Freakin’ Hawt Spanking News Pt2

Part 2 sees the latest new spanking movie released earlier this week at with an all girl cast with Kajira Bound getting her 1st taste of bare bottomed discipline there… punished by Sarah Gregory in the role of her older sibling! We filmed this on our last visit to Las Vegas and so themed the video in a hotel room, naturally. One thing is for sure, Kajira looks damn hot in that cheerleader outfit, as you’ll see from the many images and GIFs below! There is also a link to the site showing a FREE Clip along with many others on the extensive tour pages showing the site continues to update with only new original spanking films each and every week now without fail and will continue to do so.

moron I had some ignorant moron remark to me privately that the site was a rip off (it most certainly isn’t) … the idiot failed to grasp the concept that as a new site, Sarah could have started with far less films, new sites generally do that… (surprise, surprise… *sigh*) but I said why not supplement a few films in an archive of the last films updated on there from both AAA Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking – as not all new members to this site would have been members of both sites and it would be a nice bonus as well as advertising for those sites. This gesture went un-noticed, of course. No new films there will be taken from the existing sites and any in future that might be added would be as a BONUS in addition to the regular and new updates shown. I do sometimes despair at the ignorance shown, but I just needed to get that off my chest. So to the latest update, as I said… it stars Kajira Bound & Sarah Gregory as sisters – check it out (below).


Kajira Bound makes her first appearance at

spanked_cheer_sister_004 spanked_cheer_sister_014 sister1 spanked_cheer_sister_016 spanked_cheer_sister_038

Sarah’s family were on a free vacation courtesy of the cheer team as she was instrumental in getting them to the national championships. However… her younger sister, Kajira, was selfish and “borrowed” the cute cheer uniform (that Sarah had laid out for practice) to go out in and use it to help attract attention, and of course…boys! Sarah was late for her practice because of this and she decided to punish her sister like their mom or dad might do when they overstepped the mark! Kajira had little choice as Sarah was so mad at her that she had threatened to tell Daddy, who would have gotten his belt out for sure! Cute Kajira’s bum jiggles and turns a shameful sore red as she is relentlessly spanked, scolded and given a furious hairbrush punishment at the end which has her squirming in real pain and embarrassment. Sarah ensures that Kajira won’t be borrowing her uniform without asking in future or there will be the promise of more bare bottom spankings over the knee of her older sister!

CLS-60-001 CLS-60-005 CLS-60-007 OTK spanking spanked_cheer_sister_054 spanked_cheer_sister_056 sister3 spanking spanked_cheer_sister_066 spanked_cheer_sister_077 CLS-60-009 CLS-60-012 CLS-60-014




This film is also available at the NEW Cheerleader Clips Store for those that only wish to download the odd movie or two! Check it out HERE for all the films and clips that have been uploaded so far with a full description and a free preview.


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  1. Tim

    Cute little Kajira has big spanks from young Sarah a nice update on a great new site of Sarah s ,best from Tim to you both .

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