climax of the day!

Below are some exclusive images not seen anywhere except this blog as I give you a quick behind the scenes look at what happened!


Mishka prepares for her first film of the day, her introduction… after she had rushed out of the bathroom declaring herself freshly shaved below, asking me to help her clip on her white suspender belt to her stockings…all the while she is telling me and the crew how “excited” she is… “yeah, I thought…. someone else below is too!” *cough!*

The first scene was Mishka introducing herself to you all, whilst she (genuinely) explained how turned on she was and had to do something about it… silence from behind the cams as we gawp and watch this not at all shy girl tease, strip and play with herself then bring herself off with that evil big wand thing I had mentioned earlier. The 2nd part of the film is her spanking… and before we continue, it wasn’t brutal, it was her first spanking for a while and also the first of the day… I was hardly going to get out my tawse, canes and straps and beat the crap out of her, was I? Instead, you will NOT be disappointed, as her bottom DOES indeed turn quite red after a sustained hand spanking across my lap… she really did have a dinky perky little butt… and to be honest, in those white stocking anmd suspenders, they actually hindered where I wanted to hit the mark… so for the rest of the day, I filmed her without those and you’ll see Mishka looked as sexy as ever in school uniforms and various outfits we had lined up for her!


So without any more waffle, check out the free gallery taken from the film which has the 2 parts mentioned that members can now download in full as a complete 12 minute intro film. Enjoy!

You can also see a free preview clip available on the Home Page HERE

2 thoughts on “Mishka’s introductory Spanking

  1. Celica Man

    Hello Chief

    Firstly I must congratulate you on another stunning model…Mishka is delightful and wicked with which we all like hey?!

    I’ve been thinking of joining your site but a little concerned that your clips might not be iPad compatible? Only, I never seem to be able to run any of your intro clips, please advise.

    Many thanks and Best wishes

    Celica Man

  2. Spank Chief Post author

    We have about 85% of clips now with MP4 as well as Wmv which I guess you can’t see, though you should still be able to view mp4, if not I think there is a VLC Player app (it is THE most universal multi media player around and I am sure they have a friendly iPad version)

    Failing that, not sure if you have seen this at iTunes but there is a wmv player app which you should be able to download and this will help you view the files I guess?

    Try it and see, but also try to see if it is just streaming or whether you have an option to save the files to your PC then play it, as this si what wmv does best.
    Sorry to sday, but I still have about 85% of people who prefer to use Windows based OS but that is slowly changing with new tablets coming in so we will adapt sooner rather than later.
    I know the front of the site looks sweet on an iPad as I viewed it the other day, didn’t realize that it doesn’t play the clips, will be looking at making the site more iPad friendly sometime this year when I have time 🙂

    check out this link to the wmv app

    hope that helps

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