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Here’s the next part of this wonderful archive of the Educational Pamphlett from 1960s Great Britain. It covers Spanking and the Ruler.

Real 1960s schooling pamphlett

Click on the links below to obtain the page to read this.

1st  2nd  3rd  4th

I find it amazing that such a pamphlett could exist, if anyone knows about Eric Wildman, he was a campaigner who 10-15 years previously tried to endorse these policies! Yet was considered an outcast! I will have to look up some links for Eric Wildman some time soon, now HE was a strange character indeed!


  1. klapkaj klapkaj

    Thanks Chief and please, please let us see the reamining chapters on use of the strap and other implements and advice from this fscinating booklet.
    If you can find anything on Eric Wildman please let us see details of that. I met him once way back and bought a copy of his famous booklet “Should Girls be trained with the cane” which I no longer have unfortunately. If you can locate a copy of that it will make rewarding reading. Can you beleive that he was successfully prosecuted for advocating that teenage girls would benefit from firm use of the cane across their bottoms and sold canes. He lived in Chingford, Essex.

  2. brad brad

    That is SUCH a great read. So exciting and it must have been exciting to be a
    teacher back then eh? Can you imagine??!!


    Thanks Chief.

  3. Cheers, guys. I will scan some more pages soon.

    Also, everything I found about Eric Wildman was mainly from
    However, information on him from the 1990s is sketchy at best. Is he no longer alive?
    I have no idea, there is no mention of that.
    I will try to see what info I have on him as he was definitely a character.
    I couldn’t help it, but I did LOL when I read the story of HIM receiving a severe spanking at a Boys School where he was “invited” to advocate his policies.
    Despite his humiliations, he continued to campaign for what he believed in!
    Definitely worth a review at some point!

  4. anon anon

    I don’t think this is real.

    1) Many of the passages refer to “the latter half of the twentieth century” in the past tense. If this is from the 1950s or 60s, it wouldn’t make sense.

    2) It’s published by BM Labrys, which is affiliated with the Harmony League Association for women interested in D/s. Kincasslagh House London WC1N 3XX England (0898 886 640)

  5. Yes, this pamphlett is said to be printed and published by:
    The Imperial Press
    BM Labrys
    London WC1

    At a cost of 3/6 (3 Shillings & Sixpence), it was probably dated on or around 1970 pre Decimilsation of 1971.
    That’s 17 & a half Pence (£0.175) in today’s money.

  6. anon anon

    I hope to God it is real, it’s just something isn’t adding up

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