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Freakin’ Hawt Spanking News pt1

I have 2 brand new amazing video updates featuring Sarah Gregory as the “top” in both all female spanking stories waiting to be told! So without further ado, here is the 1st part and it co stars beautiful Angela Sommers in her debut appearance at – this is an amazing visual treat for fans of both ladies. I helped film this last month in Los Angeles and she is every bit as stunning in real life as she looks on film! To top it off, Angela is a genuinely decent, hardworking fetish model who made the whole day a thoroughly pleasant experience. There aren’t enough superlatives I have for this lady, so check out this awesome pairing and cool spanking storyline that we enjoyed filming. Basically, it was any excuse to have Sarah “punish” and scold Angela as she was a nasty fitness instructor losing clients for the gym because she was working the beginners too hard! (hmmm, I wouldn’t mind…lol)

From AAAspanking.comAngela Sommers & Sarah Gregory star in

Angela soon learns not to annoy Gym Club manager, Miss Gregory!

motivator001 motivator002 motivator003 motivator004 motivator005 motivator006 ang1 motivator007 motivator009 ang2

Angela Sommers makes a stunning debut as a pushy fitness coach who has lost all her clients in a Beginners and Intermediate Dance Class at a gym run by Sarah Gregory. Sarah isn’t pleased that this is costing her money and has a rather unique way of motivating Angela to improve her attitude and people skills by not pushing those who dread her classes. Angela’s slutty attire is also reviewed and sarah gives her a humiliating bare bottom spanking on the gym class floor. Watch Angela’s cheeks jiggle and turn a beautiful shade of red as this hand spanking gets the job done perfectly!

motivator010 motivator011 motivator012 motivator013 motivator014 motivator015 spanking motivator017 motivator018 ang3




You can also watch this full HD movie at the Clips Store today (see below)


aaaclipstore aaalibrary600

& next up in part 2 later… the latest Cheerleader Spankings & more naughty girl punishments!

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  1. Tim Tim

    Beautiful Angela has sound spanks from our cute pal young Sarah for naughtiness otks ,best Tim .

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