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2 Film update this week at Triple A Spanking

Today saw the 1st of 2 new films for members this week at! I had a few issues uploading data last week so you lucky folk who are members or possible newbies (check out my very reasonable pricing and NON recurring deals) You have 2 new films to contend with, then I’ll be updating the Kami Robertson film so you can see the conclusion of that mid week (it’s a good ‘un) and at the end, new girl Mishka is introduced in a sort of “wanking and spanking” spectacular that, I admit, is a little different… but we wanted to try out something new and add a little variety. Judging by the feedback I’ve had (bar one extremely abusive mail) the response to Mishka has been really positive! I just watched a full film edit of her in a cheer girl outfit as well… all I can say is “phew!” – it’s also amusing… and of course very naughty too with some great spanking action! I love getting new content out and talking about it, I get a real buzz from it and I hope my enthusiasm really does show and isn’t wasted on you all.

So here’s a behind the scenes look at the new movie which you can see in a special 24 image gallery HERE or click image above – the storyline is there too, so I won’t bother explaining that, I’ll just let you guys in on some goss from behind the cams.

This was part of our long weekend of a spanking shoot and this was made on our final day of filming. We shot some schoolgirl type films in the morning and mid afternoon… until I saw the edit, I was a little concerned as I remember at the time both I and Mr Jackson were talking over each other but it doesn’t show too much and once we got the girls set up… it all went quite smoothly, in fact, the film came out fine in the end although I am always critical, I had wanted the cam guys to focus more on the faces of the girls as I didn’t want to take a set of stills for this film (a mistake as it was a visual treat), we also could have stopped for a cut and moved cams, however, since this shoot I was determined to enforce more directorial control on focussing on a girl’s face and taking far more stills. (Which I got from our last film shoot, for example). This film didn’t have any stills, just the images from the video, and my only criticism is that I didn’t get enough of Kami or Danielle’s facial reactions as both girls are superb and have some of the best reactions in the biz… a minor quibble… but if you see the free clip HERE then you will still get plenty of action and also see the girls changing places throughout and getting thrashed with different implements!

Another thing was that Kami wasn’t feeling that well, she was a little croaky in the morning, but soldiered on and eventually she seemed to shrug off her lethargy and this film was the first she did that day that she got her voice back! Damn, she was starting to answer back too! Deadly alongside Danielle… so we had our work cut out and ensured the girls became quickly more compliant with the aid of our hands and spanking implements on bare bottoms!

It’s a “busy” film but definitely keeps you occupied as we just used everything we could find at close quarters and I liked the touch of getting the girls to open the lockers and not find money or phones… but spanking paraphernalia… which I had them look bemused, until we arrived and explained that they had been set up! A nice twist and it was a continuation of the previous locker film we made with Jenna Jay, Taylor Richardson and Emma Watchful, which, as you may remember, had some very nice accompanying stills, so apologies for not taking time to take some for this film… but the film itself is good and I’m really happy that it is out for members to view. See it all HERE

Hope you all like it!
Right, I’m off to bed, it’s nearly 1 am here. “Night Night!”


  1. tim tim

    John bothgirls get big spanks from the teachers ,bestfrom,tim.

  2. They most certainly do!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. tim tim

    Mishka is a little cutie girlwho needs big spanks for being very naughty,hope we see a lot more of her with other girls spanking each other,bestfrom ,Tim.

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