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I shall be as quick as I can today as I need to get my stuff together for a small filmshoot I am doing tomorrow, I will let you know how that goes after I finish it, having learnt the lesson not to say anything beforehand in case the girl wasn’t to turn up etc…

So, onto today’s goodies without further ado and I hope you enjoy some of the stuff I have been lucky enough to view this past week!

This latest film from one of featuring a spanko lifestyler, Gianna, with her real life partner and it made me think about my trip to the US in the late summer… why? Just look at those shorts he is wearing, it seemed wherever I went in America, every guy was wearing these length “shorts” and to the eye of an Englishman, it just looked odd… but there you go! Fortunately, I was far more interested in Gianna’s glowing, ever reddening strapped butt as you’ll see below!




In this film “School Trip, stay together class” – Absent minded Gianna lost track of her classmates on a school trip after being warned repeatedly to keep up and pay attention. Thoroughly lost in the woods, Tyler comes to her rescue and brings her home. But her relief is short lived as she has earned a strapping for the trouble she caused.

Watch this full movie and all their new updates in HD only at


One girl I haven’t featured for a while is Alison Miller from who still makes films exclusively for these guys and her jiggling bubble butt is STILL a number one attraction that is irresistible to watch when she gets a good hard thrashing! there are so many films with Alison, and this one shown below is the very latest out now in full!




Sassy flame-haired beauty Alison Miller soon learns that her new manager has old-fashioned views on discipline. Her Strict boss Mr Reed sets the tone by spanking her a total of 334 painful times, about 100 of those added for being disrespectful! Alison’s delicious bubble-butt takes it all with a bounce! Watch the FULL FILM HERE


Here’s something special from one of my fave sites from the Clare Fonda Pass network – at comes this naughty girl on girl spanking fetish film, with one of my favourite stars, Veronica Ricci being even more unconventional and kooky as well as unbelievably hot dressed up as a slutty maid for her client! There are plenty of images from this film for you to check out, lots of great implements and of course the payback switch where Veronica also gets to spank her kinky client. The full storyline is underneath these images and also includes a link on how to view the film in full…







Dr. Ryan Reely greets Call Girl Audrey Tate (played by Veronica Ricci) with a drink that drugs her. She drags Audrey over her knee (easily because she drugs her) where she takes her temperature anally before spanking long and hard with her hand and a large paddle. She has Audrey bend over and she spanks her with her clipboard and a yard stick. Dr. Reely admits that she is kinky, and gets over Audrey’s knee for a hard spanking. Ryan Reely plays the doctor and Ryan is a Penthouse Pet with a curvy bottom doing her first ever spanking scene. She gives and takes a sound spankingView this film HERE

Don’t forget you can also see Veronica as the main star of and often features at too especially in the last few seasons of the Exclusive Education disciplinary series.

All the above sites featuring Veronica can also be viewed as part of the amazing value Clare Fonda Pass


Hmmm, disciplinary spankings – here is a great series of films out now for members of and I know Michael and co really do ensure these girls are given a lesson they never forget, luckily they are the type of girls that just come back for MORE whackings… see one of the latest episodes below starring the alluring Abigail, punished by a really pissed off Betty Blaze for leaving the kitchen in a mess whilst her friend Allison is sent to the next room, hearing and seeing everything that was about to happen…


Abigail was supposed to clean the kitchen before the end of the day when her friend Allison came over. Betty tells Allison to go in the other oom while she deals with abigail the only way she’ll understand!


Allison could hear and peeked at what was happening from the other room whilst her friend got a hard strapping, first Abigail still had her jeans on… then to her shame, they were pulled down and her bare bottom was thrashed: There are some great scenes where Abigail is yelping and you get to see the facial reactions of pretty Allison too, which are priceless!



See this interesting spanking film at one of the internet’s most established and longest running (since 1996!)

Click here for the full tour pages of


Some great spanking updates this week from both Sarah Bright and her partner Mr Stern at the sites below, they both are starring at each other’s sites, so if I have confused you… they do swap from time to time… and why not? At Sarah’s site first with a gorgeous new spankee model called Sophie in her debut film, she caught my eye because she is the spitting image of someone I know, sadly it’s not her, but thanks to this film it now fuels a personal fantasy of mine (lol!)

Sophie gets naked after her spanking over the knee of Mr Stern at

It’s the second part of Sophie’s interview for Spanking Sarah and she tells us more about her spanking life. Then it’s time for her to progress from a hand spanking to the paddle. She removes her panties and bends over the knee for a good warming with the leather paddle before bending over the settee for a real hard paddling, the hardest she has ever experienced. This beautiful lady is making her first spanking appearances at Spanking Sarah.




See the fantastic free HD preview of Sophie getting spanked for the first time – Click HERE


Continuing the Lucy Manning series of films at this week, naughty Lucy comes face to face with a very peeved School Matron, Sarah Bright! You will see why she is taking no nonsense from Lucy (below). A full explanation and a free HD preview link are also available below these images.





Oh dear! Lucy is in trouble. Her teacher at St Justs has been suspended because she accused him of making advances, but Matron knows better, she is determined to get the truth out of naughty Lucy and she knows just how to go about it. Lucy has to change back into her uniform and then matron gets the schools special leather slipper and goes to work on this naughty girls bottom with a will.  A damn good slippering soon has this liar confessing  and then matron just continues with some more determined slippering to make this one very sorry young lady!

View the special FREE prieview clip HERE


& before I go, just a quick reminder of what is coming to my site next week… and a couple of great new clips I had not uploaded onto the store until now (they are uploading as I write this)… both will make sure you stay tuned for more info on my updates next week, hopefully 🙂

This is a place where the girls don’t want to lose the exclusive membership of “The Gym Club”
It’s the best place to workout and meet the most eligible fit young men around!
Pity for them they couldn’t behave properly now they face a humiliating choice!
Get punished like the brats they are, or find another place and miss out on a big part of their social lives!

What happens at Gym Club stays at the Gym Club!
Stunning 3 girl debut film of Alyssa Nevers, Joelle Barros and Ashley Graham

& on the Clips Store I am uploading 2 fantastic clips of Leia Ann Woods getting a rather painful paddling and hairbrush punishment, both OTK and bent over a stool with her school uniform  Gingham Dress on for wearing improper knickers underneath! Both short clips have plenty of action, the 1st is primarily OTK spanking and paddling… and the 2nd continues but progresses to the hairbrush and she is finally placed over a stool with her bottom high in the air for easier whacking access! Reminder images are below taken from the full film (it’s in the schoolgirl section at AAAspanking if you’re a member there).






… have a great end to the weekend everyone 🙂

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