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I made some Galleries for SpankingDigital earlier today. I thought I’d share a couple of my faves from the recent updates. What surprised me was that we now have almost 160 FULL Length films over 5 to nearly 6 years of archives. Anyone loving proper British Discipline with a storyline or plot with hard proper action produced by us will love this site!

The first features the lovely teen girls from Brazil. They are being uselessly punished by their Brazilian bar manager. When the English owner arrives, he is horrified at the mayhem and weak punishments! The girls are taught what proper discipline, with the help of his stinging strap, is all about! He didn’t look happy, but I’d sure liked to have had these girls over my knee!!!  😉

Click here

The second Gallery features Ashleigh and Carla, 2 girls I have a lot of time for, and their only film they did together! They have been found cheating coursework at University and their tutor sees a chance to get them over his knee. They have no choice as they will fail for their stupidity otherwise. Not only that, he gets to strip them waist down & strap their bared buttocks much to his satisfaction. A top movie!

Click HERE

Well, I hope you enjoyed these Galleries of the films. Don’t forget that the newest films are now all loaded in HI RES 1500kbs playback for near DVD clarity.

Also don’t forget that there is a great Limited TRIAL MEMBERSHIP OFFER at SPANKINGONLINE This features NEW Girl, Heather, there are some FREE pics of her preparing for her punishment on the SOL homepage.

Click to see more of Heather HERE


  1. Hiya Chief,

    I find the Brazilian girl images you posted Quite spanktastic. Makes me want get on the next plane. . .

    Keep the party rollin’

  2. Thanks for your comments, those Brazilian girls were really hot, I wish I had the fortune to have been there too!

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