London 2012 (oh and other spanking news)

OK, I admit I was completely indifferent to the Olympic Games… after all, any country hosting it nowadays knows that it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg, and thanks to the scuzzy bankers these past few years and the countries in the Eurozone living well beyond their means and lying to the rest of the union about their ability to repay loans… then hosting this with Financial Armageddon round the corner isn’t exactly ideal… but hey, WE’RE BRITISH! We put up with this shit and get on with it! I am so incredibly proud that in a few hours one of the greatest opening ceremonies will herald the start of the 2012 Olympic Games… I hope the legacy that the games leaves behind on London and the rest of our beloved country will be worth it! Go Team GB!

Oh… and here are some spanking updates to entertain you before and after you view the spectacle tonight!


Here’s a great update to keep you all amused from my archives, I have a thing for japanese schoolgirl spankings, and I loved this old classic so much, just check out the reading materials… KANE Magazine – awesome! You can of course view the ONLINE Version nowadays!!!

But imagine sneaking off to the library, reading such illicit materials that got this naughty schoolgirl horny and the girl she spanked earlier spies on her fingering her moist muffin inside her white cotton panties and gives her a spanking AND a caning for being such a wanton spanko slut! & of course… check out those uniforms – oh my!!! I have also included a special (low res) version of this movie too but members will see it in WMV and of course the FULL image gallery (and there’s tons more content just like this!!!)






Check out a special Free full length preview (in a lower spec as it’s for promotional purposes) below:



Part 7 of the Rhiannon Parsons (yes, of course it’s Danielle Hunt!) Detention series continues…





Bringing alcohol into school was stupid and Rhianna Parsons (played by Danielle Hunt) knows it. But she’s not expecting Mr Anderson to find a wine bottle in her desk! Bent over a vault, buttocks bare, she takes a full 12 with the cane. Covering her bottom earns her two extra strokes!

This full series of films with Dani looking great in this school uniform can only be seen at


In other news… coming out tomorrow at Girl Spanks Girl is the long awaited Exclusive Education 7 (or EE7) – sadly the 1st one without Clare Fonda but don’t let that stop you from checking the site out later as there are 2 very capable teaching tops, Ms Snow Mercy and Sarah Gregory as her teaching assitant who dish out punishments to 8 girls in new uniforms in the 1st installment!

You should know the format by now… lots of girls, lots of double spankings and all looking darned hot in those uniforms! I can’t wait to see this and will report more when it is officially released on Saturday!

However, not all ties to the past were severed, the one constant in all the films from series 1 has been “Principal Lana Miller” and she makes a welcome return with some films, so I am told, in her office… and alongside a rather smart looking Kay Richards, who helps dish out more punishment, as thankfully (for me at least) also baring her great tushy for a few beatings herself! Excited? Almost as waiting to watch the Olympic Opening ceremony! LOL!

& yes… that IS Veronica Ricci making an additional appearance in the office over Ms Snow’s knee… so all in all, you and I know damn well, EE7 is going to be a cracker! get your pass and get ready at Girl Spanks Girl

Or you can join up via the Clare Fonda Pass and grab yourself access to 3, 4 or 5 sites (including this one) of your choice at a vastly reduced monthly cost!


Those that just want to download the odd film or 2 will be pleasantly surprised at my own Clips Store as I have just uploaded an early exclusive preview of Mishka’s 3rd Fantasy wheelbarrow spanking installment – you can choose either WMV or MP4 HD formats to view the full films for just $4.99! Just so you know… members at AAA Spanking won’t see this for about 3 weeks yet!!!

Click any image below for the download pages! Enjoy!




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  1. Mikkky

    The Olympics leave me cold! But the pictures of the lovely Danielle getting her superb bottom caned – now that is HOT! If only it was me doing the caning!

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