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FREE Brand New Hi Res Spanking Movie Clips

These are the latest FREE Content which I have just made available to affiliates only 5 minutes ago. The first 3 clips are from FETISHFLIXX

Well known for their Hi Res Film Content – these clips will NOT disappoint! All 3 clips are some great caning scenes with some top reactions, I had to watch them carefully to find some good shots! The things I do, eh? LOL

FretishFlixx - more FREE content here

Abi Returns – A very severe caning film from a girl who could just about take it!

Caned Bottom – Joanna is punished for stealing & hiding money away in arse crack!
Miss Valkerie inspects and discovers the banknote & canes her severely for this impudence!

Polish Prostitutes caned hard by their client! Great reactions from Caroline on the right!


The other 2 updates are from SpankingMags and SpankMyBottom
These are the 2nd set of pics released from “Punished Parts” at SpankingMags
The movie is up and is of course in 1500kbs playback. It’s a cracking film!!!

The last update features the infamous Elizabeth Simpson OTK scene before a strapping for a Hire Dress issue. Basically she was lazy and didn’t return it in time so the family had to pay a surcharge, oh dear! heh heh. There are also other vid clips from her recent work on this page! Enjoy!  😉


  1. brad brad

    Ok, that is what i am talkin’ about! I LOVE the little bit of moisture
    in her vagina as she is being caned and i JUST LOVE knee socks, thanks
    alot. VERY very nice.


  2. I agree, knee socks are fascinating and it’s something I enjoy seeing on a female during her punishment

  3. klapkaj klapkaj

    This has to be one of the best videos you ever produced, Nikki takes a very severe thrashing and I just love her cunt being spanked hard. As Brad says, it gets even better when her cunt lips beocme wet. Any chance of some more videos being made with Nikki?

  4. I’m not sure, but I think the problem with Nikki is that I heard that although she can take a helluva thrashing, she may have a tendency to cut which is absolutely no good as there are now new regulations that forbid any sight of blood! We’d have to stop filming now, such is the way that new laws etc govern this!!!
    If the Russians and East Europeans want to cut up their girls, fine…they will get caught up with eventually and closed if they ain’t careful! Not our problem.

    Just watch the purge on scat and piss sites etc…it’s already started with adult hosting companies and billing agents getting more strict because they are scared of losing their lucrative deals.
    Spanking and hard BDSM are on the hitlists too (they consider it all violent stuff…we take “pains”, excuse the pun, to ensure that no girl we ever film does so against her will, as you know)

    Anyway, I do remember Nikki getting cut from 12 of the hardest strokes of the cane I’d seen her take prior to this movie, Punished Parts.
    It’s on Digital or SOL somewhere from 2004 where she takes 12 of the best! (stroke 10 from memory!)
    She had no feeling of pain and just demanded more!
    Quite mad, LOL!
    However, I think, to be fair, we’ve had a lot of content featuring Nikki and more will be remastered in Hi Res, that’s for sure!

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