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Behind the scenes & images at the latest filmshoot

I had a great day filming a brand new girl called Jessica, alongside my best kept secret, Mistress Zoe Page, who gave me a helping hand. I took a back seat more and thought I’d give you guys a rest from my ugly mug and instead leave a lot of the scenes in the more than capable hands of beautiful and strict (as you know) Zoe!

Zoe doesn’t waste any time in getting Jessica over her lap!

I also have a bombshell as Zoe submitted to Jessica! WTF, I hear you say? You see… Jessica is quite the wrestler and although she was incredibly submissive, she actually didn’t take any crap when it came to something outside of spanking! We decided to use this, as Zoe also enjoys a bit of wrestling but Jessica got the upper hand of Zoe (a FIRST anywhere online).

Did she spank Zoe? Hmmm… in the interests of being fair… nope! I don’t think I will have shattered Zoe’s reputation in that respect. Zoe did get her own back on Jessica, though, that is fair to say! I think Zoe would have thrashed the daylights out of Jessica, if she did… (lol) but as it wasn’t a spanking Zoe allowed me to film Jessica winning in a schoolgirl rough and tumble wrestling game (which I am sure you will love as we got some fantastic cam angles) and I can’t wait to see the results of that film.

Behind the scenes on the Girl Guide film (Zoe wants her “spanking badge” !!!)


I have more stills I took from a fair few films we made yesterday, including some cracking scenes of Zoe dyking it up (another 1st, she told me) and of course I got to dress her in various schoolie outfits and as a very naughty girl guide) as you saw above). Pyjamas scenes and scenes of Jessica being VERY naughty, were of course also filmed!


I catch my maid doing anything but cleaning (above)
Zoe & Jessica are rival rival cheer girls & schoolgirls (below)


All in all, you can see what will start to appear very soon at

Zoe also did something she hadn’t done before, starred in some sexy girl/girl films and both she and Jessica certainly made the camera lens steam up a bit… even the hilarious scene of Zoe smothering poor Jessica’s very sore bottom with so much cream we had to stop filming and I gladly assisted in helping to, ahem, remove the excess cream! Pyjamas and pillowfights? Why, of course! It’s Triple A Spanking!!!


I am trying to ensure there is something interesting, fun, different and sensual to keep members wanting more! (I hope!) I get a kick out of producing something I like that I know others will too! Well, I certainly enjoyed spanking Jessica after she had shamelessly pleasured herself, it’s not really a punishment film as such, more a naughty in house domestic scene where I ensure this horny chick has a well maintained red bottom whilst I had foolishly ignored her other “needs” which is why she used her toys.


There were also scenes in the bathtub… (well, why not?) with Jessica looking lovely. I hope you have a good weekend and I’ll be back later with more updates from elsewhere. Chief.


  1. SPF SPF

    Looks great, Chief.

  2. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Not to nag (LOL) but any updates on the proposed volleyball shoot?

  3. AMAZING!!!! Both girls are super hot,I am looking forward to all these updates:)

  4. Sorry IWR, I had in mind to do something with that at the last location (witht eh parquet flooring) but only Mishka turned up and without that costume, I will deffo try something like this though and haven’t forgotten. This shoot location was really just an apartment so I couldn’t get away with it as much!

    Remind me if I prattle on about another shoot as I have a memory like a sieve 🙂

    Oh and thanks to the others for the kind comments, can’t wait to get some of these films out!!!

  5. tim tim

    John this looks good wth the girls ,best from ,tim.

  6. tim tim

    There is plenty of great vids to come ,the new girls here look lovely ,plenty of spanked botties and the lotioning too wow,best ,tim.i mean there are.

  7. Luvvvv these behind-the-scenes pix. would luv to see more of these behinds. I mean, behind-the-spanking….hm. the scenes pix. sorry…..hi. 🙂

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