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Interview with Amber from

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Interview with Amber from SPANKAMBER

Below is an Exclusive SpankingBlogg Interview with the Net’s freshest erotic spanking actress from the West Coast of America.
I feel she will do very well for herself and you can be sure you will hear a lot more about her in the coming months.

Amber’s Vital Stats and Personal Information:
Height: 5’6″
Bust: 36b
Waist: 25″
Hips: 37″
Weight: 119 lbs (54kg)
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Amber
Birthday: August 06
Star Sign:Leo
Hometown: Chico, CA
Relationship Status:Long Term Relationship

1. Amber. Can you tell me your story on how you got into the online business & decided to become a Spanking Model?
I grew up in a very strict Jehovah’s Witness household and had the belt used on me by my father often. My mother occasionally would spank me otk with her hand. My father would always use the belt and would make me wait bent over my canopy bed with my pants down. They are now divorced and of course I have moved away from home. About 3 years ago, I was working as an administative assistant, bored to death with it – wating to do something different. I always loved being in front of the camera, started taking acting classes, and had done commercial modeling when I was 11, etc. I love pinups and Bettie Page. I saw a girl that had a modern day website with her all dolled up like a 40’s pinup, the most she did was get nude. On her site, it said she had over 900 members. I thought could I make that just from being nude? So I went to find a photographer to shoot me in that style. When I arrived he had other ideas in mind. he tied me up and blindfolded me and took some black and white shots. I had never been tied up before in my life and thought about that day often. I told the photographer my ideas of my own website, he said he could help me and had some web design knowledge etc from his own site. So we scheduled a second shoot. I was really into Bettie Page so I brought a bullwhip I found on eBay and some fur handcuffs. I thought they would just be props. Maybe me being the dominant one. Next thing I know I’m naked in nothing but my crotchless fishnet body suit, which had the butt cut out and being tied up with my bottom up in the air. Next thing I know he brings out a paddle. He says he’s into creating red bottoms with the paddle to add a little mystique to the images. I said OK. For the next 4 hours off and on I was paddled very hard. I’ll never forget that first sting. I felt a warm tingly sensation and it went right between my legs and created very intense pangs. I tried not to react like I liked it. I felt alive for the first time in my entire life. It was like a light bulb had gone off and said this is what you’ve been wanting your whole life. After that day I was obsessed with being spanked. I wanted more and more. I asked my current boyfriend if he would do it. He would not even try, he was against hitting women. I said you’re not hitting me, I want you to spank me! But he wouldn’t. So I decided to start start a spank site with my photographer. I had the best time coming up with scenarios, etc. The photographer and I both had a lot to learn technically first. He got a video camera and started filming me. Through out time I left the boyfriend that wouldn’t spank me and fell in love with my photographer/filmer/editor/musician/webmaster/partner. We had some problems with hiring a web designer who lied to us about what he could do and lost some $$$, and was unable to launch the site. Also, at that time we hadn’t fig’d out the video thing so the site would only offer stills and we wanted more.So throughout the last couple years we’d been toying with the idea of launching the site. We make what we want to see anyways and were watching the movies and then in the end of Feb of this year we decided to launch it! We’d be making these movies and I’d be getting the same spankings you see whether or not we decided to launch the site. I’m obsessed with being spanked. I also love the idea of men and women watching our films and being aroused. it’s a great creative outlet for me and gives me a way to live out my fantasies! So only my parents and my current spanker have ever spanked me. I’ve never been a spank model for anyone else.

2. I believe you and your partner started SpankAmber recently…Can you tell me how long this has been in the pipeline & have you looked at other spanking sites for any inspiration?
I think I answered most of that in the last question. I looked at Dallas Spanks Hard and Bun Beating Fun.
I love their sites. But wanted to try and express my and my partners spanking vision.

3. What is your favorite spanking scene from your movies that you have produced and why?
So far I really love the jeans one. I love the lighting and the way my bottom looks and the way I stop and look into the camera like yeah this stings but I like it.
It’s so real and who I am. I love working with my partner because I can completley be myself and express my love of being spanked.

4. Is there anything in online spanking etc that you wouldn’t do?
I have not had a chance to watch everything. Love the otks. I’m not into anything brutal when the skin breaks, thats a big turn off for me.
I love a nice, hard, firm, long spanking, whipping, though and have taken a caning! I just love it all!!!

5. What instrument (eg slipper or tawse) have you never had used but would like to find out how it feels across your bare bottom?
Honestly I think I’ve had just about everything used on me! My favorite hand,.leather paddle, daddy’s belt, and thin wood paddle, oh and the kitchen spoon, and um the hairbrush!
The devils Tongue is very intense! I only have that used on me when I’m really baaaaaaaaad.
Oh actually I want a switch! Never had and want it baaad. An outdoor spanking!

6. You have a gorgeous toned body, do you have to work out or are you lucky and just eat sensibly?
Awww, thank you very much. I am not that lucky. I love to work out 3-6 times a week. I always take the stairs over the elevator, or park far away so I have to walk further.
I also do pilates, yoga, cardio kickboxing, 8 min, abs, buns, thighs, arms. And I always squeeze my butt cheeks and release them, especially in traffic.
I also am a vegetarian and rarely drink and don’t smoke. Drink lots of water. I think spankings help keep the butt in shape!


7. Have you ever entered or won or been placed in any beauty pageants? If so, which ones and what position?

8. Do any friends or family know what you do and are they supportive?
My mom knows that I do art nude modeling and that I enjoy privately being spanked. But I like the idea of being a bad girl for real and keeping it a secret.

9. Do you know any other models that work in this industry?
No, But I think Sierra Salem is a total doll!

10. What are your hopes for your website and where do you see yourself in, say, 3 years?
I hope to be able to make a living from it. And possibly if Spank Amber is profitable make a couple new spank sites!

11. What is the best thing so far about being an online spanking model?
Being Spanked, being spanked, and being spanked!!!!!!! Oh and new members are soo cool! To know people are enjoying are films makes me very happy.


12. Likewise, what is the worst?
Technical issues, not being able to please everyone. People getting snotty and saying rude things.

13. Apart from spanking, do you have any other fetish you care to tell us about?
Panties and leather. I love having my panties, wedged up my cheeks, pulled to the side, and ripped down and right under my cheeks!!!
And even though I’m a vegetarian I love leather. The smell drives me wild. Must be because of my daddy’s leather belt he used on me all of the time.

14. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
65! Love High heels, stilettos, 3-4 inches so I can still walk in them. I love the way they make my legs look and make me stick my bottom out.

15. Where was your last holiday/vacation, would you go again? and what was your worst ever vacation from hell?
Gosh, I have not been on a vacation in so long! I need one. I nice long spanking Holiday! Last one was Helsinki, Finland, first time out of the country.
I saw and amazing Mucha Exhibit that made all the hell with British Airways worth it!

16. So when you are not helping to run your website, what to you like to do in your own time?
Spankings, Play drums, exercise, paint, put makeup on pretty girls, watch Turner Classic Movies.

17. If you weren’t running a new spank site, what career do you think you’d be doing right now apart from modelling?
I’m doing it! I also am a makeup artist and hairstylist and commercial model/actress


18. Are you interested in any sports?
I played Volleyball in Junior High, and love it. Bowling, playing pool. I love watching Footbal go Broncos!!!

19. I hear soccer with the ladies is becoming big in America, as you’re West Coast, have you ever heard of David Beckham who will play for LA Galaxy soon? And do you think he is cute? (lol)
Yes, he is “cute”. But I don’t look for “cute” in a partner/spanker. I like strong masculine older men that won’t take any nonsense and not afraid to put me in my place! (Which is over their knee of course)

20. Tell us Amber, what was the most embarrassing thing so far to happen while filming on set?
Having a blemish on my bottom!!! That is the worst!

21. Do you have plans to work or collaborate with other spankees or spankers with your company or other spanking companies?
I don’t know, anything is possible. Right now we’re going to stick with what’s working. See how it goes in 6 months and decide where to go from there.

22. Trick question, I just wanna see if you Americans know your geography. Please no cheating – Without looking it up on Wikipedia etc, what are the capital cities of these countries?
Sweden, Denmark & Greece. (Answers to the cities are: Stockholm, Copenhagen & Athens)
Sorry, I have no clue!

23. Any advice you’d like to offer my few female readers that I have?
Get spanked as often as you can!!!!

24. Finally, what is your proudest moment personally and professionally so far?
The launch last month of the site! And, Today actually when VISA accepted us! Yeah!!!

Thank you Amber for taking time to answer my questions.
You can of course check out her site HERE, a FULL site review and Exclusive FREE Gallery will be following within days.


  1. Awww sweetie, I think you are a TOTAL DOLL as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ XOXO I can’t wait to meet you!

    — Sierra Salem

  2. just have to say you are very sweet and wow what a spankable bottom too…with me i love giving otks but lol at my age now
    guess thats over…the worst thing to me its always girls that are way over weight and well if you dont fit over my knee
    its not cool….ya i know that doesnt sound good .. i am more into the dad to daughter thing …the bottom line is that
    its great to see you and what you do… way to go little one keep it going ………tons of hugs and otks for you .. wish
    i could have you over my knee some times ..oh well good luck in what ever you do…

  3. Amber,you have by far the most adorably spankable cute little ASS i’ve ever seen!

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