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Caned by Aunty & Emily’s Shameful Secret

Some schoolgirls like Emily just can’t help themselves, they always seems to get into trouble.
Now this poor wretch has some sort of dysfunctional order as she just can’t seem to keep her fingers away from her vagina.
Masturbation in this strict rural outpost is a taboo subject so when caught playing with herself yet again by Aunt Elizabeth, she’s in for a hiding.
Emily is one of those rare creatures that dribbles constantly so her moistened slit is always going to land her in trouble with her elders.
Even whilst being spanked & caned ferociously by Aunty, deep down, Emily is thinking about the time her red welted bottom will stop hurting….
So she can dip her fingers into her warm honeypot in secret & pleasure herself once more! 

Click for the FREE Gallery

CLICK the image above or CLICK HERE for a FREE GALLERY of Emily’s defilement & her punishment!

Enjoy….Chief   😀


  1. brad brad

    ….you did that on purpose didnt ya chief? Hmmm? EXCELLENT. That girl by far is
    the cutest! Such a cute lil face and so naughty with her wet vagina. WAY TO GO..



  2. I don’t know what you mean! LOL
    Well, I did this gallery yesterday and while we were on the subject again……. 🙂

  3. GrandPa GrandPa

    The image of the girl undressing looks very real. Shirt tail covering front parts, her mind on other things .. hopfully the fear of turning around and having to show her BARE BOTTOM! Appreciate the image set even if women on women spanking is not really my thing. A woman has no place in such things, hopfully some gallerys or images will come up that show the same girl bent over, the headmaster casually holding his cane, then every few minutes without warning issues a hard fast stroke that leaves a deep welt. The girls screams and the headmaster smokes calmy on his pipe between strokes. He may even talk in a gentle but firm voice about why she is being caned and its value, all the while keeping a beady eye through his pipe smoke on her bared cheeks. Oh well I can dream of better days. But thank you for these images, im spending to much time on this site, must go and feed my cats.

  4. GrandPa GrandPa

    one more thing I notice the image gallery or whatever leads to a spanking site. As i dont ever use cards on the interenet do you take postal orders ? And do you do discounts for disabled OAPs? If I do join are they movies to download similar to some of the free caning movies I have downlaoded before to my windows video player ?
    Kind regards Gramps.

  5. Well, if you are indeed serious and wish to subscribe then by all means you can send a UK postal order directly to me.
    I run the customer support side of the content I have promoted recently such as SpankPass and SpankingOnline for example.
    However, your IP address says you are from California and your email address isn’t correct. Or is my blog software wrong?
    You can email me directly if you wish to discuss this further, however, please join the email address below and substitute the (at) for the @ symbol.

    The reason I say this is because I don’t want my address being read by automatic spambots, otherwise my address will get spammed to hell.

    my email address: admin(at)


  6. brad brad

    Hey GranPa….

    I agree with you on the women spanking women issue. I dont like to see a woman
    spanking another. I truly feel they dont strike hard enough. I would much rather
    see a strong headmaster or experienced man spank such a petite girl above here.

    Thanks again Chief… the “wet” lil honeys!!


  7. klapkaj klapkaj

    What a nice set of pics of Emily being chastised. Although painfully thin, this young girl’s instinctive reaction to punishment is astonishing and it would be nice to see more of her punishments. I recall one where she is slippered in her pyjamas until her cunt starts dripping and her Guardian asks if she needs the lavatory. When he discovers how wet her cunt is, and that it’s not pee, he starts to finger her hard, first one and two fingers deep insied her until she erupts in a huge orgasm. What a video that is!

  8. Hi klapkaj – I think we discussed Emily in that film before as it was me that fingered her cruelly after her severe slippering.
    That film is available at 2 sites:
    SpankingDigital in RM format when it originally came out in 2004.
    FetishFlixx remastered in hi res WMV playback so you get to see everything nice and clearly in detail!

    Poor Emily…she was a bit eccentric but her reactions to any of our punishments were number one!
    She genuinely got turned on by being thrashed and abused! Top girl!

  9. brad brad

    Chief! Wait a minute! I saw that video of Emily and her dripping vagina, but i dont remember seeing her “fingered”
    I believe i watched the vid at Spankingonline! Is there more footage at Sp Digital and Fetishflix?
    As for High Res vids, my computer is about 7 years old and i seem to have trouble playing vids from here, but if
    i join Fetish Flix is there an option to use High Res or low res? I think i may have to use the lower res
    until i get a new computer??

    Please let me know if i missed the “good stuff” with emily…..Daaaaaammmmmm!


  10. No, that was another film!
    I’ve just gone through my archives here as I was sure I’d promoted this film, Emily’s Slippering, but can’t seem to find it.
    Anyway, I’m sure I did, i know I may have deleted a few posts by accident thanks to these damn bastard spammers and their f**king Phentermine etc…
    I’ll just have to find a Gallery to put up.
    I slippered Emily with her fluffy pink slippers and the soles were ridged and made a great noise against her tiny cheeks.
    As for the fingering bit, lol, yes, I’ll explain that when I find the pics!

    SpankingDigital has this in Real Player format which is still reasonable quality and probably adviseable for slower PCs though if you have an old Mac then newer versions of WMV are not available!
    FetishFlixx has it in hi res WMV playback. (you need WM Player version 9 and above)

  11. brad brad

    Ok. Would love to see more of Emily! As for my computer, it isnt a Mac and i have Media Player 11?? Should be ok eh?
    Man those f*&(* spammers eh? Cause alot of trouble do they?

    Thanks Chief.

    What site had more “humilitation” scenes do you think? Spank Dig or Fetish Flix. I have to choose one.??!!

  12. Granpa Granpa

    Hum hum not sure what you mean by ip and im certainly not in the America! lol last time I looked out the window anyhow. I do use safe surf which kind of covers where i go online as i have alot of spanking bookmarks and others can use my pc. Anyway postal order seems the best way forward. I shall do this next week on recipt of pension.


  13. klapkaj klapkaj

    Of course you made several other videos with Emily, the finest of which, by far, was End of Term Report in which she is caned & strapped for bringing home a bad report at the end of term. Initially she is caned with just her white knickers taken down and her cunt starts to drip. Then she is made to strip naked and strapped and it is then that her cunt drips so much there is a huge long dangling stream of juice between her open legs about 9 ins long at least. Needless to say she is caned even harder for that. I think this video is still available on one of your sites and well worth downloading. Can you put up some of the stills from that film please, I’m sure it must get you more new members when they see it.

  14. Yes indeed it was a good punishment film.
    I’m sure that’s available in full at SpankingDigital and FetishFlixx (in higher resolution)
    and I’m also sure there’s a decent sized clip at SpankingOnline.

    I’ll have a look as I know that we have featured in Galleries in the past, I’ll try find some extra pics if needed.

  15. brad brad

    I have seen the clip at SOL, and there is just Emily dripping but i have never seen the part of her being
    fingered, ever!! GOT to see that one…


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