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Isobel Wren mm mm mmm!

Forgive me whilst I slobber over one of Sarah Gregory’s best spanking updates HERE in quite a while, in fact, an outstanding acquisition of the gorgeous Isobel Wren who performs in these spankings films with Sarah like no other when they both attended a Fetishcon event this year. Sarah brings out the very best of Isobel’s spanking beauty who has got better as time has moved on from when she starred alongside Clare Fonda… well done to Sarah and co for making this ol’ perv in England very happy… the images below try to do some justice to the film… decide for yourselves. Isobel is a breathtaking spankee!

Sarah Gregory is attending Fetish Con 2012 and hears a knock at her door. She opens to find super cutie Isobel Wren who has entered the “win a spanking with Sarah Gregory contest.” Sarah is excited to spank her sexy bottom. Isobel agrees to let Sarah video this spanking for all of you to enjoy. It’s right to business. Isobel goes OTK for a nice warm up followed by a solid hand spanking, then some leather. Then she is ordered to undress for the leather paddle and crop while on all fours. She experiences a combination of pleasure and pain while moaning and squealing. She turns a nice shade of dark red.






What can I say? Isobel looks amazing, as does Sarah who looks super confident spanking her. What a prize as well, getting your bare butt smacked hard by Sarah! This is truly a visual feast for your tired eyes, I hope you haven’t rubbed them in disbelief as I did… they are still aching and bloodshot!

Click here to see MORE of Isobel and Sarah in action

“Watching this spanking is better than Viagra!” Chief – October 2012

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  1. tim tim

    Yes Isabel is a lovely little spankee girl ,best,Tim.

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