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New Spanking Film out this week!

I thought I’d get you news of my next film out early rather than on the same day or day after it would come out, as these things can be time consuming and uploading data and preparing it all can be quite tiresome – so the last thing I would then want to do is stay up later and get more images out etc… so while I have time today, this is the very next film coming out on Wednesday evening (UK time) and stars a new girl, Jess, alongside someone I’m sure you all know, Miss Zoe Page… who kindly assisted me in our last film shoot and did a few things she has not normally done (like submit, or lose a wrestling match with Jess, and do some “sexy” girl girl spanking stuff).
She had admitted to me that it was all rather exhilerating… (it was for me too, getting her dressed up in a girl guide costume or cheer girl outfit… oh my!) but if you want to know if she actually got spanked or punished, then… sorry, this is a “no no” as far as Zoe is concerned… when it comes to punishment or discipline and spankings, the girl is a Class A Domme and anyone asking otherwise for now would be disappointed. However, I got to stretch that boundary as far as I could and I think you are all going to be pleasantly surprised over the coming months just how much more versatile Zoe was at our film shoot rather than the sexy but evil Mistress or prison officer we all know and love! 🙂

& what of Jess (or Jessica)? Well, she had never taken such hard spankings before over a day so it was a test for her… you can see signs of her struggling in the very first film but it was only so she could adapt as she hadn’t done a proper OTK scene before (yikes!) and I know that after a few films, when she was being punished, I had to ask her why she was trying to smile rather than grimace as any normal girl might when getting her delicious, soft, bare bottom thrashed… (Jess had an amazing ass, by the way!) & she replied that she thought we were making a “sexy” film… oh, the poor thing, I told her to release her frustrations and let it all out… there was plenty of time for “sexy” spanking stuff (which we filmed a few times later to break up the day) but perhaps it was my direction, so I had to ensure that she knew EXACTLY what was going to happen to her in a film from then on (eg.. “yes, you are a naughty schoolgirl and Pappa is gonna spank you etc…” this is not sexy to you, it’s a punishment… but it will look sexy to us viewing it etc, I told her) I think Jess got it in the end.. so this intro film which members will be able to see later this week captures some of her uncertainty, which I find rather endearing… a classic spanking newbie caught on camera! I just *KNOW* you are gonna love these forthcoming films as much as I did making them!

Images below are the 1st show previews anywhere taken directly from the movie… my way of saying thanks for popping by and visiting the Spanking Blogg – have a good Sunday and “Enjoy!” (I shall be posting other site updates at the teen Discipline & Spanking Blog later after this!)






Best line from this film came from Zoe tugging at Jessica’s thong:
“Slutty girls wear thongs…. hookers wear thongs. Are you a hooker?” 

You can join up now and start downloading the other great films safe in the knowledge this will be out this week! & of course, there are still the amazing long term deals to suit most pockets, we are trying our best to cater to everyone during these harder economic times and of course want to reward those who take out longer term memberships which help support the site to make more films. Our standard memberships now recur at UNDER $20 which is damned good considering there are over 80 full films now…

Oh, and  I just uploaded a bonus gallery for members on top of any normal update schedule (images are larger than the ones I am about to show you) but they back up another F/F film which was released about 6 weeks back.  I don’t think I ever really promoted it much, as I may have been away on holiday at the time, so this gallery might in some way help make non members aware of it.

It’s a good Aunt/Neice and her bad influence friend sort of punishment movie I love making… The film is called “Troublesome Remote” and there is an explanation of what Taylor and Jenna get up to before they are both spanked by a furious Aunty Emma when they bugger up her remote control to the TV! Oops! Click image below for the free gallery:

Check out MORE of these films on the extensive FREE Preview Pages HERE


& for those that only want to download the odd film or 6… then the Clips Store still updates on a regular basis (including some hidden gems not yet released on the main site!) To see more – (if that interests you) click the Store banner below:



  1. tim tim

    John this looks great,pretty girls ,do they spank? best,tim.

  2. tim tim

    righto i have read the notes ,yes Zoe spanks girls that is grand ,it looks very nice indeed ,best,tim.

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