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HAWT Friday Spankings

I am in such a foul mood, I have been all day… maybe it’s because my sales this week at my own site have been miserable (probably that, actually) – I get real nasty blips like this sometimes and it then makes me question if the credit card processor is scrubbing too hard and denying access or whether I have put up new stuff on the site that no one really likes… it’s a hard one to judge or guess, so I try not to beat myself up about it… but at work today I was just thinking if this continued then how the fuck would I be able to fund my filmshoots? I have another one this Sunday, it’s going to be an expensive one, just 2 weeks after my lovely shoot with Alex Reynolds… and I am trying to arrange another one for a month’s time or so. If my current sales continue as they are then i would be insane to try and go for the April filmshoot… having already committed to one in May as well! This situation really sucks – so if you DO like my stuff, please do go and take a look on the tour pages of AAA Spanking and see for yourself.

Latest free gallery of the most recent film co starring Alex and Zoe with Mr Bear!


There is actually some pretty good stuff uploaded there recently, which is kind of a double whammy as I can spot trends where people might prefer to see something else, so do I just get nasty and really mean and put a whole load of mysogonistic “women hating” stuff on there, whacking girls senseless until they snivel and cry… or do I produce some more naughty girl/girl stuff, age play, schoolgirl (and so on)… anyway, back to my shoot commitments – Now for just one site, this is an awful lot of filming and I am also, at the moment, really tired working in my dayjob (which is currently pretty stressful) and the added stress of having no social life at the moment, stuck in front of a screen trying to blog something when I’d honestly prefer right now to prepare for my upcoming shoot (nothing is packed, no scripting for the girls, it’s all last minute stuff, yikes!) I’m not even going to tell you who it is at teh moment in case I jinx that too! You’ll know soon enough once I film with them on Sunday (which, I think we’re all looking forward to!)

OK, so onto some really cool and hawt spanking updates from some sites and some special previews that maybe no one else has too! So sit back, relax and enjoy the view… let’s start with Firm Hand Spanking who have got not one but 2 new girls coming out this and next week! The first new girl is stunning Stacy Stockton, who actually looks like she can take a spanking – (she does, in fact and it’s a rather good OTK hand spanking over the lap of Mr Reed) – Stacy looks stunning in that school uniform, don’t you think?

private_ba001 private_ba003

private_ba004 private_ba006

private_ba008 private_ba011

private_ba015 private_ba020

private_ba022 private_ba024

There is a fantastic short spanking clip of Stacy on the home page HERE


As I mentioned earlier, there is also another new girls arriving early next week at this site, and she is called Ashley Thomas – who you are going to be hearing a whole load more as she will be starting her “life coaching series alongside handsome Patrick Bateman (who had much success spanking sense into the spendthrift Thompson sisters most recently!)


So check out what you can expect from Ashley, her 1st film will be as a cheerleader, and whatever colour she wears, it suits her, doesn’t it? Access the site now and you will be ready for this equally stunning debut early next week… enjoy!

lifecoach_ca005 lifecoach_ca008



lifecoach_ca021 lifecoach_ca023

So be sure NOT to miss both these girls on top of the hot regulars we have all been used to
(like Adrienne Black, Allison Miller and Kat St James!) CLICK HERE


The only other site I wanted to show you today – as I can’t resist showing you these amazing hot images – was from the most recent full film update at Spanked Sorority girls – oh my goodness does Veronica Ricci look good in that tight school uniform… and for me, the icing on the spanking cake was the pairing of the spanking by Snow Mercy (mmm) of Paris Kennedy. Please take not of the warning as this most certainly has caused me all manner of uncomfortable trouserage as I viewed this movie! See for yourself in these full screen images – the added bonus is that this site is part of the CLARE FONDA PASS which makes the whole viewing experience that much better value for money (just ensure you have enough hard drive space before viewing and downloading all the vast content at these sites!!!)


Veronica is late for class for the third time and she discovers what the penalty for that is – an otk spanking from Miss Snow in front of the entire class. She is humiliated as they all laugh at her. She also gets hard whacks with a yardstick that leaves marks. But Paris Kennedy, who is wearing an extremely short uniform, also gets spanked in front of the class, while Veronica stands in the corner, nose to the wall, her sore bare bottom facing the class..

e025p08l e025p21l

e025p22l e025p32l

e025p35l e025p38l

e025p44l e025p45l

e025p49l e025p52l

e025p55l e025p56l

What can I say? SCHWIIIIING! (??) Check out this awesome film HERE

or via the CFP (below)


there you go… OK, I won’t be online here until either Sunday night or Monday morning
as I bring you news of my (hopefully) successful filmshoot!

I’ll leave you with another stunning “spankable” image that I found whilst perusing my Tumblr blog ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Tim Tim

    John so sorry to hear of your worries .Very enjoyable new video with Zoe and Alex playing with their cuddly toys and Zoe spanking her botty ,very nice indeed ,best,Tim.

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