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Dat Ass

As the Olympics ended in a rather nice pop concert (Spice Girls excepted… please NO MORE!) there are inevitably the many countless images of super fit athletes showing off their medals (and of course for the more pervy of us) many sites showing you hidden underwear or bikini bottom malfunctions as well as a peek at anything “forbidden” in the most holy of holies… well, of course, I’m a wanton spanko perv and love anything to do with jiggling lady bits and tight bottoms… so of course I was disappointed not to see (probably) one of the hottest young hurdling sprinters who didn’t qualify for the Olympics, one Miss Michelle Jenneke from Australia, fortunately she’s just 19 so will have plenty of time to shine and she made a real name for herself at the Barcelona Junior World Championships before the Olympics recently as you’ll see… why is that security guard looking so intently at Miss Jenneke? All will be revealed below.

Michelle Jenneke is an internet sensation with loads of clips of her performing this amazing pre ritual shake down before the race (which she won) See the clip below, one of many and you’ll see why that guard and just about everyone else were amazed at her (sexy) antics… I hope it was intentional. Let’s hope she makes it to Rio 2016!!!



& of course, sprinter Ivet Lalova of Bulgaria DID make it to the Olympics…. seen here in a 60m indoor championships… but we didn’t get to see her like this!


Of course, I will now feel compelled to root out yet MORE volleyball pics, indoor and outdoor at some point! OK, I shall leave you and prepare my 1st spanking update of the week, hope you enjoyed this as much as I did *wink*

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