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A Spanky Good Morning to you all! pt1

Why am I in a jolly mood? Have I been laid more than twice in one night? Had much ass to ponder over? Completed a monster update at my own site after working hard all day elsewhere? Well, these and other vital questions I doubt I’ll answer in all turth (lol) but suffice to say, I am in a good mood, it’s probably because I have the entire weekend off and will also get to visit some of my family I haven’t seen for a while, which is always nice… so with my good mood, I extend some generosity and show you some images that I’m playing with from my very latest film starring Zoe Page and Jessica Jensen… I’d like some feedback about these (they are reduced in size but members will get these sort of images in 1400 or 1500 wide pixels, also is that too large or too small nowadays? Any help in making my site better or more geared to what people might want is always appreciated. Also, some of the images are a little arty, others just normal, should I put a mixture together like this collection? These are taken from the latest film.



OK, I also have the latest blurb on the film with a further 24 image gallery (there are 216 images taken from the actual movie for members, as well as the film itself), so if you click on the image below it will take you to that…

Some interesting facts from this movie are that Zoe had never been shown as in any way submissive on film before… so to see her struggle and pinned down by Jessica is worth it alone. I’m not gonna lie to you, Zoe doesn’t get spanked, unfortunately… but to see her submitting was a step I was allowed to take, so thank you to Zoe… and of course you get to see her get her own back on Jessica… You will also see them in school uniform and both girls played the absolute bratty step sisters that just don’t like each other, forced together because of their new parents. Zoe also played the brat a little too well, is there something she is not telling us? She loved this role so much she camped and dyked it up in some more films we made (just wait til you see both these girls in our famous girl guide uniforms…. oh … my … god!) Let me know what you guys think about the experimental images and there is a short clip available on the front of the site showing you just how incredibly bratty these 2 are… enjoy!


I’ll be back later with part 2 of this update featuring all that I have viewed the last 24-48 hours, and I promise you won’t want to miss that! There’s some naughty stuff out there!

Back later! Chief.

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  1. tim tim

    John this looks very good with the 2 girls playing and spanking ,look forward to viewing it soon ,best,tim.

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