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Spankings from America to Warm You Up!

Brrr! Stay warm and toasty where you can, my North American chums! The snow won’t last forever… here are some spanking updates with some great images produced in your home country to keep you folk going. Many of these are from quite recent updates that members of the various sites shown here can download in full.

Punished Brats have started producing the Discipline Box series and this one has a very stern and frightening Veronica Bound thrashing the hell out of frat brat Ten Amorette’s booty in the film “Frat Party”

frat1-1 frat1-2

frat1-3 frat1-4

frat1-5 frat1-6

frat1-7 frats2-1

frats2-2 frats2-3

frats2-4 frats2-5

frats2-6 frats2-7

Ten is busy chatting away with her friend again making plans to sneak out to a forbidden frat party. She is so engrossed in her conversation that she doesn’t hear Veronica approach and is caught shooting her mouth off. Veronica retrieves the heaviest strap in the discipline box to finally bring her niece Ten into line.

See this great movie HERE along with some other damn fine films with Veronica and Ten!


I’d have posted more tonight but got distracted (oh and my net connection played up YET AGAIN!!!)

If you want distractions then click out my Tumblr archive HERE (or click image below)


  1. Tim Tim

    Young Ten is a cute spankee girl ,she had been visiting us over here recently has ,Spanking Sarah the English one and Pandoras site ,best,Tim.

  2. Tim Tim

    and English spankers ,did you shoot with her on your site?

  3. No Tim… the time she was over was when I had already booked Molly and Amelia near to the end of last year. We had discussed arranging a shoot but unfortunately it was just bad timing. I will in future, I’m sure of that 😉

  4. Tim Tim

    Molly and Amelia were great in the vids ,best,Tim.

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