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6 months SpankingMags membership and all back issues for how much???

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Just 35 little British Pounds, that’s how much! (about $65-68)  😀
I cannot stress what a deal that is to catch up on the Ezines and all future Ezine updates for free the next 6 months!
You will get Hi Res Films in 1500kbs+ playback, a HQ Photo Gallery and Movie stills plus unseen extras…
Just One payment, no worry about a rebill and that’s it!!!!
It works out currently at less than $1 a Gig of content! (over 80Gigs at present)

Webmaster at SpankingMags has informed me this offer won’t be up for much longer, probably until next Tuesday.
So click on the happy happy people below and see what little surprises I have in store for you!
If you likey likey muchy muchy….then check out the 6 month membership link HERE (or at the bottom of this News Announcement)

They decided to purchase the SpankingMags deal to peruse over at their leisure when he got home from the Office!

These Virginia boys just got Broadband and were “over the MOONshine” at the quality spanking films and format.
Their womenfolk have been able to sit down for a week now comfortably!

Don’t worry Mrs Miggins, he didn’t miss out – your hubby’s only picking up that hairbrush you dropped on the floor!
Who wouldn’t miss an opportunity like this, eh?

CLICK BELOW if you haven’t already seen the Special Offer on the Home Page of SpankingMags.

My News this weekend:
Well, I’m away for part of the weekend, going on a big trip to watch my football (soccer) team probably get beaten away from home again!
My team (Plymouth Argyle) are away at Ipswich Town in the CCC (second tier of the English Football League).
It’s a chance to meet up with some mates and get drunk, smoke cigars then scream and shout at the referee, the home fans and probably our team.
Ah, I love it…..escape from the Missus for some male bonding for the day!  😀

Have a good one, everyone!

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  1. brad brad


    That last pic, the one where the dad or uncle is holding the brush in front of the cute
    girls face!! PRICELESS, i love drawings like that. Hey, what about a section in SOL or
    elsewhere for drawings or another good one is “Corner time” shots too.???


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