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Welcome back to a Spanking Update

Well, here we go again… time to bring some updates with an improving connection as I get together plans for the remaining spanking shoots this year which takes time to organise, I see once again, at least one selfish member at my site has decided to share my latest films including the one with Joelle, she and those girls cost me an absolute fortune as it was a 4 girl film shoot. I loved making the films, but I didn’t spend all that money to have someone undermime how I should approach updates and deciding on what to put up on the site worrying about damage to the site they cause when pirates just want to profit from this too… I, like many producers suffer horribly when this happens and I question why I bother.Unfortunately their selfishness will bring and end to what they feed on… production of new spanking material from the sites they are ripping off. If you like what you see and wish to see more then the way to do it is to support us, whatever site it is you prefer, support them and don’t choose the stolen and pirated content as this will ultimately be self defeating. We really do not make a fortune off this, I break even with filming and have to work elsewhere to survive… not what I want to do, but that is the reality of it! So if you are that person who has been sharing my content, please think about your actions, it really could kill the site and I won’t want to let anyone know what is coming… sadly it looks as if it is a Brit doing this and rest assured I will have no choice but to spend time on it and investigate it… which is time consuming and I’d rather be promoting my site and other sites that I like…

Shall I get off that soapbox now? Let’s start with 2 great films recently updated at Spanked in Uniform as one of my fave Dutch girls Leandra looks absolutely stunning as the latest foolish waitress at Mike’s 50s Diner.





With the new girls, every Friday after dinner, Chef Mike evaluates their week’s performance. In this episode we see Leandra’s evaluation and she had quite a few mistakes her bottom will pay the price for.The first item on the list was the fact that twice that week, she was late,  so Chef took her across his knee and gave her a good spanking. In part two the birch, slipper and strap will be used. Stay tuned!



You’d think the girls living in this apartment complex would be bailing by now… At My Spanking Room Mate the latest episode has Lilia Spinoza and Mary Jane scrapping and spanking each other…




Mary Jane and Lilia argue over who is supposed to do the chores. In this apartment complex this can only mean one thing – it will escalate into a spanking for each girl, over the knee in the kitchen with hand and hairbrush. Both of these girls juicy round bottoms turn bright red!




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A couple of different films that I enjoyed watching again recently are shown below! Zoe Page shows us her nasty side when she assists in a private humiliating cell interrogation of the female inmates… courtesy of Bars and Stripes




There’s another chance to see what happens on the intake of new prisoners at Bars and Stripes

& below, Pandora Blake once experienced the shame of being a new prisoner put through her paces by Officer Bradley!






  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Bloody pirates again!!! At least you have a chance of suing the bejesus out of this one, if he really is in the UK.

    That said, I see in your legal agreement that you do not specify the terms under which downloads occur. If you add in language to the effect that visitors may download content (including free content) for personal use and not distribution, then it makes it much easier to pursue pirates in the future because any resulting lawsuit is based around simple contract violation rather than a more complex copyright claim. It’s also worthwhile specifying a venue (likely the UK), especially if your jurisdiction allows for anonymous defendants (“Joe Bloggs”).

  2. They discuss these things on their forums saying we have no right to do what we do, it does make me laugh. There’s even discussion on one forum where they talk about the merits of a certain producer banning country IPs – we can do what the hell we like with that as many countries are blocked by default anyway. Why would Russian or Chinese Ip addresses want to view my stuff? I allowed it to start with and could see the total abuse of bandwidth from these countries when I didn’t have better protection in place.
    & Porn in China is allegedly blocked by the authorities. My hosting company thoughtfully provides whole country blocks on rogue states which is why my stats for the blog are lower than some as it is also tied in on the same block of servers, I prefer quality traffic… having said that, my own member site has one of the highest Alexa rankings for spanking despite many countries being blocked…all with the 100% approval of our billing processors, they are happy we are more vigilant 🙂

  3. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    And here was I thinking you were supposed to just give the stuff away for free and let other people make money off of it. Silly me!

  4. tim tim

    Arent they a blasted nuisance ? best,Tim.

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