Writer’s block

I have writer’s block, I really do… it happens to us all and I’m finding it hard to do anything at the mo.


edit: You are probably looking down at the mountain of text and wondering why do I have writer’s block? I have decided to moan and bleat for a bit, so be warned! 

After this post I have decided to continue on my forthcoming update this week and concentrate on that instead. “Okay… you’re just a trashy blog,” I hear you mutter, incredulously… “why should you have Writer’s Block?” According to one individual who has never linked any post that I have ever written in over 6 years or blanked my fellow bloggers in a post about me or involving me in some way when they’d normally get a link to their blog about someone else (which I did warn them about and it was true)… I’ll give you an example – even if what I write is fascinating, genuinely something no one else can hope to write about, like the one where I really enthused about my last shoot with Alex Reynolds… it had lots of new images and behind the scenes shots and a great recount of a special 2 day filming shoot that I know many people love hearing about… I don’t always do these but at the time I was “in the mood” and thought I did a pretty good job of describing the 2 days and excitement of it all. Yet, of course, it never got a mention on “that blog” – yet as Alex pointed out, a really ordinary and quick post of hers had been linked around Xmas time and she thought… “WTF?” since it was a quick nothing post, really.

ignore1I know it shouldn’t bother me, but it does! I remember getting a late reply (A Masie Dee-esque year later, lol) off that person a few years back  claiming my blog was “promotional” – hello… WTF are a lot of the blogs this person links to? With all their advertising banners strewn down the sidebars or text links. This blog has become less obtrusive that way, I think, I don’t pretend it is anything but what it is and it doesn’t contain as many banners nowadays (admittedly, I ought to change the design of some and will do to freshen the whole site up) but it doesn’t really detract from the reading experience which is what I aim for… even if I am aware that I am waffling and I know many people do like what I write from time to time, even if it is “tabloidy” on occasion… “hell, that’s me! Easy reading, bit of fun and hope you enjoyed it,” sort of guy. If you want more serious stuff or links to one image only updates then there’s plenty of those out there too!

So why am I bleating? Well, I guess it just got to me as I checked out “that site” (I took it off my linking list ages back and thought about at least trying to build some sort of bridge and linking to it, in fact, I think I will for a bit. So you’ll be able to guess who it is as it is one of the sites in the “Blogs I read section” – and I generally do try to read a lot of those blogs and don’t just put them in aimlessly. I suppose I am also bleating as I am crap at SEO and if anyone can offer advice or help me then I would appreciate this too as my main site and this blog are just killed by Google, still the main search engine of choice for people… both have the words “spanking” in them yet if I type a search both sites come no where near even the top 10 page queries… this is killing me at the mo, I don’t care who knows… I have no idea why this has happened recently, but obviously Google now hates me as well (LOL!)

seo4 If anyone had ideas on how to improve my search ranking, I would be most appreciative. If you are not a member of my site but have good knowledge of SEO and rankings, please do mail me HERE and I’m sure we can come to some compensation for your services if you can genuinely help! I believe that I run a good website, with some great content, I don’t rip off my members as I have a far higher rebill retention than I could ever have expected (I am comparing it to when I used to work for “Xerotics” even in their heyday, my rebills as a percentage of turnover is at least 3 times there’s ever was… but then again, I genuinely treat members with respect and that, I guess… shows in the rebill turnover, to which I am very grateful for the continued support of those members. God knows it must be hard to choose a spanking site you want to stay with as there is such choice nowadays, which is why I am always trying to up my game with the storylines and girls on offer…

There is also more bad news for producers (to be honest I haven’t discussed this with any of my fellow producers yet but it affects us all) as from May 24th… blessed Mastercard (MC) have decided that for every processor we websites use, unless we have our own merchant account, we are to be charged $500 per year/every year for that privilege. I have already decided to dump this MC option at NaughtyBottom.com as it does not affect rebills (there are none as it is a pay per download site) and it is a very small site with low turnover… so to even pay an extra $500 there is folly. I had intended to add some of my own films there with image options for those that didn’t want to pay the higher rip off prices of Clips 4 Sale (another bugbear of mine as I just don’t get why so many people would use this option to download films, yet I feel I have to as every other producer and wannabe model is using it) so watch out for NaughtyBottom.com going either of 2 ways featuring more hand picked downloads at a decent price OR I will upload every single film of this site to clips4sale and link it that way and not worry about the bandwidth and other nonsense… however, pricing is fixed by Clips4sale and I’d rather have control over that myself…

So here I am, my writer’s block still in place as I don’t want to write about anyone’s site or content, not today, so I’ll post some random nice images of a well known Brit model (I’m sure Americans know who she is too) – the beautiful and fullsome curvy Kelly Brook… inspired by the image I saw when this was posted to Instagram… Kelly Brook spanked in the kitchen? OMG!!! I love this girl even more!!!


***** Chief… do I give you “Trouser arousal?” *****

Yes, you most certainly do, my dear!


Some more images of Our Kel’ as she shows us why she is much loved by men and women alike
(well, except for Katie Price, but that is another story!)


kelly-ass kelly-brook-dungeon kelly-brook--1637

kelly-brook-09 kelly-brook_250782 kelly-brook-bikini-ass


I hope to be here tomorrow, refreshed and with a nice new post for you all!
I hope Kelly made up for this today, regards, Chief.  🙂

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