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Spanking Catch Up!

Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year… Boffins have worked out a formula to prove this and of course when they factor in such things as breaking new year’s Resolutions, credit card and debt payments from the Xmas hangover and other related bills and in the northern hemisphere, the weather also plays a crucial part in our wellbeing too… which makes this day especially depressing… I can imagine in America, too, the gun toting free and far right are equally depressed at the 2nd inauguration of Obama as glib liberals say what a great day it is. My extended family in America also have something to cheer and I have really come to follow the mad bad purple Ravens as they bid for superbowl glory….


GO RAVENS! heh heh!

I can feel yet MORE depression to some of my fellow bloggers as they wonder how the hell they missed out on a Superbowl Final… oh well… GO RAVENS! My extended family in Baltimore are going CR-AZZZZZY!



OK, after I have just pissed off most of New England, shall we just get on with some spankings from OLD England as I attempt to catch up on what I have missed while I had been away? okey-dokey… brace yourselves for some naughty spanking stuff – 1st up after my renewed membership at Northern Spanking – I am rewarded with some outstanding new updates and girls in a variety of delightfully mucky and naughty stories… don’t miss any of these! Click images for full size fun!


Kami Robertson “Hampers the Handyman” - Kami keeps finding problems for her Landlord to fix. He of course sends his extremely handy handyman, which is actually the cause of all the problems Kami reports in the first place. This time she has gone too far however and finds out just how handy he is… at punishing her! The stunning pictures of Kami below compliment the movie updates…

NSI069-KB108 NSI069-KB112 NSI069-KB114

NSI069-KB116 NSI069-KB122

NSI069-KB126 NSI069-KB130 NSI069-KB134

Next is a striking new movie and image set of Masie Dee alongside Jenna Jay in a film called “2 Terrible Girls”


NSI110-DMK009 NSI110-DMK015 NSI110-DMK018


At her wits end and nowhere else to turn regarding the behaviour of her teenage daughters, Mrs Allen consults her neighbour. Having heard the retired teacher is a firm disciplinarian, she is eager for him to help her get her girls back on the right track before its too late.

NSI110-DMK026 NSI110-DMK030

NSI110-DMK032 NSI110-DMK035 NSI110-DMK036

NSI110-DMK043 NSI110-DMK045


and lest we forget… there are still some great updates of that pairing of Irelynn Logeen and her mentor/dementor Stephen Lewis…


“Time to be Punished!” Poor Irelynn has to wait outside in the cold before being allowed admission to his house. She wonders which is worse; the cold outside or the burning, stinging heat that awaits her, or more precisely, her young bottom, once she is summoned indoors.

NSI082-IVB076 NSI082-IVB079 NSI082-IVB083

NSI082-IVB087 NSI082-IVB097 NSI082-IVB099

NSI082-IVB095 NSI082-IVB103

Need I say more? Check out more of these stunning new updates from Northern Spanking HERE


Jessica Jensen has a big following in the UK online porn scene and I should know the effect she had with a recent naughty film I had at my own site so it was great  to see her starring in Mr Stern’s site English Spankers and she plays a very naughty girl (surprise!) see below and check out the images and a great link to a free film preview

npp5014005 npp5014012

npp5014015 npp5014023


npp5014033 npp5014035

npp5014047 npp5014050

SEXY CLEANING COMPANY Episode 4 : This film is part of the new series about the girls of the Sexy Cleaning Company and has a good sexy element to it featuring porno star Jessica Jensen who decided she wanted to try out for The Sexy Cleaning Company and was soon up to her naughty tricks. After doing some cleaning where you can see right up her short skirt she produced a vibrator and started to play with her pussy. A good hard spanking was called for and that’s what she got. Over the knee, bottom bare and a very hard hand soon had her crying out and then knelt in the chair… the spanking continued! Check out the awesome free movie clip HERE


The final feature today is from Sarah’s site and you certainly don’t want to be pissing off Sarah as Darcy discovered – also fans of girls with a curvy figure and full rounded bottom will LOVE this film, I certainly did, Darcy looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights… but don’t feel too sorry for this thief as you’ll discover!


Sarah is none to happy to get home and find that her flat mate has opened a present of perfume and used it. She denies it at first but after some pretty rough questioning from Sarah admits she did try to steel it. Sarah is mad and lifting her skirt begins to give Darcy a hell of a hard spanking. Not satisfied she gets a nasty cooking spatula and starts on Darcy’s large firm bottom beating it red.

npp4096014 npp4096016

npp4096020 npp4096023

npp4096024 npp4096027

npp4096030 npp4096043

There is also the chance to view this film preview here


Hope you liked it, I’ll be back with more news and behind the scenes news of my next film coming later this week at my own site (it’s a cracker and does NOT co star me, fortunately… for the 3rd week in a row!!!)


  1. Tim Tim

    Very nice new video with lovely girls Aleesha and jenna being spanked by their unky ,best from ,Tim.

  2. Thanks Tim, I finally added a review along with the great film from Northern 🙂

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