Still a bad connection!

I am still experiencing very slow connections, it might be my router (it is over 5 years old so I guess I should call my ISP and get a new one and upgrade!) So once again, a brief post today whilst I try and get to the bottom of my issues which is very frustrating! Members of my site, fear not, I have uploaded the latest new film and it is there right now and updates there will continue as normal… the site is unaffected by any connectivity issues, it’s just my end I have a problem uploading data… however, writing to blogs and such has been a pain, I don’t know why… couple that with increased workloads in my outside life and also arranging a small filmshoot for early next week that will hopefully work out (there are some themes I want to cover that some of you are familiar with and many more that I haven’t…) I will let you know more when it is done, of course!

So I want to apologise, I have been able to use my smartphone connection but can’t upload much more data until I get a decent connection back on my home hub which will probably be no later than tomorrow… grr!

Please pop by soon as I plan to get some different and interesting spanking articles that no one else has thought of, rather than tout the same as everyone else (obviously as I am now behind dammit!)

In the meantime check out a few links to some mystery entertaining spanking galleries. Enjoy!

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