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Aleesha Fox gets another spanking!

Here’s just a quick update on what was released earlier today at AAA Spanking – it is an all British spanking movie with a new rare video release from Aleesha Fox wearing some wonderful tight fitting lycra pants, cute panties (which you will see) as well as getting her lovely bubble butt spanked and slippered in an unusual location… Uncle Dave’s Tool Shed! Check out the screen images and GIFs from the film, I have also provided a link to where you can see the film and download the full HD film.

Aleesha Fox is Spanked in the Tool Shed – NEW at AAA Spanking


Aleesha Fox thought she could sneak into her Uncle Dave’s tool shed and grab herself a fuse for the hairdrier before he noticed that she had been in his private domain. If only she had asked him for his help but then she’d have to explain to her uncle who she was seeing and where she would be going that evening. Dressed lin her figure hugging tight lycra pants and revealing top, she preferred not to face the “Spanish Inquisition!” Aleesha took too long looking for what she needed and Uncle caught her snooping around. She knew the consequences when she stayed over from the past and he was soon scolding her like a naughty little girl before his hand started to spank her on those tight pants. She also remembered that Uncle Dave liked to spank on the bare bottom and she thought to herself how embarrassing it was that he also saw her sexy panties. But he liked to spank ON the bare bottom and just so happened to have an old slipper in the shed that also got the message across! See Aleesha in rare new footage of this buxom young lady getting an unfair spanking punishment!

aleesha_toolshed004 aleesha_toolshed006 aleesha_toolshed008 aleesha_toolshed010 aleesha_toolshed019 aleesha_toolshed026 tool1aleesha_toolshed029 aleesha_toolshed034 aleesha_toolshed043 aleesha_toolshed050 aleesha_toolshed063 aleesha_toolshed075 aleesha_toolshed091 aleesha_toolshed094 aleesha_toolshed100 aleesha_toolshed107 aleesha_toolshed109 tool3



This video can also be viewed at the CLIP STORE HERE



  1. Tim Tim

    Lovely girl Aleesha has big spanks from Dave tampering with his things in the shed ,best , Tim .

  2. Yes Tim, she was a naughty girl to nose through Dave’s precious things! LOL.

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