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More Catherine Corbet & Georgie Simpson

This is from the classic 1 hour movie from movie makers “Strictly English”

I had just sent this out as a mailer but to those not in the know, I thought I’d post it here too so you may share the pics!
These 2 girls worked together for this movie in 2001 though it’s still a classic and we get to see both of them in their spanking prime!

Saying that, both girls are still amazing!!! Catherine Corbet is back filming EXCLUSIVELY with us and looking as good as ever.
Simpson has her very own successful site at taking and dishing out some of the hardest FF punishment online!
















Take a look at this Caning Movie Clip of Catherine as well.  MOVIE CLIP

Remember, you saw these here FIRST!
I’ve only just made them available to our Affiliates so I know damn well I posted em up to t’internet before anyone!
Another Chief SCOOP! Enjoy!    😉


  1. Isn’t it Elizabeth Simpson? 🙂

  2. Pandora, it is indeed Elizabeth Simpson.
    However, before she started working with us in 2002, she went under the name “Georgie”.
    This long play movie, “In the Red Again” was produced by film makers “Strictly English” who we have a deal to show their previously unreleased content on the internet.
    A lot of their work was from 1997 onwards that we are showing.

    I thought about saying Elizabeth but as she’s called Georgie in the film I left it at that.
    Hope that clears things up 😉

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