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Atlantic City Spankings

I got back yesterday and started a blog post about the spankings in Atlantic City – only I fell asleep and finished it today! This was my second ever Boardwalk Badness Weekend (BBW) Spanking Party in Atlantic City, NJ. I traveled down with Sarah & Dana Specht (remember, we had that special custom shoot that we had been involved in previously?) schoolgirls– Dana was staying with us so she shared the ride there and back. The roadtrip down to AC was pretty unremarkable, no traffic issues… and it seemed subdued but once we arrived back at the Resorts Hotel, my memories of my first ever East Coast party came flooding back from 2014. That party would take a lot to live up to. I didn’t get involved in as many activities this time as the program of events were listed on an App that I could never fully view (so I checked out the website for a back up) and we were so tired the first night that we just slept in the nice room and awesome comfy bed! The following day was chill out time for me and I met up with many familiar faces and got to know a few people a whole lot better, I won’t name them here but suffice to say, I was pleased that I did come as there were 2 real highlights (~no, 3!) for me over that weekend that stood out!

BBW-BannerFirstly: I had some awesome playtime with many people at the suite parties including my much awaited bathbrushing of “Woodlover327” (I said I wouldn’t name names, lol…) it had been sometime since we last met up, and I also got to participate in some awsome canings in one of the suites. Thank you to those who allowed me and the rest of the partygoers a chance to show off our skills with some heavy deep impact play. Filming schedules over the weekend were another high, I love filming at this hotel as the light in the rooms is perfect. Oh, and to top it off I got to meet Audrey Sugarsmak (who I have long admired) working mainly with and she will now soon regularly (if I have my way) appear at all the SG group of sites as we have flirted with the idea of filming her and eventually got our act together this time and made some unique content I know you won’t see anywhere else which makes seeing Audrey at our sites even better! Audrey exceeded my expectations, oh so many wonderful spankings, I love this lady… I also got to meet up with one of my faves and good friends, LilBluBunny, better known in spanking circles as Adriana Evans. Of course we filmed, and “oh boy, did we film some uber kinky stuff” along with her friend – the oh so adorable Ally Cakes who I had been eagerly waiting to meet too! She will be appearing at the sites as soon as Sarah & I can get her on… O-M-G such cute baby girl superlatives are not good enough for her. I hope we get to work with her again sooner rather than later, I am such a filmshoot whore! LOL!

The images below are from just a few of the spanking films we made, they haven’t been assigned, or I can’t remember where they all go as these were taken from our phones during the actual footage being made… but you get the idea… featuring Audrey, Adriana & Ally… with Sarah, myself and Johnny Lake assisting too!

ac001 ac002 otk spankings strapped and spanked spankings and canings ac005 ac006 ac007 ac009 ac013 spankings of Ally Cakes ac011

I got to meet up with many friends (I’ll say one as I love this girl – Joelle Barros was there and we hung out, we didn’t film as she was unable to, but she has become close to Sarah & I and she comes to see us often as a friend – without filming – which I am happy about. Of course, another highlight for me was the sunset “Adult Speaking Society” boat trip run by Joe – DrLectr (on Fet). An awesome sunset and a great mix of friends, regulars and some great newbies on the boat made this a lovely trip to remember as well as me finally being able to smoke a few cigars again… that asthma issue being a thing of the past as far as I am concerned at the moment! Yay!


All aboard for the Adult Speaking Party cruise 🙂

& some images of Atlantic City for y’all…


IMG_20160422_211558 IMG_20160423_094510 IMG_20160423_185126 IMG_20160424_224727 IMG_20160424_230015 20160424_102308

lonestar300So that was Atlantic City… this is a precursor for me as next month, in just over 3 weeks time, I help host what has (amazingly) become the largest national spanking party in the USA – the Lone Star Spanking Party based out of Houston, Texas.

I am so excited about this – mainly because I will get to meet up with many like minded spankos, but also the people of Houston are just utterly amazing and oh so friendly. It is the 4th largest city in America and it fully deserves its own huge spanking party gathering. There are so many kinky people there that this event has just grown… this is the 2nd year and if any of you are able to, I fully recommend you book your room NOW as soon as possible to ensure you get the best floors where all the spankos are located together… to do this you must REGISTER HERE (prices are extremely reasonable and if you do not want to take part on the 1950’s themed Saturday Ball and evening meal… then it becomes cheaper) please do check the website. Couples & females are given pricing priority, as we want to encourage more than just guys who might possibly turn up… trust me, we have a fantastic mix coming and I know the suite parties will be BUZZING! Want to meet spanking models, session with many of America’s best PRO Dommes as well as take part in the many events for newbies, first timers and couples? Then please do check it out… I could go on and on, but I would rather you look at the website instead for your own information.


One point I must make is that the Vendor’s Fair will be the biggest ever for a spanking party, take a look at the list. Ever wanted to try out implements? Ever ordered them in the post but got disappointed when they arrived? (I know I have!) Well, here you get to see what you are buying. Got a partner? Try them out for yourself on them, or feel the quality of the product in your hand… vendors here are there to help you choose and try out what they are selling with expert advice. Add to that we have some amazing classes and demos along with our special guest of honor, Amelia Jane Rutherford, to meet and greet, and be the face of the party. She will also be running a popular class for those interested in spanking/bondage for beginners. Okay, I’ve said enough, the hotel is also going to be fantastic, they can’t wait to host this for us all and I personally recommend you try to fly into Houston’s George Bush Intl. (IAH) as there is a FREE shuttle to the Sheraton Hotel.


For those able to stay on the Monday, we are also arranging a special bus trip to Galveston (a beach resort an hour south of Houston) – the bus will have blacked out windows and we are able to be as kinky as we want – (please do spank and do naughty things you can’t normally do on a Greyhound bus, lol) with a special place reserved at the beach for playtime to continue! There are still places for this and I realize that many people have to go back to work or can’t take time off on Monday, but this could be a real fun event. Booking early will help us confirm this trip sooner for everyone involved (details on the site, naturally).



Oh, so you want some actual site spanking updates? Well, you could do worse than visit my very good friends at and check out this lovely update, now fully available with new English girl, Zabrina Black, who I helped film at the beginning of this year in the UK. One of Northern’s last ever UK shoots (until further notice as they intend to film more content in the USA, being based out of Los Angeles – but with paul’s English influence, naturally). I can tell you the girls they filmed with were all awesome and some of these had never filmed for any spanking site until then… like Zabrina below! I really liked this girl, you’ll be able to see her also at AAA Spanking in the following 5 or 6 weeks (as I can remember looking at the schedule on Sarah’s desk, lol) trust me, she is a fantastic new additon to any site and of course she deserves to be first here at Northern Spanking – check her out (below) – this is what Paul & Alex had to say about Zabrina’s first ever appearance at a spanking site!

northern spanking

Alex Reynolds say: “We are very excited to introduce you to a brand new spankee! Meet Zabrina Black, who we had the pleasure of shooting with during our last visit to the UK. She did her first spanking shoot with us, and was wonderful to work with. We know you are going to like the results! Twenty year old Zabrina is a petite beauty with stunning eyes that always seem to hold a twinkle of naughtiness.

After misbehaving while out doing errands with her Aunt Alex, Zabrina finds herself in more trouble than she bargained for. She finds herself quickly put across her aunts lap and soundly smacked across the seat of her cotton panties, then made to kneel up to be punished with a stinging wooden clothes brush.”

spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking

See the latest spanking updates HERE

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  1. Tim Tim

    All lovely girls ,young Audrey is a great spankee girl who I know at Punished Brats and a friend I chat with it will be nice to see on Sarah s sites too and cute little Adriana ,best from Tim also Zabrina and Alex and Ally .

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