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Well, I took this badly earlier today, when one prolific sharer of content who owns a forum (I’m sure he or his cohorts will be reading or showing this and I don’t care as it has really upset me and I am thinking of not continuing at this rate). Life is too short and I am not here to provide talentless sharers with easy pickings from my hard earned work, they know NOTHING about the hassles of arranging a shoot: The many cancellations, the agony of getting models to commit or turn up, and that is before we start filming, find locations and get everything organised, take time away from my dayjob losing valuable holiday time in the process. The travel, the sometimes shitty locations I have turned up at or travelled back from, sleepless… nearly killing myself once in the process by crashing my car on the motorway last year (remember that?)… nope, and then there’s the full day or 2 filming, it can be fun, of course it is, but it’s very involved and can get quite stressful… then the post shoot editing and planning, updating the site and promoting the content, dealing with hosting companies and of course the endless expenses and checking the balance sheets to see if it’s an operation I can continue with or keep funding out of my own other income (which is kind of what I am doing at the moment). I have a tax return in January I have no idea if i can pay off from this either as things have been so tight this year with more expenses such as cameras and laptops/PCs going down on me, not to mention editing and photo software packages which are a rip off but necessary in this business! What do pirates and upload monkeys do? Hmmm, precisely that, none of the above, they just take take take and that’s it… then just wait for their quota of hits to earn money ILLEGALLY (I won’t bother arguing with them over this, it is illegal and they know that, end of). From 2008 onwards this has become a problem with more and more filelockers getting on the piracy gravytrain, fortunately this model of sharing is starting to get bittem back as their income streams are targeted and I know for a fact it is a short matter of time before VISA and Mastercard close this crappy loophole (there will be others, sure…)

As more people find it harder and harder to justify signing up, that means they start to look for free content, I understand that. But we as producers really try to offer decent value, compare it to the early years of the internet and what you would get price wise compared to now! & look at the choice out there! However, prolific sharing in our small niche really does kill off future ideas and shoots for me and has once again made me question why I am doing this when I see the “Kami Submissive Maid” film now in the hands of one of the worst spanking site sharers out there. Anyway, I have pleaded with members in my site area not to share content, apart from them being able to be traced, I don’t like getting nasty with people like that but will contact them and then the billing agent and their future sign ups at any site will be locked and that’s it, they would find it harder to sign up themselves to any site I have put the latest stuff into the hands of the companies and sites that deal with this, more expense which I can do without, of course… and it’s a shame that I have to write this first before updating my blog with promotional updates I hope some of you find interesting and perhaps would like to support them by signing up for a membership (my site included).
Why? Because without membership sign ups sites like mine and the other spanking producers can not continue. they think we are all loaded or something, so why am I working my ass off in my other job and neglecting blogging as a consequence? I think that tells it all… every film you download HELPS them achieve their greedy quota. I admit not all pirates and sharers are interested in this, but it also means their behaviour fuels the greed of those who do this for a living in their shitty hovel countries int he east as they will download then UPLOAD their own links making the films more available. I felt like making the fucking film available free as a gesture, but it would get abused, such is the digital life nowadays.

Yours, extremely disappointed and disillusioned.


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Very few producers are willing to own up to the fact that their stuff is being pirated, so good on you for daring to speak the unmentionable word. FWIW I have heard of VISA cancelling cards immediately after purchases of file sharing passes are made.

    More broadly, however, this is a huge issue across the entire entertainment sector – music, film, TV, and obviously adult too. National governments do shut down distribution models from time to time (first Napster, then Limewire, now the filelocker sites are in the crosshairs) but none of this addresses the underlying problem. There are now boatloads of people who just refuse to pay for much of anything and expect it all to be free or at least unrealistically cheap. As long as that ‘market’ exists pirates will find a way to service it.

  2. tim tim

    They are a blasted nuisance ,best,Tim.

  3. Laceygirl Laceygirl

    I doubt that you will even allow this comment to be public so I’ll say it so only you can hear it.

    Currently myself and 3 other hold all of the cards for spanking piracy. If you want to talk to the root of your problem then speaking to me is the closest you’ll get.

    I don’t believe you. I believe that a spanking model with a producer makes a bunch of 15minute videos then suck millions from then all. When you cry about not making money you fail to realize that if you ever provided information online it is considered openly available to people who found it. I’ve seen many models homes and lots of assets. You guys are all loaded with dirty money.
    How are you rich? well you traded the passion of spanking and turned it into one giant revenue stream.

    So we are at war. Us on the other hand are guilty of providing a network of community after community who steal spanking videos and distribute it for free. We’re dishonest in that way.
    You guys are empowering some kind of legal prostitution for MASS AMOUNTS of PROFIT.

    So, you can cry and whine all you want but we are winning the battle. There are a lot of you spanking money vacuums out there but as the internet grows download speeds and options are becoming more stronger.

    How could this have been avoided?
    -If you guys released all videos that are 1yr or older to the public then this would end. You have no reason to try to profit from older videos. You’ve already made 100K + plus from each one.
    If most of the spanking sites did this then we would have no choice but to be gone.
    Is it ever going to happen? I doubt it because you guys are not smart enough to realize that there should be a limit on making easy money.

    So good luck with the battle but know that we’re not in it for money. We’re in it to reserve the right that the internet should not become one giant store.

  4. & this is their deluded mentality, thinking we all drive around in bentleys, swilling champers and live in massive 8 bedroom houses or something! My god, the utter ignorance! TO REPEAT: I barely make a profitable living off my website, it is a passion, I am in FULL TIME employment as just using any funds on the website to live on and survive and continue would mean I would go bankrupt in months! However, you carry on, mate… using STOLEN credit cards and choosing the latest movies, deliberately raking in as much money your end for nothing. Don’t tell me it is about digital freedom, what a crock of crap. I’m not going to enter into any more discussion on this with you, what’s the point? You’re a thief and a tax dodger. Why not produce your own videos put it on a website and see how hard it is?

    We are not Brazzers or Vivid or some massive Hollywood studio, it’s a small website which gets seriously affected by piracy: FACT

  5. Laceygirl Laceygirl

    Says the punk who is affiliated with 1000’s of spanking networks……from a first look everyone who knows online business can tell that if there was no money then there wouldn’t be enough motivation to provide flawless websites and put so much pressure on partners. The networks you promote are scattered everywhere.
    Where is your expense?
    A couple of $6 domains for the year? A website design worth $1K that only is an initial investment? $3K of equipment? $200/M hosting.
    Guy…..most of these memberships sites have over 1,000 monthly paying members at $19 or whatever.
    Do the math, buddy. Once a network is there and finished a video is made for about $1K and then it is sold at $10(or whatever). For the next 5yrs the thing hits over 10,000 views. You guys don’t deserve to complain about piracy. I won’t say I’m not guilty, but don’t bother dancing around saying you are. Relax, you earn easy money, take the fall that there is always going to be a bump here and there.

    I was in the business as well. I created a pathetically effortless horrible quality, 10 minute video. It took a day of my time to make it, a few bucks for the hired legal spanking prostitute(as I call them), then I spend about two weeks promoting it. Then sat on the profit. 3 months later the total was over $56K of pure profit. I decided that I don’t want to be one of you. Its a sellout. I’m into spanking, you are not as much. I didn’t feel it was right to be one of those rich guys who complain about people stealing from me.
    There is TONS of money in the spanking industry. A few videos, a bunch of affiliating and you’ve earned an annual base salary in a month. Make a few more videos and you can live it large. Go nuts like most of your friends and you’ve got palm trees in your yard and maids.

    “You’re a thief and a tax dodger”
    Ok, fine. I’m not a fan of paying taxes. I don’t believe in the military system and the medical system. I’m evil like that. I’m a thief. I give thousands of people the power to steal and distribute videos. I’m going to hell or Karma is going to destroy me.
    You hire human beings to get spanked in front of a camera to publish it and sell the videos for pure profit.
    I’m not big on religion but “if” it did exist I think we’re both in the wrong here.

  6. Oh dear! Again, I only allowed this comment to show your utter ignorance! I scour the internet for bargains and found this serviced apartment half price, pre booked it and used it to accommodate the models the night before so we were fresh to start the next day and I and my cam guy stayed in the other room and the girls left, we stayed and enjoyed the remaining night, able top have a few drinks as it was centrally located. Saved a lot on hotel rooms in the area and booking some seedy studio on top of that… but thanks for once again reminding me about this place… happy memories! Why so bitter, seriously… you won’t tell me but you sound like you’re on welfare – I thought welfare in Canada was as good as it is here in the UK… am I wrong? I thought all Cannucks were friendly colonials but I got that wrong too 🙁

  7. Laceygirl Laceygirl

    You can hide all of the comments from the public that you don’t want to all you want. If you read it that’s good enough for me.

    And you completely missed my point. Allow me to clarify it for you. I’m not on welfare. I’m actually a successful business owner. In this sense I earn a severely above average living salary just like you.

    There is a difference though. While I freely admit that I earn a good living and people see my cars and other assets you are the opposite. You hide your true identity, location, assets, and then tell everyone you are struggling to get by.

    You remind me of when Mike Tyson was sued for 1million and then he cried “I gotta feed my family” except a week previously he had a show go through his home which had a total of 112 phones in it(one in each room).

  8. Ha ha was his home in negative equity like my 2 up 2 down and was he driving a 10 year old Saab? Keep trolling… this is hilarious. Do you hate women too calling them whores you are a thoroughly pleasant chap aren’t you?

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