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Dormitory Discipline at AAA

This film is now out for members and it stars 2 very sassy, bratty schoolgirls at bedtime… this was done so well with Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay who were at times waaaaay out of control answering back to Miss Zoe Page (who was am-aaaazing as ever) and myself – I had to do a small cameo role though this part was shorter on film as I’ll explain later, as making this film was not at all easy. The final edit is about 13 minutes but this took us over an hour to make at the time… I can look back on this now and laugh (just!) but it was a steep learning curve in how to ensure cameras, settings and a whole host of other aspects were set up and prepared correctly!


But before more behind the scenes gossip, do check out a whole host of screen images from the movie and I have included the scene plot so you get to understand the story and why the girls got their just punishments!

dorm001 dorm002

dorm010 dorm013

dorm025 dorm027

dorm045 dorm067

dorm069 dorm071

Aleesha should have been in her own room studying before bedtime instead of gossiping with her dorm neighbour, Jenna. The girls were discovered chatting & giggling by Miss Page, on her way out for the evening before a final check of the Dorms. It was just as well, the girls were mischievous & answered back too quickly so she spanked them both & just happened to possess a handy leather paddle on her person to wipe the smirks off their faces. Mr Osborne (well known for his continual patrolling of the girls corridors at all times on the lookout for trouble) heard the commotion & graciously took over from Miss Page’s efforts to allow her a night out whilst he finished off chastising the girls with his hand & hairbrush that soon had both girls bottoms turning red with shame rather quickly! Dorm style PJs & giggling sassy girls getting what they deserve? It’s a very likeable film, we hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we did making it!

dorm103 dorm113

dorm119 dorm127

dorm137 dorm134

dorm155 dorm165

dorm172 dorm176

Ok, so you can see what the film is about… here’s a little behind the scenes gossip on it, as I shall never forget this morning as behind the scenes it was absolute CHAOS! This was my 1st filmshoot with my brand new HD cameras and I hadn’t got used to the settings even though I had been playing with them and practising for about a week beforehand. The WB (White balance) and the other manual settings were all over the place despite myself, Dodgy and Zoe, who helped behind the scenes, were unsure of. So we manually adjusted Iris settings, changing apertures and all sorts… it would also help, especially in this film, if one of us had remembered to switch one of the bloody cameras on… as we filmed a scene with out cam 1’s input for a short bit and also the lighting had changed and it was generally a mess with several re-takes that I am sure Jenna and Aleesha will remember, painfully. All in all, it took forever to film and I wasn’t happy about the angles and we did a few more retakes. This was filmed early last summer and now I would have just called cut earlier and changed camera angles.

Later in this film, you’ll see more roving angles as I didn’t like the static cam square onto the scenes as you couldn’t see the girls faces at all so had it move and roam up and down which added a new dimension, but really I should have positioned the girls better and maybe checked what the other cam person was viewing as it is so important! I even tried to get in some extra light. I now have additional lighting (the 3 point lighting rule, which I have learnt, such as backlight subjects and the key lighting effects etc as I have since recently discovered for other films I am doing). So this film hides a frantic and stressful hour, but ultimately we got there in the end, despite seeing only around 13 minutes of decent editable footage! ‘Twas a pity as I had wanted this film to be much longer and perhaps this is why I delayed putting it out until now… I viewed the edited data about a month back and then saw it through a viewer’s eyes and wasn’t as critical… it actually looked rather good. It’s not because it’s a poor film… far from it, it’s just that I know I could have done better to make it an outstanding film. I guess I’ll have to get Aleesha back and do some more filming… without this hassle next time… and also I will not be foolishly partaking of a late night before the filmshoot as it costs far too much money for me to piss it away the next day with chaos and a fuddled head!


Anyhoo… this film is now available and looking mighty fine at (there’s a free clip on the home page) – You may also want to view this as a special one off clip and you can do that at the Clips store now RIGHT HERE


Above clip courtesy of the AAA Clips store


Next week’s film and a fantastic gallery which accompanies it is from my last filmshoot with new girls to AAA, Sophie and amber in a fantastic “Cruel to be Kind” punishment movie, I got these girls some kick ass PJs which I let them keep as they were so distinctive but didn’t they look good in them? Seriously, you will LOVE this film when it comes out, it’s a little twisted, a bit naughty just a little dark for your average “Domestic discipline” film, but the end result is that I just can’t want to show this to you all… a few special sneak preview images(reduced in size) are below!


cruel2 cruel3

cruel4 cruel5


Have a great end to the day! Chief xx


  1. Tim Tim

    John a very nice new dormy setting with the 2 lovely girls being spanked by another nice girl Zoe ,discovering young Aleesha with knicks under her jammies ,Paul would have frowned at that but they were swiftly removed by Zoe as the strict House mistess ,best from ,Tim.

  2. Paul Down Paul Down

    Frown? My flabber has never been so gasted.

    Still its great to see that the cheif continues to understand what naughty girls require once in thier jimjams.

  3. ha ha! You’ll notice Amber is NOT wearing panties and I made Sophie wear them deliberately so I could tell her off ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Still, the girls look stunning in these oh so cute jimmy-jams, don’t they?
    I’m getting this edited as we speak and the girls look AWESOME!!!
    Can’t wait to release this next week!

  4. ah, Aleesha also… but again, we did that deliberately so Zoe could tell her off… I like that scenario and have included it in many films recently ๐Ÿ™‚

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