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Oh dear, Catherine has been found out defiling herself in private by her strict aunt. She didn’t actually catch her wanking in the act, oh no, but it was just as humiliating for Catherine. Sadly for Corbet, the dried out stains of her pants after a disgraceful finger session have been bothering her aunt on knicker washday. A snap knicker inspection confirms her suspicions as dirty Catherine has been walking around in with a crusty gusset under her uniform!

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defiling dirty knickers

hail mary for I have sinned caned hard

There is plenty to appreciate in this movie including the strict Catholic angle! There’s the added bonus of Catherine reciting her “Hail Mary” prayer whilst her bottom is perched in the air! A nasty caning at the end and a lesson learnt about self defilement is the theme of this movie!

A short clip is found below by clicking on the large image.
Enjoy this SpankingBlogg EXCLUSIVE. Chief.

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And finally…
Talking of “nettles” (stinging nettles) this reminded me of the 1950s style retro classic movie from Lupus which I featured a while back!
A girl is punished for shaving her privates by wearing a knicker full of stinging nettles!!!
You can remember this great movie with Extensive Coverage HERE

I have also provided a shortened clip which promoted this movie below.
CLICK HERE for the Nettles Caning Compilation Clip.

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