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The Madness of the Bayswater Family

This was without doubt one of the strangest films we produced last year and it is my pleasure to remind everyone about this storyline!

Deep in rural Derbyshire, in the middle of nowhere, an isolated ultra religious community protect their traditions of strict chastisement & the word of God.
Joanna has joined her odd Aunt & Uncle Bayswater for moral and spiritual guidance.
This was at the request of her beleagered mother, who has given up on her teen tearaway!
What we witness here is part of the ritual punishment and cleansing performed by the senior family members on poor Joanna.
However, Mrs Bayswater is in for some stern punishment too, as Uncle has spotted her “enjoying” herself when spanking their neice.
You can be sure her beating will be as severe as her rosy rural bottom will take the full force of Uncle’s wrath.

All in all, this is a unique film that only SpankingOnline can pull off – A classic British upbringing Domestic Discipline Special!

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