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This is the New Logo for SpankingOnline you will see at this site now! (Reduced in size from the original)
Click on it to see how it looks on the new style homepages.

New SOL Logo

Well, it’s Springtime (or so it’s supposed to be) – winter is supposedly fast disappearing and SpankingOnline has had a re design!
Spring cleaning away cobwebs of the old design, websites must adapt or change and so it is with this site.
Crisper & more fluent, the home page, tour pages, the whole damn lot in the Members Area has undergone a refreshing transformation.
I was joking with the webmaster earlier about his latest color fetish.
Hmm, I wonder what dominant color (Springtime fashion vogue!) he’s chosen, eh?  🙂

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We have also designed new Galleries, as you will see from above.
If you haven’t already, click on the image for the FREE Gallery.
This set was taken from a great SOL movie “True Discipline” & Abigail is in the sights of growling Deputy Head, Mr Giles.
He obviously can’t wait to get her knickers removed to thrash her bare bottom, & rightly so, as she fails another simple test!

Have a good weekend, everyone.
Chief.  😀


  1. Granpa Granpa

    Well I do like this picture. Girls head hung in fear , maybe biting her lips. Headmaster of suitable age derobing her behind. Old enough not to flustered about seeing a teenagers bare bottom. Do I spy a cane in his hand. Would be nice to see a video with him tapping her buttocks a few times, getting his aim, maybe she twitches a little then he gives her 3 or 4 rapid strokes. I would cane her from the top of her bottom down past the back of her legs. When finished YES she wouldbe in a mess crying shaking pants adrift. I would show no sorrow just contempt and private joy at throwing her out into the cold corridor bottom a mass of seathing white hot welts as if she had been braded with hot iron plates.


  2. brad brad

    Gramps….wow, you would have that naughty girl in line in NO time…Whew!
    Good description of a good discipline session my good man!! I can learn from you!!



  3. GrandPa GrandPa

    Many thanks for the compliments Brad. Im certainly not of the newer elk of those who enjoy Spanking. Having spent a good deal of time surfing I can see many of the sites today cater for sexually based spanking themes, lesbian tendancys etc most of which are abhorrant to my nature. I come from a time when such things simply did not occur a time of hand printed magazines and grainy vhs/super8 movie material. A time and tool box of rattan, slipper, tawse and belt. I have never really hidden my liking for proper correct discipline even through my marrige, sadly my wife never took to the slipper even though I tried on occasion. So my needs were served purchasing certain video and written material and of course a number of harsh thrashings I have given to working girls. For myself when I look through my collection or rare spanking paraphernalia its gives a warm glow to see imagery and movies of a schoolgirl 1960s style. Grim furniture, dark brown rooms, correctly atired headmasters or teachers and the pure fear of some girl stood shivering at the thought of a severe cold beating. Education in my day was driven home like a nail to flesh with the rod! A terrifying and sobering event for any teenage girl.


  4. An excellent analogy, Gramps.
    In some of our movies, especially at, we have strived, where possible, to re create those old times where the teacher or Headmaster/Mistress dished out the punishment in an austere setting, be it the school gym or the small cold classroom no one really likes!
    An ongoing part of her punishment was to wait and contemplate the rod, in some cases, we even gave the girl the rattan cane to handle beforehand. All part of the mental as well as physical punishment they would suffer.

    So forgive me as I will soon be posting a link to a gallery requested earlier of the painfully thin Emily being slippered (and fingered harshly).
    Some of the pictures carry a heavy sexual theme but the humiliation of the girl is still paramount in this 20 minute movie.

  5. brad brad

    Chief and Gramps…..hey, are we the only ones on here?…lol
    I too LOVE the old style, dark, old furnished schoolroom scenes and nothing
    turns me off more than things like lesbian spanking, high heels being worn with a
    kilt, and just fake, light tap spankings. I do however love an occasional
    panty inspection for humiliation and then to possibley discover dirty knickers and
    the need for an additional paddling or OTK spanking…..Marvelous!


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