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Spanking Jelena

Hello, I hope you all had a great weekend, whilst I get my act together and bring a more structured and varied spanking update post later on… please do feast your eyes on this lovely porn model, she is very well known but I came across this photo set from an old site (looks like it’s watermarked 2006!)… she looks fantastic. I know it’s not really much to do with spanking but she is hot as hell and look at her ass, OMG, tell me you wouldn’t want to tan her hide!


Here’s a good excuse… & this would be my fantasy role play… I catch her masturbating (of course I watched it all first, seeing her cum to a glistening, shuddering orgasm) then I make up some excuse as her step dad… to shame and chastise her, whilst she is trying to cover up her apparent shame. Whilst she is still arguing about the fact I came into the bathroom, I remind her that young ladies in my house should do such nonsense in the privacy of their bedrooms and not the main bathroom with the door unlocked!  All the while I have taken her over my knee, I feel the inevitable “Trouser Arousal” as she struggles and I can see her slippery cunt still oozing her excitement as I spank her harder and harder until she really wriggles and struggles – I even manage to hit her sit and sweet spots, some of these are more playful and erotic to me but she is feeling embarrassed and rather contrite which turns me on even more! She finally promises to not do this thing again in my house & in such a public place!

Ah, I can but fantasize a bit more, eh? Check out Jelena Jensen and the photoset that inspired this mini fantasy daydream of mine below #schwiing!  🙂


Jelena-Jensen_02 Jelena-Jensen_03

Jelena-Jensen_04 Jelena-Jensen_07

Jelena-Jensen_08 Jelena-Jensen_09



  1. Tim Tim

    An attractive girl ,best from ,Tim.

  2. Tim Tim

    Cute ,Tim.

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