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Cream Horn Spankings – Vol23


Edit: I started this post yesterday and have finished it today (was tired!)

Ah… ’tis time for some more excellent “Cream Horn” of spankings – fully refreshed after my little rant recently, I went out and spent a fortune on girls pyjamas today, I’d post a pic but I can’t currently locate my camera phone and the main cam is locked away, so when I do eventually locate my damned phone (probably in my car, the battery is dead as I tried to call it and it went straight to answerphone) I’ll get round to posting some of my purchases! That’s for an upcoming filmshoot end of this weekend, but I’m a busy little bee before all that as I have another update to do (I haven’t started it yet, oops) so these are the very first sneak preview pics and I will hopefully get this up late Wednesday or early Thursday, tops! But you will be able to see some early, if somewhat reduced image size pics of the “naughty Bear” film starring Alex Reynolds and Zoe Page. I covered some of this in my film shoot preview – remember?

However, you know me, I love PJs… I love age play and I love seeing girls doing silly girly stuff we men think they get up to, well.. don’t all girls do this sort of thing?

Girly Sleepovers – men’s expectations!


& the reality is illustrated below…


Yikes!!! So let’s skip the real events and head on back into fantasy land where it’s so much nicer… heh heh!

To celebrate this wonderful misconception – I have the new film “Naughty Bear” coming out at AAA Spanking and it has both girls dressed in their fine PJs, both similar , in fact… only the girls are pillow fighting (as girls do, apparently… sigh!) with a HUGE Teddy Bear looking on in the background. I filmed this in a white room, I just wanted the focus of attention on both girls in their jimmy-jams… and that gargantuan bear – who it turns out, could get up to no good quite easily!!! What did you expect? It was Zoe’s bear… and “Mr Bear” was going to witness yet another strop from this spoilt brat. Invited guest, Alex, had displeased Zoe in this sleepover by daring to disagree with her and seek the attention of Mr Bear! Well, from the screen images of the film below, you’ll see that Zoe quickly dominates Alex and starts to spank her but isn’t satisfied so she goes and gets the hairbrush and continues to paddle Alex’s bare botty, after she worked out how to expose it in the 1st place as poor Alex was wearing “Dropseats” – whoops! (I kept this in the film, we could have edited it out but Zoe managed to quickly find out how to bare Alex’s bum, turning her over and untying the dropseat cords!


nb015 nb019

nb030 nb039


nb054 nb059

nb069 nb079




& Mr Bear? Well, Zoe humiliated poor Alex by leaving her prostrate over Mr Bear’s lap, she was actually placed over his knees, holding the brush and Alex was told to remain there, red bottom bared and on display… I’m laughing as I write this, but it was a real fun film to make and basically embellished what the film shoot was about… some good hard spankings with some nice humour thrown in for free! OK, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea… but I know it will be a lot of people’s cuppas… so enjoy! There are many M/F films we shot with Alex that day too… so watch out for those coming soon to a PC, laptop or mobile device/tablet fairly soon!

nb126 nb146

nb149 nb152

You can see this film coming out later today with over 150 screen images & an HQ photo set (later this week) at

Triple A Spanking

P.S. No doubt the forum freetards will wet themselves silly over this one (sigh)


… and to another site that the freetards love to see (esecially when it has Jessica Jensen looking HAWT!)

English Spankers released their latest film earlier this week and it has Jessica in a cute school uniform, doing rather rude things like playing with herself (yum!) and getting caught… ah, that old spanking chestnut, heh heh… where would we be without that delicious plot line? One of my faves… so here she is, showing us just what a naughty girl she is before getting that tight, red bottom of hers smacked hard for such delicous self defilement! WARNING: Cream Horn rating is set to HIGH!


npp5008004 npp5008008

npp5008009 npp5008012 npp5008016

npp5008022 npp5008025


npp5008032 npp5008033 npp5008043

npp5008044 npp5008049


When naughty schoolgirl Jessica Jensen is discovered to be laying on her bed playing with her pussy, and still in her school uniform her guardian is not best pleased, she should be doing homework not taking finger pleasure. He decides that the only way to sort things out will be by way of his rather hard slipper and so she is bent over and gets a good slippering first on her school knickers and then on her bare bottom

See a naughty spanking/wanking preview clip HERE


Another site worthy of the Top Cream Horn Award this week is Sarah Gregory Spanking with her awesome duet with the very striking fetish model Candle Boxxx (I remember seeing her spanked only before at the Clare Fonda sites) so see what happened when both girls finally met up at FetCon 2012 – it’s HAWT beyond words, so I’ll let the images do the work for me…


Candle Boxxx has three squirting orgasms in this super HOT spanking film!!! Candle and Sarah finally met at Fetish Con 2012 after being fans of each other for some time. Sarah knew that Candle was more into the porn side of fetish and wanted to shoot a video that included some more erotic girl-girl action. Who better to do this with than super hot and sexy Candle? Right away they had great sexual chemistry. After some kissing and touching, they got right to business. Sarah spanked Candle, Candle spanked Sarah, then while Candle uses her Hitachi, she is spanked to squirting orgasm, THREE TIMES!!!


005 006 011

013 015 016

Below are the scenes with the Hitachi and graphic images from the film of squirting orgasms!


005 007 009

010 012 013

014 015


See the full filthy wonderful film – the best I’ve seen from Sarah G in ages – Click HERE


Diaper positions are one thing, but at Spanking Server, almost all the girls face a time on the spanking bench and the other wonderful contraptions to hold them in place. The images below showcase one such punishment as both Heidi and Peter take charge in administering this excellent piece of humiliating discipline for our viewing pleasure!


pic_2 pic_3

pic_4 pic_5

pic_6 pic_7

pic_8 pic_9

Check out the amazing spread eagle positions that the embarrassing spanking bench gets these girls into…

CLICK HERE for the latest films and archived data from Spanking Server


OK, that’;s it, gotta get my site update out!!!
Click the random image below for another spanky fave site of mine at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚


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