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Something different to start off your week

It’s not solely spanking as such, but it is fetish related and it’s quite interesting… this film hasn’t been officially released (yet) but it is a starter at a new clip site of Sarah’s called and I am placing it here in a much smaller version (in full) for you to view something a little different. It falls under the genre of bondage, I guess… as it is called “Blaise wrapping” pioneered by Simon Blaise many years ago and still going strong – follow him on Twitter – who has done much work in this genre… see examples of his work here:

example1 example2 example3

Then once we found out where the wrap was made available – we were inspired after watching an awesome demonstration at Fetishcon 2014 earlier this year in which he wrapped a 95lb young lady with it going round her body and fanning off like wings with the added support from an overhead beam. The wrap is basically saran wrap (or clingfilm as we call it in the UK) and you need it in rolls of 1000ft or more – it is basically the same material, and the same you’d probably use for packaging. An image of what inspired us is below taken on my phone during the display…


What we wanted to know was could Sarah get wrapped and placed between 2 palm trees (which were further apart than the side bars we saw at Fetishcon) and try to see if she’d suspend without the added support of wrapping her and attaching the wrap to an overhead beam as well! None of us were sure what would happen… it was touch and go, I decided to film it on the off chance it would work and at the very least we could use it as a tool to learn and improve if it was to fail. It was a very hot and humid day in North Miami when we did this so Sarah was first body wrapped indoors, in the cool of a controlled environment thanks to the AC (or Air Con as I prefer to call it) – then she was taken outside to the prepared trees – we didn’t want to startle the outside population or get into trouble by having her start naked outside… then, as passing boats went by with puzzled passengers gazing at us… so began the long and laborious act of wrapping around the trees and Sarah – and back again, creating 2 wings either side for extra support. You can imagine she was starting to get hot and sweats a little inside the constricted plastic coverings but was too excited to be bothered by this and was far more concerned to see if this would work. This is bordering on one of Sarah’s core kinks… bondage. Sarah has until recently, been known for hard bondage shoots and is also very well known in this genre creating some beautiful imagery and art with some amazing riggers and photographers – all of which can be seen on her Fetlife profile HERE


Anyway, back to the wrapping… Sarah was standing on a chair to take the weight off what was being wrapped around the trees and slowly but surely… as the time drew near to see if it worked. we all knew it would give, and we were hoping that the clearance of around 5ft (1.5m) would be enough when she was fully suspended. Of course, Sarah was in a vulnerable position and so we spanked her for fun over the hard coating that was formed… for once I didn’t need telling twice as she uttered those rare words “Go harder!” as I and Johnny (who was doing all the wrapping) needed no further encouragement and proceeded to spank her as hard as we could with the loud hand on plastic noises sounding over the water… we are sure a few curtains/blinds or whatever the hell were in the windows were twitching from the neighbours… but what the hell… we were having fun! You can see the full film and what happens (if she does get fully suspended or not) below:

OK, I have tried everything on my browser (Chrome) to get thsi working and it is not… god knows why I am having difficulty with this damned clip and not others, sorry. otherwise download the files as shown in WMV or MP4, they are both about 80Mb in size and plays for over 7 minutes. Good luck!

If it doesn’t play, download the files in your preferred version HERE >>> WMV or MP4

I hope you enjoyed the film – it had an upbeat soundtrack on it, though generally the films and clips at Sarah’s new store are pretty much focused on her with no soundtracks etc… so if she is moaning or about to cum whilst enjoying one of her favourite toys… you won’t hear a “Selfie” soundtrack or something over it, lol!

Before I go, here are some images taken from some of the films already up… I think they are all pretty much self explanatory and the clip store aims to live up to its name covering every fetish that Sarah enjoys doing on film….

bathtub_tied_02 butt_video2_03

clare_Pervy_05 masturbation_vegas_03

orgasm_control_tub_03 peanut_butter_10

plushie_07 pool_04

erotic_dancing_08 shaving_pussy_05

sucking_toes_05 vlcsnap-2014-09-30-23h51m41s180

washing_body_03 yummy_frosting_07



Oh… if you want to try this with your partner at home or at some munch (lol) … then here is a reputable company that sells the saran type clingfilm… we recommend you get the blue or green though as this is much stronger if you want to use it to suspend any weight… CLICK HERE


  1. Tim Tim

    John the vid didn’t out from the space on the blog on Sarah ,best ,Tim.

  2. Tim: There’s a better version of it in the AAA members bonus section ๐Ÿ™‚

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