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Top Notch Spankings this week!

Sorry about my last post, it does get awfully frustrating when you see these “people” stealing your stuff that you have poured heart and soul into. I really was quite upset! As an example of the time spent, it was my day off work and i have just spent it going through the many images and films, getting everything ready for the next updates this week that stars Danielle Hunt (see below looking stupendously HAWT wearing that red ball gag) …

she’s back in fine form getting a rather embarrassing and humiliating detention punishment – she is ball gagged in her school uniform because the darned girl just wouldn’t shut up! OK, it’s a fantasy of mine and is hardly authentic… who the hell would ball gag noisy pupils apart from me? (heh heh!) OK, I’ve cheered up thinking about how bizarre this all sounds, but it makes for a great spanking fantasy film… so much so that I got this film edited first as I liked it a lot… there are other great “Dani” films too, including some naughty and ground breaking ones which I know you will all enjoy, but this one just struck a chord with me as I thought, “Who else would ball gag a schoolgirl, you ol’ perv!” Yup! Enjoy… these are some images that members can download tomorrow ahead of the HD film this week, the full image set is quite something, these should give you a taster and the actual images from the photo set are much larger and clearer for members too!

The storyline behind this goes something like this: She was waiting in the cold detention room for her teacher to arrive, placed in a ball gag for part of her punishment because she just couldn’t shut up in class and was a disruptive influence. The film starts with Dani wide eyed and obviously feeling humiliated as she waits there for me to turn up, I told her I had gone to fetch my nasty strap and hairbrush that I knew Dani hated with a passion (she foolishly confided this to me before we started filming, oops!!) so as I could still hear her muffled complaining whilst gagged I knew she just had to have the heaviest hairbrush I had that day across her full bare cheeks after I gave her a damned good leathering. So you will see her subjected to a very thorough and severe strapping and hairbrush punishment (I actually warned her this was going to “smart” and it bloomin’ well did!!!) This is a hard no nonsense film that gets right into the action and Danielle was a real gem, brilliantly acting the chattervbox (well, she can talk the hind legs off a donkey if pressed to, so maybe not all acting then!) and this film ensured she got a good 10-12 minute long lingering severe thrashing which I am sure you will all heartily approve of! More images below:






See MORE of Danielle in this great new movie out this week only from

… meanwhile, members will have seen that  the cheerleader film with Jessica Jensen was uploaded in HD-MP4 earlier this week, and it is also one of the most popular films on the spanking section of the Clips Store network HERE (for good reason…. just look at her!)


Also watch out for the new Danielle Hunt film going up in several short clips at THE STORE later this week! 🙂


In other brief news from some other great spanking sites, here is a quick short round up that I have chosen for you today! Starting with English Spankers who have a new series and a stunning new girl with the perkiest bum and breasts, just made for spanking completely naked! Say hello to Zara!



This is the very first in a new series for English Spankers – Based on The Sexy Cleaning company who interview and provide attractive young ladies to go and clean for naughty guys who want to look at a pretty girl in scanty clothes. They may also want to spank her and so she has to be able to take a good spanking. Zoe is being interviewed by the owner and has displeased him so she is spanked and paddled on her bare bottom and her hands.




OK, I gotta admit it, I don’t get the point of Halloween, maybe it’s just because I’m a fed up, hard up Brit who won’t suffer a bunch of brats screaming or threatening to cover me in flour and eggs… whatever, I also don’t see the point of dressing up for it either. Halloween marks the start of winter, for me:  the clocks have usually turned back an hour meaning we get even less light (especially by Xmas) and I refuse to make a film for it, it doesn’t stop our American chums, of course… so good luck to them if they want to churn out Halloween films every year… however, seeing Veronica Ricci in a nice costume for Halloween along with the other HAWT girls featured in this image compilation is perhaps reason enough to reverse my negative thinking on these matters… but then again IT IS VERONICA RICCI – as seen at Spanking Sorority girls in this spooky spanktacular (below)



Halloween in the sorority house takes a turn for the scary as all the girls there begin spanking each other, including Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie, Kat St. James, Karina, Riley and Amaya. Veronica went home to have her own party. But she failed to tell her mom, who catches her and of course has no choice but to spank her. Lots of over-the-knee spankings in sexy costumes results in plenty of red bottoms in this Halloween treat. Lots of Sorority Girl Spankings!




Happy Halloween from  Veronica’s sore red bottom!

These films can be viewed at Spanking Soroity Girls or the Clare Fonda 5 Site network (much better value!)


Have a good ‘un and to those on the east coast of America with or without power, I hope you are well and not getting too wet, I really do feel for you all who are affected by this terrible storm, flooding is a total misery, especially at this time of year 🙁

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  1. tim tim

    Yes hope our U.S.A.spanko friends are safe Philly has had power supplies down where Pixie resides ,yes Veronica and other lovely little minxes are well spanked ,best,Tim.

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