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Another exciting week of Spankings!

Well, as we prepare for a quick short sharp reminder of how fickle our weather can be with snow expected across some parts of the UK by tomorrow (sheesh… I thought we had left all that behind!) and the fact we are now racing into April and I actually refused to read any news online or newspapers yesterday because of their “Hilarious” gags they always pull on April Fools Day (yaaaaaaaaawn) I have decided to venture back online after briefly posting some images from our latest filmshoot to give you some updates about what other sites and producers are up to at the mo!

But before I go on, I do want to mention something I remember clearly 30 years ago today, for that was the sad day that Britain had got itself into such a position (as similar to today, in fact) where another country perceived our military weakness and lack of fight for some “small rocks” 8,000 miles from our shores… well, how wrong were they? I am of course referring to Argentina’s invasion of the Falkland Islands. & of course there is the inevitable sabre rattling from an equally toothless Argentina today, trying to deflect from their economic woes, just as the Military Junta did all those years ago, the only difference is that thanks to the short but violent conflict, the much feared military regime was deposed and a democracy replaced it, giving millions of Argentines the freedom they had craved for so long. No more “Disappeared” the missing 1,000’s of individuals that dared to criticise the regime but they seem to have forgotten all that, conveniently. Such is the freedom that is afforded with democracy.

The iconic image of the Falklands Conflict – Royal Marines “yomping” in full gear for the final showdown.

Anyway, I won’t waffle on, each has their opinions, I understand their claims, but after what happened 30 years ago I don’t see how we can ever give back the islands without giving those who actually live there, their say. I shall not be flippant as 255 British servicemen and 650 Argentine military personnel lost their lives over the course of those few months…  so I say let them “Brit bash” us if that’s what they want and makes them feel better… being a lad from Plymouth, I remember clearly the impact it had on our city, having the largest naval dockyard in western Europe, my family had many navy and marine personnel who bravely served there (so I’m biased, of course).
This was a unique conflict for Britain, one which brought pride back to the country and if any mealy mouthed leftie thinks I’m some sort of war mongerer then they can think again. This was a decisive short war, it achieved its aims unlike every conflict we have been a part of a coalition in since (Iraq and Afghanistan… cough cough!) and apart from the whinging and sabre rattling nowadays from Argentina.

This was something we did alone, as the world watched and wondered how the hell we pulled it off… what I also remember is that the old Soviet Union at the time was especially interested to see how a member of NATO, going it alone from America reacted to  a threat of its “sovereignty”. If they had doubted the resolve of any member NATO country, then this provided them the answer as it made them realize that if we were prepared to defend some islands so far away in a remarkable task force I will never see or witness again from our country, then defending each other in Europe would be a walk in the park – with or wthout American military support at the time

So good and bad points in brief (if there can ever be any?)

The defeat eventually ousted the unpopular military Junta and democracy was once again given back to the people, it still is today, no more disappearances of political prisoners and torture. For Britain? It gave us immense pride and resolve as a nation that we could do much more than others gave us credit for, it also proved that old adage that going to war is good for votes, if you get it right and win quickly and decisively… something which Tony Blair, a former CND campaigner (who ironically lost his 1st eelction as a young man immediately after the Falklands conflict and saw how this had galvanised voters to back Thatcher after the 74 day military campaign! Years later, he was to use that infamous excuse of leading us back into the Gulf War (part 2) with the WMD stories against Saddam Hussein… but that is another story and one which is a conflict I am neither proud of or wanted us to be involved in.

& after that, if you are still here or have skimmed the above… welcome to my spanking updates! Finally! 🙂


I have 2 of the most recent updates from FirmhandSpanking, 6 cracking images from each and a great intro clip that is both amusing and shows you the promise of what is to come from the 2nd film! If you have made it this far, you deserve some entertainment, see what members are viewing right now!

Scarlett Johansson lookalike Belinda Lawson touches her toes for a 12-stroke caning as things get serious in End of Term. Richard Anderson orders Belinda to bare her spectacular bottom as punishment for disobedience, and she holds position perfectly. Epic slo-mo replays!




See the FREE Preview HERE

Check out the clip I had promised which shows you the promise of a great paddling!
(& I love that one armed bandit slot machine bleeping away!!!)

Valerie Bryant, paddled in real life at high school, faces a wooden paddle for the first time on video in Reform School. “10 swats brought tears to my eyes,” she admits. Frank Reed has her gamble for swats by playing a slot machine. You lose, one whack! Oh, and there’s a seriously great out-take too…




See MORE of  new girls Valerie & Belinda getting a hard paddling and caning for the 1st time HERE


Over to Holland for a couple of really cool “schpaaankings” that Mike has been filming recently, both these featured here are from his new uniform concepts, first is the secretary niche at “Whippingsham Secretarial College” which also stars more new recruits, Cory & Loni.


Cory and Loni learn the hard way that discipline is strict at the Whippingsham College. First they show up 15 seconds late, Cory forgot to put on her stockings and Loni wore unsexy panties. They both went over the knee for a sound spanking which left Cory in tears. Later they showed up late again for the next class and they both learned the importance of punctuality with the aid of the couch, a strap and a slipper.




If you liked that, take a look at “Mike’s 50’s Diner” as Danielle Hunt makes a return and in this film she gets to spank a schoolgirl over her lap before, can you guess (??) Mike makes an early return to find this going on… it is not going to end well for either Danielle or the poor girl she has been thrashing over her knees!



When Mike stepped out quickly to buy some meat, waitress Danielle served a St. Catherine’s girl who came in for lunch. She ordered a cheeseburger and fries but when it was time for her to pay, she claimed she forgot her money at home. Danielle, who knows very well how strict Mike is with the girls, decided to take matters into her own hands. She turned her over her knee and gave her a long sound spanking.  Just as she was about to finish the spanking, MIke walked in and we can all guess what will happen to both girls in part two. Stay tuned!



I’m running out of time after my blurb earlier on the Falklands so I’ll finish with an homage to Amber and Amy, in one of the sexiest films from my archives of (it’s all hot as you should know by now!) but Amber decided in this film to go oriental andht e influence is everywhere, from her wearing a kimono (so sweet) to the decor and Amy is hald asian and so cute, this was made for her! See what I mean from thje images taken from this film (below)




You can get access to all of Amber’s sites at the Trial Option or her amazing value low monthly and special long term offer pricing (& to be honest, you’d need a few months just to download all her fab content anyway!). OK, hope you put up with my earlier diversion, back with more spanking news and only spankings tomorrow 🙂

Goodnight, Chief

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