Lovely Angie from Girls Boarding School

Angie at GBS

How I ever missed the lovely Angie at GBS, I’ll never know! Following some advice from Dave at Cherry Red Report, I downloaded her films and boy is she HOT! I’m not sure where she’s from, probably Germany or an Eastern European country nearby (Czech Republic or Poland). Whatever, her reactions to her punishment were indeed moving. She’s been called up for Detention for wearing her innapropriate clothing at the Boarding School. The Head (this English guy must come from somewhere very near to where I live in the UK as his accent is very distinctive) Probably the county of Somerset or just south of the city of Bristol in the UK – We all have a distinctive accent.


Anyway, his manner is indeed very authoratarian and believable, poor Angie doesn’t know what she is in for at all!
From her innocent reply to what she was wearing at the start (it’s “trendy”…oh bless) to when she is all over the place at the end.
You’ll see from the movie clip as she fails to understand what is required of her….which is both amusing and distressing to watch.
Angie’s reactions are, I must shamefully admit, a real turn on, hearing her beg, plead, cry and yelp for it all to stop.



Her lovely “trendy” clothing is removed, revealing a beautifully toned body and a cracking bottom. Mr Lewis, the Headmaster was a very VERY lucky man indeed to have her over his knee! If you haven’t already realised, you can click on the pics of the punishment to see then in better detail.



At the bottom is a Real Player Clip towards the end of her punishment, you will understand why I was so captivated watching this!
Teen Angie features in about 3 full length films of between 10 -15 minutes each, sadly there are no more movies but I have not seen her anywhere else. So enjoy the clip I offer below, of course if you have a membership you can – or may have already seen her!
You can of course click on the banners to view more content or join up.

More Angie here



Now you’ve seen the screen shots of Angie and Mr Lewis in “The Detention Room”,
see the Real Player clip below:

RIGHT CLICK (& save target as) FOR THE 4MB CLIP HERE

What I have noticed now is that GBS, like many companies incl ourselves are now uploading movies in 1500kbs. This archived clip of Angie was about 5-600kbs which was/is still reasonable when played in FULL Screen.

Girls Boarding School

3 thoughts on “Lovely Angie from Girls Boarding School

  1. brad

    Chief, you know me, but what do i see between her legs in her crotch area?
    Looks white, like tissue?? Is it a piercing or something else. I am sure there
    is something there? Anyway, GREAT clip, such realistic tears and crying which
    i LOVE.


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